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Imagine if you could create a way to capture a client's business and then be able to get repeat business from them on a continuous basis. Having continuous revenue streams coming in to your business can take the pressure off having to meet monthly targets.
Your privacy is our #1 priority and your details will not be sold, given, traded or rented to anyone else.
For the $500.00 Reward, you must furnish proof of who owned these Antique and Gold Dentures. It is entirely likely that these teeth may have been part of a museum collection or private collection.
Here is everything I know about these Antique Dentures: About a week ago I picked these antique dentures up from a client. The present owner of these, my client, is a 90 year old woman from Australia, who once operated a pawn shop there along with her husband.
My client said, that the story about these antique gold and enameled teeth is that they once upon a time belonged to a prince.
My theory is that these beauties once belonged to former Saudi Arabian King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. I first thought maybe they were the choppers of a prince but then it donned on me that he was probably King by the time all of his teeth fell out! The design is also very characteristic of the Saudi’s and the Middle East in general. My hunch is that the boys were partying it up in a foreign hotel and he left them behind….waking up the next morning not able to remember where he had been the night before!
The hotel maid got hold of them, and passed them down to her grandchildren…and now Martin has to find these puppies a good home. Although Dick Clark shrugged off Princes unresponsiveness in the interview, he always had a deep hatred of him and awaited for the right time to pay him back for the embarrassment. Dick didn’t even give Prince time to respond before he punched Prince with a tremendous roundhouse. The set of teeth had circulated for years after that, moving from one area of Australia to another, getting traded for pints of Fosters. I believe these were owned by famed entertainer Wladziu Valentino Liberace who lost them while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef on holiday. I may be dating myself by telling this story, but I don’t let those sorts of things bother me anymore.
And by morning, those golden swirls stood as a continued testament to just how dark his black candles were. What I can tell you from here, is that they appear to be made of porcelain (and can be dated after ~1770 when porcelain first started to be used). The other thing I can tell you is that the patient who got these hadn’t been wearing dentures too long. Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far, away there lived an old spinster who wanted to get married someday. The prince upon seeing it, tried searching for the girl who wore it, but won’t admit. Having exposed himself early the assassin tried to kill Nayyid as quietly and efficiently as possible. And Nayyid was given a strange and wonderful set of new teeth, made from the crude mould that his healer had taken so long ago. Not knowing how to handle this new situation, Nayyid decided to leave his home country and travel widely.
These are of course the long lost dentures which were custom made for one of the greatest military commanders, Napoleon Bonaparte by goldsmith Peze’ Pilleau.
Many historians to this day feel it was simply Napoleon’s diminutive size that caused him his famous fiery complex, however it was actually his very poor dental hygiene. Napoleon treasured this grand gifted presentation of teeth to such a degree that when not wearing them proudly at special occasions, he would clutch them tightly & keep them near his breast. Unfortunately, in 1821 Napoleon died while being held in confinement by the British on the island of Saint Helena. These teeth are a set from the Archbishop of Narbonne, Arthur Richard Dillon, whose death was in 1806. In London in 1820, Claudius Ash, a goldsmith by trade, began manufacturing high-quality porcelain dentures mounted on 18-carat gold plates.
When Tycho Brahe died, his close companion and fellow astronomer Johannes Kepler was with him. If you read my articles on starting an Internet business and how I believe information products are the best internet business, you know that it’s very inexpensive and easy to start an online venture.
This is honestly the best piece of advice I can give to people running their own businesses. I’ve been there several times and made the mistake of holding on for too long, resulting in wasted time and money.

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It need not be a membership program, it simply means finding a way to optimize each clients buying potential for your business. Wouldn't it be great if you could get continuous streams of revenue from your existing clients as the basis for your business, rather than constantly having to source large volumes of new business? The products or services that I sell are once off offers that clients aren't likely to buy again soon. In this way you can source ideas of how you can offer then continuous products or services over a period of time. To the client it shows that you understand them and their needs and it will encourage them to purchase from you on a continuous basis. Make sure that you have systems in place to facilitate the efficient on time delivery of your products and services. Even if the revenue streams are fairly small, as long as they are consistent they can prove to be very valuable to your business. If you can conclusively provide this information, and even if you do not know the person to whom these Antique Gold and Enamel False Teeth belonged to, that’s OK, as long as you can establish for a fact that this museum or private collection, once owned them.
She wanted me to sell them on her behalf, she asked me if I thought I could figure out what they were worth. Did I mention that I am willing to pay the sum of $500.00 for conclusive information leading to the identity of the original wearer of these golden teeth…? If you look closely at the published pictures of the family you will often see similar colors to that on these dentures. The iron hook stood as the ever-present symbol of the cadaverous personality that wielded it, one that his beloved Wendy was never able to overlook. To this day I cannot even venture a guess as to where he acquired those teeth, though I’m certain it was not in the same place you did. I won’t argue that I actually heard the man say this, as I had lost most of my hearing at this point.
As people age (especially if they have been wearing dentures for a long time) their roof of their mouth drops and the ridges resorb. At that very moment a prince who lived in a nearby castle was looking for the right woman to web.
She got the young looks, the beautiful dress and glass slippers and Golden False Teeth that you see in this site. People were so amazed to see a wonderful woman with sparkling white teeth ans some gold on it. He drove the hilt of his knife into Nayyid’s face repeatedly, smashing his teeth and splitting his lip. As he removed what remained of his patient’s ruined dentition, the healer thought that it might actually be an improvement.
The princess saw Nayyid, who was trying to remain unseen, and mentioned him to her father as the man who had saved her life.
He then retreated quietly into the shadows, more convinced than ever before that he was too hideous for polite company. In 1810 the Archduchess of Austria Marie Louise presented them as a token of her affection upon their pending nuptials, the top upper impressed with a lovers heart.
A less then proper dental appreciation which had all but left him just the lower front row of his own teeth. The teeth were discovered in their original condition (see the link below) during construction of the Chunnel’s new Rail Terminus.
As a result, the normal reaction is to create an offering that revolves around one or more of your passions without giving your new project much thought. Savvy entrepreneurs never put all their eggs in one basket and understand if a business is worth it. He is the CEO of eReach Consulting, a full service digital marketing agency, and he manages several online business websites. Every time you add a new client it will not just be a once off sale, it will be a building block that you are using to grow your business.
It was proof that we lived in the only climate in the world that was harsher than the inside of a human mouth. Elaborate dentures have been worn for centuries by poets in order to demonstrate that they were able to sustain themselves financially with their writings, and not in need of a patron.
This is especially evident at the margin where the tooth meets the base (on the central incisor. The fairy god mother told her that she only has up to midnight and all the magic will disappear after the clock strikes twelve.

His martial training helped to exorcise some of his personal demons, and he became quite fierce in battle. Though the royal line was secure, the lesser children were quite valuable in securing lands and assets for the Satrap and his people.
It was thus that he found the first assassin, sent to kill the princess and end the Satrap’s plans for stability in the area. The Satrap’s guards quickly marched the would-be assassin to a holding cell, and Nayyid was taken to the healer. The teeth were set to go on display at the British Museum, but curators decided that they were far too disgusting, and were terribly worried that displaying them as-is would sicken museum patrons and visitors. Up to this time, most false teeth were made from hippopotamus or walrus ivory that was prone to discolouring, or from human teeth extracted from dead bodies, including battlefield casualties (thus known as ‘Waterloo teeth’). You need to be consistent in your delivery if you want to earn continuous revenue streams from a particular source.
However, the owner of these particular teeth was hardly afflicted by this superficial ailment. You simply do not ask those kinds of questions to the man who was rumored to have killed the Quartermaster of the Sea Witch.
These particular dentures belonged to William Shakespeare who at the time wrote using the alias Lil’ Bill. It makes it harder for people to wear dentures (they don’t have anything to hold on to). They danced, and danced all night and just before their first kiss, the clock struck twelve. His worst feature was undoubtedly his teeth, especially the upper teeth, which were extremly jagged and were quite prominent. What he didn’t know was that the visiting princess actually thought Nayyid to be rather good-looking, though he was far too serious and never seemed to smile.
It would be more accurate to say that Nayyid blundered into the assassin, and the knife kissed his neck softly before Nayyid knew exactly what was going on. His wordless cry alerted everyone to the presence of danger as he charged toward the assassin. The healer had little skill in this, but at least Nayyid might eventually be able to eat something other than mush. After many unproductive meetings, British Museum officials and board members decided they would coat the disgusting teeth in gold filigree and hire a local artist to create an ornate design. Ash’s teeth, made of porcelain mounted on gold plates, with gold springs and swivels, were considered superior both aesthetically and functionally and laid the foundation of his new enterprise as Britain’s foremost manufacturer of dentures and dental appliances. His iron hook would scratch and prod as if he was checking to see if they really belong in his own mouth. And with his new teeth and a scar on his lip, he was considered to be extremely handsome and more than a little dangerous.
The academic types weren’t likely to make good deck hands, but our Captain had taken a liking to this character. It was purely a coincidence that later in his life he would receive a hook on his hand as the result of some sort of karmic intervention. His fierceness came from his hatred of self, from his belief that he was too deeply flawed to ever find that which he yearned for most. In order to be able to keep them as a customer and earn continuous revenue from them you need to think of what they may need on an ongoing basis. They may have reminded him of the last sight his fingers would have seen, had they been equipped with eyes. They became quieter with each pull, and by the end it looked as if he was casually completing a chore as he twisted those misshapen wisdom teeth out of the back of his now bloodied mouth.
What can you offer them that falls within the scope of your products or services, and that they may purchase from you regularly. Though I could go on about him as well, I know you’re more interested in the owner of the teeth and I will save those stories for less public ears. The color that poured from his mouth managed to be the only shade I have ever seen that was darker than those black curls that fell from beneath his captains hat.
It could just be something small but it could make a big difference to your revenue over a year. I worry that to reveal the owners teeth, even at this date in time, will set the country in a blaze. Good news, I have called Prince and told him that the teeth have been located, he was so excited that after all these years of wondering, and they land up at an estate sale? Prince also would like to set up a meeting with you Martin, just give me a call so I can make the arrangements.

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