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If you’re worried about having to give up the sweet stuff, don’t fret!  There are so many options out there to still enjoy some of that sweetness – just in a healthier, smoothie sort of way. It Works Global Greens on the Go is perfect as both a stand-alone nutritional supplement (just mix with water or your favorite natural juice such as orange juice or grapefruit juice) or as an add-in to your existing smoothie recipes. Any references to income on this site represent average earnings and do not guarantee that any amount will be earned. While this nut pate looks delicious, eating just a little… not the whole tray might be better for you in the long run. You wanted to try the raw food diet because you thought you were going to lose weight – like everyone else seemingly does. Unfortunately, for you, after you begin the raw food diet you start to gain even more weight. I would go to a natural or functional medicine doctor and have them test your thyroid hormone levels, your adrenal function and your sex hormone levels.
For your thyroid, talk to your doctor about getting your TSH checked as well as the possibility of checking your T3 and T4 levels. Too much coconut (meat, oil), too many nuts and seeds, too little carbohydrates can cause you to start storing fat like a squirrel before winter.
A third reason could be excess raw processed sugar like agave and honey – which is usually accompanied with fat.
And finally, I have no idea if this applies to you, but many of the people I see when we travel want the raw food diet to save them (which in some cases it can!) The reality is that this diet just one of a handful of tools that you can use to get yourself in great health.
I want to know your thoughts: Have you had any experience with gaining or losing weight on the raw food diet?
I did lose weight even though I was only slightly overweight when I started, but fell off the wagon for a while and trying to lose weight again seems more difficult. Not raw food, but I lost quite a bit of weight on the Body Ecology Diet almost to the point where I will be invisible!!!
I know many people are overweight and that’s what America is concerned about now…but there are people who are underweight and want to be healthy too! I am able to still lose weight while enjoying MODERATE amounts of nuts, seeds, and avocados.
Its very easy to trick yourself into thinking you are eating healthier than you so I really appreciate that you brought up the cheese here. I’m a novice with raw foods, but how can you be getting too little carbohydrates on a raw food diet ??? I also think that people often ignore their hunger signals, and it slows down their metabolism in the process, therefore causing binging in the long run. I am experimenting with this right now, eating whenever I am hungry, and seeing how it goes. I switched to 100% raw for two weeks after being on a whole foods lifestyle for 4 months and loosing 40 pounds i gained 5 pounds back 1.
Honestly the realization this summer that I could take what works for me from many sources to make the perfect eating lifestyle relieved so much stress (also stress can make you retain or gain weight just saying) it was strangely eyeopening even though you’d think it would be obvious. For me about 50% Raw including snacks and lunch, veggie and sometimes vegan for most other meals.
I started about 4 months ago going raw because I’ve also heard stories about going raw could make you lose weight so I started with raw breakfast (about 3 cups strawberries) and 1 cup (not raw) coffee with a teaspoon sugar and a teaspoon vegan milk powder and found it to contain only 200-250 cals ?? I was literally stuffed eating that.
I had been forever trying to lose the proverbial five pounds and instead gained – 5 pounds here, 5 pounds there until I had a very much UNWANTED 25 pounds on me. The first ten pounds I lose was eating everything, but strictly watching my portions (funnily enough I had never tried that before), only HALF of everything I ate.
Satori, I would say that if you eat the healthy foods (as I mention on my website), you could eat all you want and either gain as you perhaps wish, but I really don’t think you would lose. I also want to add that I have KEPT MY WEIGHT OFF for 8 years by eating vegan and about 60 – 70% RAW. I also get Mark Sisson newsletter nad today i think Denise Minger is haveing a guest article. A healthy vegan diet consists primarily of plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Also known as the Dragon Fruit, the Pitaya is a stunningly beautiful fruit with an intense color and shape, magnificent flowers and a delicious taste. Pitaya fruits sometimes form at the tip of this vining cactus, producing a dragon-like appearance. Ripe dragon fruit can be cut in half, length wise, and the firm crisp flesh scooped out directly with a spoon.

If you eat (in this case drink) the same thing day in and day out, you’re going to get bored and will be a lot more likely to just stop trying.
The Greens product helped me to kick my caffeine habit and provides me with the nutrients I need, keeps me energized and “regular”.
Earnings vary depending on each distributor and the activities that they do to work their businesses.
He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. I indulged in nuts and seeds a lot too, and I kinda knew that wasn’t too good, but I used to have no idea about how the generous amount of kale I was dumping into my smoothies and eating sourkraut by the pound can affect me. I have found this to be the case after countless meals of eating what I thought was super simple, clean, and healthy, yet not feeling well. I am not affiliated with either of these people, I just came across their respective programs and found the information helpful. When I was struggling with my weight on BED, I searched the web, but there were not many articles on this subject (useful ones anyway).
I am too old to really think too much about loosing too much weight too rapidly (I am 73) but I do try and watch what I eat. I have been eating a high raw diet for years and when I went completely raw last August I actually gained weight! Because i stopped tracking my calories and 2 Because i was eating way too much sugar in the form of agave,dates and dried fruit.
After succeeding at the RawFood Challenge for 2 weeks (1 week on – 1 week off) I snuck in some cheese.
I have been adjusting and working on my dietary needs for a few years now it’s small steps and seeing what brings out my vitality. However I find particularly when adding extra exercise in I require meat about 3 maybe 4 meals per week. I have had the same experience with a raw food diet (weight gain, and raw cruciferous veggies exacerbating gut & thyroid issues). I think it’s important to note that several raw food advocates include raw milk goat cheese in their daily intake and do well on it (Natalia Rose and Paul Nison come to mind). My digestion was so disordered and dysfunctional that when I switched to cooked vegetables the weight started to come off. That while I was intent on losing weight, I had to stay pretty much away from avocados and nuts, in particular. I love love love bananas, but would never eat them because I was afraid they would put weight on me.
Because as I mentioned above, I didn’t want to gain weight, so I kept away from many of the foods I love. I would recommend chia seed and sprouted buckwheat porridge made with home made almond milk with a spoon full of goji or other berries very filling comfort food but not fattening.
This pyramid outlines various food groups and food choices that, if eaten in the right quantities, form the foundation of a healthy vegan diet.
Because the emphasis is on non-meat food sources, a vegan diet generally contains less fat and cholesterol, and typically includes more fiber.No matter what your age or situation, a well-planned vegetarian diet can meet your nutritional needs.
It also takes a willingness to make better choices when it comes to what goes into your body.
In this case, your best bet is to skip sugary fruit juices and replace them with water instead. Apples, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, and watermelon are a few of the yummy choices you’ll be able to add to your smoothie to get all the nutrition and fiber along with the sweetness.
You’ll probably lose more weight if you replace every meal with a smoothie because most fruit and vegetable smoothies don’t contain a lot of calories.
Gather some fun smoothie recipes together and start your healthy weight loss program today. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness.
I don’t know if I have true food allergies or sensitivities, but I am in the process of discovering which foods consistently agree with me. While I’m comfortable with my weight, I have no idea how to eat healthier and do not lose my weight.
Was it because I mentioned and linked to two individuals who are helping people discover their food sensitivities?
I have a serious imbalance which impairs my life sometimes and causes me to retain weight, and after going through the many options this is now another choice to make.

I didn’t count cals for the rest of the day and may have eaten more cals than needed.
Now, I eat anything vegan (plant-based mostly), fairly portion-controlled and can still maintain my weight. For awhile we found the only solution that worked for us was to track how much fat we were consuming- and like wow- that can be surprising.
Even children and teenagers can do well on a plant-based diet, as can older people, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. Another sign of over-ripe dragon fruit is a very dry, brittle brown stem, or brown on the tips of the "leaves". Adding smoothies to your diet is a great way to start & to help you get into  healthy eating habits. You will avoid the extra calories, and if you struggle trying to get in your eight glasses of water a day, using water in a smoothie is an easy and tasty way to help increase your intake.
You can play around with lots of different ingredients to come up with your own creations and keep from losing interest in this healthy food. But it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough calories and nutrients  every day, too. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. Overdoing a food group can be really hard on the body, and I like that you mention the idea of including some lightly cooked foods in order to get effective levels of certain nutrients. I have recently discovered the work of Lyn-Genet Recitas and Keith Scott-Mumby, both of whom help people identify the foods that do and do not work for them.
I have a green smoothie at breakfast and another at lunch or a raw mushroom or tomatoe soup with nori sprinkle but have a lightly cooked meal in the evening. So instead of losing weight I gained weight, so I kinda went back to partly raw and a big part cooked.
Lots of raw vegans that have done so have found that their fat intake was more like 60% when they thought it was 20%.. Hold the dragon fruit in your palm and try pressing the skin with your thumb or fingers - it should give a little (like a ripe kiwifruit), but shouldn't be too soft or mushy. Be sure to talk to your doctor or other health professional before making a decision to replace meals with smoothies as a method to lose weight.
This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world. I have found that eating the cooked meal, which is usually really simple, in the middle of the day when digestion is strongest, works very well for me.
Since then, I’ve learned to cut back on kale and co, and use other fermented veggies instead of kraut for the most part. As daunting a process as it may seem (it doesn’t have to be, though), I think identifying our individual sensitivities carries profound implications not only for maintaining a healthy weight, but for our overall health and well-being. From what I am reading out there, eating large quantities of fruit will not raise blood sugar – unless I am also eating large quantities of fat. Choose ingredients carefully to include plenty of healthy fats, good carbs, and protein to feed your body a balanced diet and to help boost your metabolism.
Seriously- one good sized avocado along with a few nuts on a daily basis may well put you in fattyland.
I’m eating quinoa and millet with salads now at lunch or dinner and less nuts and avocado and feel like it not only keeps my weight in check, but grounds me too! I have not found that many people that are aware of this issue, let alone helping people work through it.
Taking a step back and eating high raw instead of 100 percent is what my body needs to work so thanks for reminding people to LISTEN to your body!
I just know that I feel amazing when I happen to consume the right foods for me, but lousy and uncomfortable when I don’t.
I received some very helpful planning information from Lyn-Genet’s website and from her assistant via e-mail (all at no cost, as I have not purchased a consultation).

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