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Here are a sample of women who have successfully lost weight with Herbalife over the years. Here are a sample of men and women who have successfully used the Herbalife Skin Care Products to get incredible results.
This website allows you to buy Herbalife products online and is also a resource of blog posts about the Herbalife business.
Before my surgery my doctor and his nurses were very helpful in answering all of my questions and help me come to the decision that would forever change my life. When I started my weight loss journey I weighed 295.5lbs, during my journey I found that I had increase energy very quickly.
Over the last 18 months I have managed to lose all of my excess weight I was hoping to lose and then some. Weight loss surgery and medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical condition and adherence to  prescribed treatments. Of all the extreme weight loss stories we’ve come across, the ones that best illustrate the desperate lengths that people will go to to lose weight involve surgery.
Bariatric weight loss surgery, gastric banding, gastric bypass surgery…all terms that many dieters will be familiar. Once pretty rare, demand is increasing from patients to have the surgery paid for by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). There are essentially three main types of surgery…gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastroplasty. The roux-en-Y procedure divides the stomach and creates a small pouch, which is then stapled closed. The rest of the stomach stays in place but is bypassed and plays a lesser role in the digestive process.
An adjustable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, connected to a resevoir, which the surgeon can tighten or loosen by infusing varying amounts of saline solution. The newly created pouch will allow the patient to consume only small amounts of food at a time. Also known as vertical banded gastroplasty, it involves stapling the front of the stomach to the back of the stomach along a vertical plane. Partially digested food can then move from the stomach pouch into the rest of the stomach and on to the intestines.
The newly created pouch will only allow the person to eat small quantities of food at a time. Basically, each method will only allow a small amount of food to be eaten and digested in one go.
The procedures can be carried out by open surgery where an incison several inches long is made in the abdominal wall.
You’ll also be considered if you have a life threatening or debilitating condition directly related to your weight.

The benefits of the surgery have to outweigh the risks of surgery, which are not insignificant.
She had high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels and was a candidate for a heart attack within the next five years.
She was also extremely unhappy about her weight, had very poor self esteem and was becoming increasingly immobile.
A good recovery from surgery will normally mean that a patient is up and back to their normal daily activities in a month or so. Gloria had a laparoscopic procedure and was out and about, shopping and so on in five weeks. She had some problems with nausea, vomiting, diarrohea and passing out soon after eating…after all, these are extreme weight loss stories.
Post operative complications are fairly common in these extreme weight loss stories given the nature of the surgery.
Around 30% of patients develop gallstones and many patients suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
As part of your digestive tract is effectively decommissioned, there is less of it to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. You also end up eating very little food, which again reduces the nutrients you’re consuming. Whilst Gloria’s turned out to be one of the happier extreme weight loss stories, she still had this problem.
Another of our extreme weight loss stories, we’ll call him Michael,developed an infection following surgery as well as a leak in his stapled stomach. As with most patients, following surgery Gloria quickly began losing weight and continued to do so over the following year or so.
One of the drawbacks of weight loss surgery is that it fails to address the underlying causes of overeating and weight gain.
Furthermore, it doesn’t always teach people the new eating and lifestyle habits they need to learn to help them keep the weight off in the long term. However, in 2005 she had regained all the weight she had lost plus an additional 10% and had been referred by her doctor for a second surgical procedure.
There are many millions of women from all over the world who have used Herbalife Weight loss programs to successfully lose weight. We have enjoyed helping people get better health and earn extra income with the Herbalife products since May 2002. I’m 26 years old and spent the majority of my life overweight and unhappy with myself. During and after my surgery my doctor and his staff were always there to help me with anything I needed, answer any questions I had and help keep me on the weight loss path I had chosen. I was able to run after my daughter and go sledding with my son, something I wasn’t able to do before.

Thanks to the very helpful and knowledgeable staff at Warrenton Weight Loss Institute I was able to surpass my weight loss goals. Taylor and his team I have been able to get any and all questions and concerns answered, but the best part is that they treated me like a friend not just another patient. Taylor, you’ve not only helped me lose a total of 170lbs in 18 months but you’ve also changed my life for the better and I will never forget you! Procedures only to be considered as the last resort for obese people that have tried everything else and failed.
The aim of the surgery is to increase weight loss by reducing the number of calories consumed at each meal and throughout the day. She’d tried numerous diets under the supervion of her doctor over the last three years and had failed to lose more than a few pounds. An open procedure around four days to a week, assuming there are no post-operative complications.
The effect is made worse by eating foods that naturally exit the stomach and move through the gut quickly. Her diet was adjusted to include foods that passed more slowly through the body, which helped. She lost over a third of her excess weight in that period and hopefully will go on to lose it all. It doesn’t matter how small your stomach is, you can always find a way to squeeze in the calories if the will to overeat is still there!
First your advice and ability to answer all my pre and post-surgery questions no matter how silly they may have seemed. I am no longer anywhere close to being diabetic, my PCOS has gone away and I am healthy and able to have more children when I’m ready. Then after my surgery you were always there to help me stay on my weight loss path and give me advice to make this a fun and beneficial journey.
As I started to lose the weight I noticed that I was happier, not just with myself but in my everyday life. Everything I ever wanted has come to me, I finally feel that I am exactly who I wanted to be inside and out.
I found I wasn’t getting upset about silly things and the people around me noticed the changes in my moods and behaviors as well.
I did a lot of research and all of my hard work lead me to the same place – Warrenton Weight Loss Institute.

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