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I think we all have a hard time staying focused when we get tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc and we start listening to that voice in our head that may be telling us that we can’t do something or we are too tired or too busy etc and we tend to give up on ourselves and listen. This doesn’t just apply to your workouts, that is just one example of how you use this in your daily life.
Positive affirmations are little phrases you can memorize and say to yourself when your wise voice is weak. I came across something that glorified weight loss and made me feel like weight loss is something I should be striving for. There are absolutely still days when I repeat these to myself because we live in a society that speaks fluent eating disorder.

I am sooooo guilty of this or I should say I use to be more than I am now and the reason why I am better at pushing myself through a tough workout or calming myself down when things are tough or I am stressed is because I figured out my go to positive words and this has helped me SOOO MUCH! Well for example what is the voice in your head telling you when you are doing a tough workout and you start to get really tired?
It is difficult every single day to live in this society, and I hate even more watching my younger sister struggle with it too. Can anyone honestly say that they’re happy, fulfilled or even just content while in the spiral of ED?
On days when you feel less than, just know you're wonderful and have made a positive impact on me.

I feel so happy, I have an even better relationship with food, and I believe I'm now an even stronger RD.

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