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The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Across the country, developers are re-imagining community life, creating holistic settings that will appeal to older people.
Many bank on boomers’ ongoing interest in wellness, remaining active and staying connected across generations.
A pioneer in transformative eldercare, Shields is leading the development of a town-within-a-town in Liberty, Mo., that will focus on wellness and intergenerational living. Town life will center around a “Healthy Living Center” complex that includes 6,500 square feet of: state-of-the-art exercise space, a yoga studio, a spinning room and four swimming pools as well as a restaurant, bistro, theater and childcare center – all open to the broader Liberty community.
One core element will be households — rather than traditional assisted living or nursing homes — for those who need long-term care services (as I wrote about in my book Old Age in a New Age: The Promise of Transformative Nursing Homes). Smart Living 360 and Federal Realty are partnering on an upcoming 48-unit rental complex for people 55+ in Rockville, Md., called The Stories.
Visitors to the leasing center will be presented with a wall of graphics, aimed at prompting them to envision their next chapter, based on these five areas of well-being. To that end, he has hired a “lifestyle ambassador,” Greg Timpone, who will act not only as a concierge but also as a liaison, both within the apartment complex and with the broader community. Outside Atlanta, Ga., Serenbe is a growing community in a pastoral setting in the Chattahoochee Hill Country. Homes are pricey — from $300,000 to more than 10 times that — but rental apartments and carriage houses are encouraged to allow for more affordable options, including for multigenerational families. Steve Nygren, who cofounded the community with his wife, Marie, was frustrated with the typical senior housing.

Serenbe includes nature trails, a 25-acre organic farm, a farmer’s market, outdoor theater, artist-in-residence program and spa, among other features. Tom Blum, a retired physician, and his wife, Christina, an artist, moved there eight years ago from Minneapolis, Minn.
Other wellness-promoting features of life are a vibrant arts scene and stimulating discussion groups and lectures, he adds. The new health and wellness hamlet includes a senior housing piece, located across from the community pool and a childcare center. Sixteen two-bedroom cottages will soon open for older people, each with front doors that lead to a nature garden.
Another building will look like a large home, but will have 12 efficiency apartments of 500 square feet each that open to shared spaces. Developed by a software developer turned elder care advocate and psychotherapist Montgomery Ostrander, the model stresses quality of life.
Ostrander hopes to conduct research to measure how effective these alternative approaches are, especially for people with dementia. In the meantime, he says, “The proudest achievement that I have is that every single person came in on antidepressants and every one of them was off after six months. Health & Well-Being7 Reasons to Avoid Sleeping PillsSuch drugs can be dangerous and ineffective.
Health & Well-BeingThe Life-Challenging Anguish of Tidying UpAfter a loved one’s death, how do you part with the possessions?
For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
The project, Healthy Living Community, is a partnership between ActionPact and Liberty Hospital.

As the community builds out, a variety of housing types will be available for rent, for people of all ages. The model is based on five characteristics used by Gallup-Healthways in their community surveys of well-being: a sense of purpose, supportive relationships, financial security, pride in community and physical health. Located in a busy residential and commercial area, residents will be able to walk to a large shopping center, restaurants, movies and public transportation.
The community is made up of distinct “hamlets,” each with a focus — the arts, organic farming and a new one dedicated to health and wellness. From the asethetics (“mauve colored carpet, dark stain molding, heavy draperies”) to the rules governing community life and the age restriction, Nygren thought he could do a lot better.
Tree of Life assisted living in San Diego, Calif., offers “therapeutic elder care” to residents, many of whom have dementia, in a home setting with an unusual offering of wellness and complementary therapies. Shields anticipates monthly rents will be market rate for the Kansas City area, ranging from $1,800 to $4,800 or more for the largest spaces. Two hundred homes have been built, out an eventual 1,200, and the community is for people of all ages. Rates are from $4,000 to $4,500 a month (the national monthly average for assisted living is $3,500). Ostrander also incorporates shamanistic spirituality, such as a house blessing conducted by a friend who is a member of the Pima tribe.

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