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One of the four goals of Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario is enhancing public confidence.
When I put my child on the school bus each day, I am entrusting his day of learning to you. Enhancing public confidence is not always easy, particularly when there have been years of possible negative experience, lack of success, or trust that is often a tenuous balance (see One More Marble in the Jar: What does Trust Have to Do With It?). Remember that we cannot have collective confidence without individual confidence, and this takes time, energy, and balance, all of which are grounded in a firm sense of reality. No matter what we do in terms of family-school engagement, we must be prepared, set manageable and attainable goals, and follow through.
Too Much, Too Little, or Just the Right Amount of Struggle: What Do Butterflies Have to Do With Engagement?
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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Cultivating pride and inspiring collective confidence in the work of our children, families, and schools is a journey of multiple steps and multiple pathways. Achieving excellence, ensuring equity, and promoting well-being all work toward enhancing public confidence; together these form the foundation of the renewed vision for education in Ontario. Confident families and school communities inspire confidence in others: their children, their families, and their friends. What are families and schools really saying in the use of language surrounding learning at home, traditional homework, or inspired family practice?

Just like the little engine that could, we must not underestimate the power of positive thinking. Learn how to harness negative energy and find out what sudoku and elephants have to do with your health & happiness. Each one is delicately crafted with an inspiring quote or positive affirmation and a beautiful image. The more we engage as family and school communities, the more confidence we gain in who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. When our students feel successful, valued, and confident, it is likely that families and school communities will feel the same, ultimately enhancing public confidence in the education system as a whole.
Talk positively, take inventory of your strengths, and look at what you’ve already done and share the good news of your families and schools in multiple venues. All families will tell you that they want what is best for their child (often better than what they feel they had), but they don’t always know how to get there. Adopting a mindset of, “We think we can,” goes a lot further than “We think we can’t.” Families and schools need to be willing to share what they need and why.
Enhancing public confidence is very much about consistency – consistency of communication, relationship, and focus on student success and well-being.
What’s more, the greater confidence we display on a day-to-day basis, the more likely it is that collective confidence will grow.
We sometimes forget that it is the simplest of initiatives that inspire confidence, particularly when they come from the heart.
Meeting them where they are will help them to feel valued and enhance confidence that their needs as a family will be met within the context of their child’s schooling. Whatever it is you do (as either family or school) needs to foster a context of learning that challenges children and youth to be the best that they can be. Many learned that asking for help is a sign of weakness; we need to model and demonstrate that asking for help is a sign of strength.

Families and schools need to be honest, clear, and willing to act – not necessarily in big ways, but in the ways that matter most. School communities cannot do this work on their own; families must also work to inspire confidence through the things they say, the practices they share, and the ways they interact with schools. Enhancing public confidence is not simply the responsibility of schools – it is the responsibility of families as well. Willingness to be vulnerable is a sign of confidence in education whether we are talking about children taking a risk, families asking questions, or school communities trying something new. Keep yourself grounded in the reality of your families and your schools; confidence is built through the achievement of many small goals… big goals may seem like an event.
I am truly appreciative that we are working together to make it all about the success and well-being of children. Confidence in education is built on more than good test scores… it’s built on relationship and respect among students, families, school communities, and communities at large. Confidence begins with children – when they feel successful and comfortable, public confidence is enhanced. Set small goals that are easily achieved: get in the habit of setting them, achieving them, and celebrating small successes. Knowing what is happening and seeing their child at work in school increases families’ comfort and confidence, ultimately leading to greater confidence. Schools might choose to augment pictures and text (often in multiple languages) with a text reader that allows for text to be heard as well as read (see Readspeaker as one example – click the LISTEN button on this page) thus reaching a greater number of families.

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