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Note: If you have a sedentary lifestyle don't start with 100 per day because you could injure yourself since your legs aren't used to it.
So if you're exercising at home and you want to add some flexibility exercises to your routine, kicking is a good place to start. If you get really into it you may be tempted to get into Kickboxing, which as the name implies, combines boxing with various kicks into a martial arts-based sport.
Note: I did kickboxing back when I was in high school and later I did Taekwondo when I was living in South Korea (Taekwondo is focused on kicking and tripping opponents), so I feel confident speaking on the topic of kickboxing and Taekwondo even though I don't formally teach either of them. Kickboxing, is also sometimes referred to as "cardio kickboxing" or "boxing aerobics", because it is often employed as an exercise routine combining a mix of boxing, martial arts and aerobics that really packs a workout wallop. Because Kickboxing uses both the muscles of the upper and lower body, as well as the core muscles, you get a great all-around workout in a short amount of time. A typical martial arts class begins with some stretches and a light cardiovascular warm-up including push-ups and jumping jacks. Unlike other cardio exercises like running, cycling, etc which focus on only your legs, martial arts training (boxing, kickboxing, judo, karate, etc) requires a full body workout and also fuels an adrenaline rush, making it an adrenaline high workout too - which burns added calories in a hurry and helps tone muscles.
Kickboxing is very strenuous and the problem with a sedentary person trying to get into a kickboxing program is that they end up in over their heads very quickly.
If you live in Toronto you can hire me as your personal trainer and we can add kickboxing lessons to the list of things to do if you are interested. Here is a handy chart which not only shows why various vitamins are useful, but also where you can find them. When looking to buy a multivitamin its recommended that you find one that pick one that has all the vitamins in it, and if you have a very active lifestyle pick one with higher dosages.

Although if its on sale AND turns out to have all the vitamins you are looking for, absolutely, buy it.
Earlier today I was in a Shoppers Drug Mart on Yonge Street in Toronto and I was buying vitamin pills because I was starting to run low. The pills I purchased had higher dosages of various vitamins, which is a good thing because I lead a pretty active lifestyle. So as you can see below I've gone ahead and added little explanations for what the various minerals actually do for your body.
So I asked around to see if anyone knows where I can buy Javelins in Toronto and the best answer isn't even in Toronto. So if you want to get into it as a sport you have to be thinking of spending $200 to $6,000, plus you may want to get books about throwing technique, a coach who can teach you how to run and throw properly, or even special gloves or track and field shoes.
Don't do sit ups after drinking tea on an empty stomach unless you want a weird feeling tummy ache.
Example: For me that would be Rocky (all of the films), plus I have all the music from the Rocky films which I like to listen to while exercising.
If you're feeling the rewards you will also be feeling positive and motivated to keep at it!
The end result is that for every nutrient, protein or calorie you consume your body will automatically try to make the most of it (either by using it or storing it). People who track their calories in a journal or on a SmartPhone App are 3 times more likely to succeed at attaining their desired weight.
Stretching exercises smaller muscles that most people forget about, like your obliques (side muscles).

Dancing - Yes, technically its a cardio, but you forget that it is and just have fun exercising without realizing it. You may discover that many sports have a tendency to do provide a full body workout, with several exceptions (eg. They're trying to do something that's too hard for them and they don't have the patience to practice just a little bit daily and instead they are trying to do a lot daily, which results in muscle fatigue and injury.
30 to 45 minutes is more recommended and then after 10 or 20 lessons they can work up to an hour. If you focus on attaining your goals and WHY you want to attain them then you will stay positive and stay motivated. So here's an important tip: Never go grocery shopping when you are depressed and feeling negative! If you only focus on the exercise wheel and forget the nutrition wheel you will become stuck and never reach your goals.
You feel it especially in the back of your leg, where your muscles aren't used to being stretched like that. They have to build up gradually and be patient about it otherwise they will either injure themselves or give up due to lack of patience. You're going to want at least 4 or 5 javelins that you can throw, and then go pick them all up at once.

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