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Right now almost 70 percent of the traffic to this site comes from pinners, despite the fact that my Pinterest following is still (relatively) small (though it did grow 160% in a matter of weeks, as a direct result of these steps!).
Oh, and this goes without saying, but pinning spam or broken links won’t make you friends either!
Is it annoying that the ideal image for Facebook is horizontal, while the ideal image for Pinterest is vertical? Certainly you’ve heard the advice to spend as much time writing your headline as you do your article. Your headline needs to leave them wanting more, and so should your Pinterest image and description.
Being successful on Pinterest, just like any other social media network, is a marketing skill, and one that you can acquire.
Of course there are tons of articles and blog posts about winning and pinning (kind of like this one!), but none of them can compare to receiving up-to-date lessons, step-by-step instructions, and personalized feedback from someone who knows this game backwards and forwards—someone like Anna Luther.
I affectionately call Anna of My Life and Kids the Queen of Pinterest, a title she has most definitely earned. Just during the two weeks of the class, while I was in the midst of implementing her tips and strategies, I saw my number of followers double and my traffic skyrocket—not just for a day but for every day since then! It’s worth it to figure out when your particular followers are hanging out on Pinterest so you can be actively pinning then.
Before I write a description of my pin, I type my main keyword into the site’s search box to see what words and phrases it suggests to narrow the search. Some people feel downright giddy about numbers, charts, graphs, and stats; other people feel downright depressed. Pinterest recently revamped its analytics tools, but you can only access them if you’ve upgraded to a business account (so do that now!). Social media is the backbone of blog marketing, and for many of us, Pinterest is the most useful network out there. If or when New Moms Talk shifts to a Pinterest paradise, I know where to turn for reference.
I think your blog would do really well on Pinterest, Wendy, if you ever decide to go that route!
Pinterest makes up 50% of my traffic right now, and I’m happy but would like to see it grow!
Truth be told, I barely get traffic from Pinterest to my website–though I get a lot of activity ON my Pinterest boards. Just a few days ago, I decided to take 31 days of infographics from my site and make a single Pinterest board on WORLDBUILDING for writers (I write fantasy and teach my process to kids). This is actually my second time reading this (I found it through Ana Amelio and then again through the IBA) but I guess I didn’t comment last time.
Do you go to bed exhausted, turn on the TV to decompress from your busy day’s stress and anxiety and drift off to restless sleep?
Or do you listen to soft music and snuggle up with a novel before drifting off to la-la land?

Why do we need to spend a third of our lives unconscious when we already have such a short and swift time on this earth as it is? Reminder: You can still grab The Positive Affirmations for Life program with more than 4 hours of audio affirmations for 7 life situations that impact your happiness and success the most including extended bedtime affirmation tracks.
Ideally, preceded with 10 minutes of guided bedtime affirmationsA A that calms your nerves and gets you in the mindset of a positive and happy place so you can fully embrace and believe your affirmations.
You hear me talk about affirmations, confidence-building mindset and positive thinking around here a lot, and I wish I could convince you that they work.
So tonight, as you get ready for your sleep routine, take a few minutes to listenA these bedtime guided affirmationsA which I recorded for you with soothing music and A get in the right state of mind. I so enjoy your take – yes, no arguing in your head therefore please modify affirmations as needed, Ragnar ;)! Daily affirmations changed my first birthing experience from painful to peaceful the second time around. I use do affirmation alot then one day those negative thoughts come back and I lost myself. They just require a willingness to be smart and intentional about your pinning strategy (or to have a strategy in the first place!). If your boards are filled with eye-catching, visually attractive, and useful pins, you’re more likely to attract new followers. I got to work with her in August when I took the 2-week Pinning Perfect course she teaches through Blog Clarity, and it was an absolute gem. You should definitely pin your own stuff, just remember that your followers are interested in seeing other people’s stuff too—good stuff that you’re helping them find! Lots of moms tend to pin in the evenings as a way to unwind once the kiddos are in bed, so that’s when I send out a lot of my stuff. The search bar is also more prominent on the site than it used to be, meaning more people will be using it—and you should be too. Blog Clarity has a great breakdown of how to make the most of the information you can find there, including who’s pinning your stuff, which pins are most popular, and more.
Pinterest is one of the main traffic drivers for my blog as well and I usually try to include at least one pinnable image with every post. I know you already do a lot of pinning, but you could definitely take it to the next level. I wish I could take the course now, but it’s not in my schedule or budget at the moment.
The pictures are all upright, as you suggested in your article, but I see I’ll have to do the double time for my regular articles.
It really is frustrating that every platform wants to be different, so I’ve decided to pick and choose the ones that are most effective for me and put my efforts there. I will say that not 100% of the pins I share are gorgeous; heck, some of mine could really use some work sometimes too! With our busy day-to-day race from one thing to another, with our over-stimulated minds and fatigued bodies, how do we relax and get to a state of utter calmA and peace?

They emphasize what’s important to your mind and calm the chatter of doubts, second guessing and worrying.
They induce peace, inner calm, and gratitude, the 3 emotions that will induce restful sleep.
The only rule is to believe them as you say them, and to repeat them 2 or 3 times until you get the calming effect.
Then you can join me in shouting it off the rooftops and spreading the message about these darling little phrases that bring us the peace of mind all of us crave oh so much! Let go of your thoughts, welcome peace into your mind, and go into a deep relaxation state with beautiful peaceful thoughts.
Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you deserve the sleep, before you can actually drift off. I don’t know exactly how they work, but they do change something inside that allows you to create more of what you want on the outside. When I sleep, I sleep (rather than plan or fret or whatever other mind games I’m playing in the dark). Then I came across your prefectliving website I like have you affirmations for areas of our daily lives im going to try this sleeping one right now.
Just getting in the habit of thinking positive, being optimistic and talking to yourself with love, compassion and forgiveness is powerful. Throw into the mix the fact that lots of blog themes, including mine, are designed for square images, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a frustration!
I will say that the Pinning Perfect course breaks it down so that it’s not so intimidating. I have a pre-stored template in Photoshop so I don’t have to go searching for dimensions every time (although I know them by heart now). I’m glad you mentioned #5 too because so many people are scared to pin their content but it’s really no different than sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter! My challenge is that I do like to share the love and many of the bloggers I know aren’t yet creating fantastic images… any tips for how to handle that sort of thing? Whether it turned out to be a stellar day or a bad one, it’s over and recognizing that and letting the excitement melt away is essential to get the rest you need. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. These days I can make a decent image pretty quickly, so it doesn’t rob me of too much writing time. Thanks for the shout out to Pinning Perfect– I’m glad to hear you loved the class! But as I sit here at 2 am searching for positive thoughts to distract my restlessness, I thank you for sharing this mantra!

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