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Our top ten lists are second to none and these lists have caused a quite stir amongst our readers. One of my favorites that I pops up every year is this pot ‘o gold one from B-inspired Mama. Another one that makes me smile every year is this adorable fingerprint rainbow that Amy from Classified Mom made by incorporating her kids photos into the art. Here’s one from 3Dinosaurs that’s a bit trickier to make but looks awesome when finished! AmandaAmanda is an ‘artsy momma’ to 2 kids who love making crafts just as much as she does. Life would have been really dull if we did not have friends to share the joys of life with.
Making new friends may be easy for some people, but a lot of people struggle to expand their social circle.
Joining a socialising network such as Facebook and Twitter allows you to meet new people from the comfort of your house.
Joining a gym is not only going to help you to remain in shape, but will also allow you to socialise with fellow gym members.

Saying hello to people that you pass in the streets, co-workers or school mates will get you noticed, while also make you come off as really friendly. We run into a lot of people on daily bases, majority of who are not our friends even though we are really nice and polite to them.
While there is absolutely no harm in making new friends, forgetting old friends or ignoring them is one of the worst things that a person can do to and with himself. It’s a huge hit on Pinterest so you will have to head over to see what all the oohing is about! There are so many things that one can do with friends such as talking, playing, gossiping, sharing grief, etc.
You will not have any trouble becoming friends with people who share your interests or develop a liking for your cyber personality. Running into the same people every day greatly increases the probability of you becoming friends with them.
You can join these programmes at school or university, or if you are an adult, then NGOs, etc. By joining your favourite activity class, you will get yourself surrounded by people who share your interest, which will consequently increase your chances of meeting compatible people thus increasing your friend circle.

Plan a movie night or pyjama party at your house and just have fun while spending time together.
Besides crafts, they share fun food ideas, hands-on learning activities, mommy DIY, + lots more! Try spending more time with them and make it obvious that you like spending time around them.
Here are 10 different ways to make one that make fun crafts for Spring or St Patrick’s Day. If you love handprint art, head over to their Fun Handprint Art blog where you will find hundreds of their projects all made with little hands and feet.

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