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IN SUMATION: I essentially started a band that night, and we have been playing my originals all over town and having a blast. Few homeowners take advantage of the fact that grout comes in a myriad of stock, ready-made colors besides gray and off-white. To his credit, my dad then called the girl I liked and told her not to make fun of my haircut. For ten minutes before you go to sleep and for ten minutes when you wake up, just be quiet and stretch. If you have to be around them ( a boss, a child, a parent, a spouse, etc) then just don’t engage. I’ve always been acutely aware that the lack of exercise in my life makes depression exponentially worse.
I read lots of your posts, and stories, and other people’s stories, and the next thing I knew I was writing. I am stronger, open to defeat and sadness, and haven’t been severely dark since reading this article.

I try to let go of everything and accept it for what it is, EVEN (and to the fun part), making this music video I will link. Laticrete has 40 grout colors.Few truly vibrant grout colors are available, most falling in the earthen-toned color spectrum.
The best way to be psychic is to start off telling people that one day in the distant past they had a haircut they didn’t like and they were very upset about that.
I wasn’t sure how else to contact you James Altucher, and maybe you never see this, but here is the song that MADE ME FEEL BETTER. I have suffered depression on and off since childhood, thought I’d sent it packing, then hit a dark bottom after a really difficult break up. Then awhile later, after I had written a lot of songs (that also made me feel better), I played that little ol’ song for a guy on the back porch of a music festival. Additive:  Separate color additive can be mixed to the dry or pre-mixed grout to achieve any color. If you are having trouble sleeping, take some natural remedy or take some anti-anxiety medicine.

That tipped the first domino sending me spiraling to the bottom and a slew of other tragedies. It did cause me to fail #3, but as long as I was doing all the rest and remembering to #2 regularly, I figured I was fine. He remembered it, found me on facebook, and encouraged me to come play it on stage at his showcase. Because it is difficult for non-professionals to effectively add pigment to grout, most DIYers choose grout with the color already mixed in. Stand outside the shower naked, wet, take a picture of yourself and post it on facebook (kidding).
Not only does white grout get dirty quite fast, but when it is still white it does not look natural.

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