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Rhinoplasty Nose surgery Septoplasty Job Before & After Pictures, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Dr. The pictures below show actual before and after pictures (before on the left; after on the right) of patients who underwent rhinoplasty, nose, nasal, or septoplasty surgery by Dr.
Case 15.This 28 year old woman was concerned about the very wide tip of her nose and the tendency of the tip to be turned down. A 24 year old patient had previous nasal surgery which resulted in a distorted nasal tip and a wide upper portion of the nose. Front view of a 29 year old patient who underwent rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to narrow and straighten the nose especially in the tip area. The same patient is shown in before and after pictures after undergoing rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to reduce the prominence of the 'hump', bring the tip back, and decrease the size of the nostrils. The same patient is shown from the side view to illustrate that the very forwardly projecting nasal tip was reduced in prominence.
The same 32 year old man seen from below shows in before and after pictures showing the straightening of the septum and tip of the nose, the setting back of the prominent pointed nasal tip, and the correction of the nostril asymmetry. The same patient is shown in side view to illustrate the removal of the 'hump, the deprojecting of the nose tip, and the elevation of the nose column (columella) to reduce the side view marked prominence of the nose before nasal surgery by Dr. A 33 year old woman with a very wide tip and a curved dorsal line of the upper nose rhinoplasty before surgery by Dr. The same patient from the side shows a transformation of the dorsal 'hump' to a gentle, natural curve, a slight rounding of the previous pointed nasal tip, and an elevation of the 'columella' to decrease the size of the nostrils from the side.
The same patient from the 'worm's eye view' shows in the before and after pictures a narrowing of the very wide tip, a decrease in the amount that the nose stands out from the face (a decrease in nasal prominence), and a decrease in the size of the nostrils. In the same patient the side view was changed in a subtle way to reduce the slight outward curve of the dorsum (hump) of the nose from before to after surgery. The appearance of the after pictures, especially from the side and front, will have been decided in the office prior to the surgery by the patient and Dr.
The same patient is shown in before and after pictures from the side to illustrate the reduction in prominence of the tip, the removal of the marked curved 'hump' of the nose, and the reduction of the nostril size and position from the side. The same patient is shown in her side view digital computer simulation in the three images at the top and the actual before and after picture at the bottom to illustrate that the digital computer simulation of the proposed nasal surgery result was fairly accurate in guiding Dr. This 36 year old woman underwent rhinoplasty and septoplasty to correct a very wide and crooked nose from previous nasal injury. A 32 year old woman is shown before and after rhinoplasty, 'nose job', in which the prominent 'bump' from the side view was brought back to a slight curve.
The same 32 year old woman with very prominent asymmetric nasal bones before surgery has a more narrow, smooth, and symmetric appearance to the nose after rhinoplasty ('nose job').

This 53 year old woman had a prominent projection of the side from the side view and a full tip which was reduced to a better balance with the upper portion of the nose. The same 53 year old woman is shown in before and after pictures to illustrate the reduction in nasal prominence leaving a straight contour from the side and a reduction in the visibility of the nostrils from the side as well.
This 22 year old woman had a very broad middle vault of the nose as well as a very broad tip cartilages.
This 22 year old woman had a very prominent tip of the nose which projected out far from the plane of the face.
This 24 year old woman is shown in before and after pictures having had a rhinoplasty by Dr. The same 24 year old patient is shown from a lateral view to illustrate that her very projected nose and nasal tip were reduced back to a better balance with all the facial features by similar alar cartilage surgery as was employed to narrow the tip of the nose from the front view.
This 32 year old woman was concerned about the downward 'hook' of her nose from the side view. While we all love winters, one thing that we hate about it is the illness that it brings along with it. I love how it looks with the slight curve up, and am so grateful that everything went well. Gallico to correct the marked deviation of his nose from previous nasal trauma and also to improve the size, marked prominence of the nose and the downward turning of the tip of the nose.
Gallico to narrow her nose slightly, especially in the tip, and to elevate the tip ever so slightly to remove its 'hooked' appearance and tendency to point down when smiling.
Gallico is transformed to a more natural balance of the upper and lower nose with precise narrowing of the nose tip.
The nose was transformed to a more natural, balanced appearance after surgery by decreasing the frontal width of the nose to a gentle contour.
Gallico narrowed the tip and brought it up slightly to bring the contours of the nose from the front into better balance. The nasal surgery was performed through the inside of the nose ('closed rhinoplasty') so there were no scars on the outside. To bring the tip back to a more normal position required alteration of all the bone and cartilage 'skeleton' of the nose, but leaves a nasal profile in balance with the rest of her features.
Gallico's reducing the bone and cartilage internally through incisions inside the nose only ('closed rhinoplasty' which leaves no scar on the outside of the nose), the skin was allowed to shrink back down to a much smaller side view.
Because of the prominence of the chin it was important not to reduce the side view of the nose too much to keep a natural balance of the profile view.
Gallico reduced the upper, middle, and lower thirds of the nose to put her nose in the 'background' of all her facial features.

The very broad tip was narrowed by alterations of the alar cartilages to make a better balance to the frontal view of the nose.
Gallico prefers to perform a closed rhinoplasty so there are no scars to give away a 'nose job'. Gallico's object in rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery is to restore the nose to a more balanced appearance with respect to the other facial features.
The build-up of the mucus in the nose happens mainly due to swelling that happens in the nasal cavity. For people suffering from sinus, it’s even worse scenario as they get affected very easily.
Proper precaution needs to be taken right from the beginning but what would you do if you are already suffering from nasal congestion, rush to a doctor?
Hot water Steam:This could be the most age old technique to clear nasal congestion but it surely is a very effective remedy.
Boil the water, once it is boiled add few drops of eucalyptus oil and take steam through your nose. Inhale the steam with eucalyptus oil for as long as you are comfortable and the steam is hot. Pepper, garlic, ginger are all enriched with medicinal properties that heals cold and congestion and warm soup also soothes the throat well.4. Put the powder on a pan and keep it on a flame for around two minutes and inhale the fumes.5. Warm compression:If you have severe sinus and due to which you have a swelling then you can use hot water compression on your face as well as your eyes.
Herbal tea:A homemade herbal tea comprising of ginger, pepper, cumin seeds, small onion etc. Neti pot:Neti pot usage is said to do a great job at reducing pain as well as clearing nasal congestion. Neti pot is basically using nasal spray with saline water with tea tree oil and spraying it in the nose. It helps in clearing out the congestion by thinning out the mucus and the crusts that build up in the nose.8.
Choose right food:If you avoid certain types of food then you would be able to keep yourself away from nasal congestion.

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