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With many thanks to the 2012 conference in Edinburgh, who originated this page concept in such a useful fashion that we just had to do one too. Covering nearly 10 million square kilometres and bathed by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans, Canada is made up of ten provinces (of which PEI is the smallest) and three territories. Canada is both a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the head of its government. UPDATE: As of February 4th, 2013, Canadian businesses started phasing out the penny, so you can expect to find your transactions rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. Sales tax in PEI is nominally set at 15%, but effectively 15.5% due to the 10% Provincial Sales Tax being levied on top of the 5% federal Good and Services Tax.
Tipping is always optional, but if you're inclined to do as the locals do, then the standard is 15-20% for restaurants, 10-20% for taxis, and a few dollars per day for the chambermaid at your hotel (can left at the end of your stay). In one of Vibe's feature stories in their latest issue, Jeezy not only admits to a relationship with Keyshia, but also claims the singer once proposed to him. It’s a provocatively titled film with an equally enticing tagline: “Are you unemployed or stuck in a dead-end job? Of course, How to Make Money Selling Drugs isn’t exactly a play-by-play on how to dip your toes into the waters of the black market drug trade. Produced by Entourage actor Adrian Grenier in collaboration with director Matthew Cooke and producer Bert Marcus, the film aims to demystify a pressing, yet often undisclosed, public dilemma.
How to Make Money Selling Drugs can be viewed instantly on demand via the Tribeca Film website.

Race, religion and politics are three subjects that should be taboo when it comes to conversations on social media, because an argument or misunderstanding is usually the end result.
Another user told him that it was important to cast a ballot because the right to vote is something his ancestors fought and died for.
That did little or nothing to stem the tidal wave of hate that started being aimed at Moss. Why do y'all insist on asking Lil Bow Wow for his opinion like his views aren't Raven Symone adjacent. It should be of particular use to anyone who is new to the Island, or is visiting Canada itself for the first time.
It is responsible for the management of (among other things), education, healthcare, transportation, and law enforcement below the federal level.
One and two dollar denominations are available as coins (called the loonie and the toonie respectively, because that's how we roll).
In other words, no more coins with maple leaves on them, and all prices are rounded to the nearest beaver. ATM access is ubiquitous, but some ATMs will charge a service fee above and beyond any fee charged by your own bank for use of an out-of-network ATM.
If you really want to pass for a local, leave a few small coins behind when you get your coffee at Tim Horton's.
Swimming in not recommended in the water off of Charlottetown, it is best to visit a nearby beach such a Tea-Hill or Brackeley (both a 15 minute drive away).

Liquor (outside of restaurants) can only be purchased from provincial liquor stores during regular business hours and is not available in grocery or convenience stores. The star-studded documentary takes a bold look at the state of the drug war and its diverse participants—from struggling street pushers to cartel lords raking in profits by the millions. 50 Cent, Woody Harrelson, Eminem, and Susan Sarandon are among the recognizable faces you’ll see in this film—impressive for a project that chooses to openly discuss injustices caused by the drug war, rather than dismissing them as an unchangeable reality. On Wednesday, July 27, he was asked by a Twitter user who he would be voting for in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Some areas are better for swimming as some beaches will have marked warnings for undertows or riptides. Perhaps the most intriguing character in Grenier’s documentary is a former law-enforcement official who, after witnessing the war on drugs firsthand, decided to devote his life to helping people in the trade avoid incarceration. Somehow, his ethnicity was brought into it and his answers have brought the full wrath of of the internet down on him.

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