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Silky velvety milk chocolate melting on my tongue and coating the inside of my mouth, then being washed down with a bottle of my favourite sugar laden drink.For some, this is almost a daily occurrence sending blood sugar levels up and down like a yoyo.
At some point these people will need and seek help, whether due to diabetes, excess body fat or some other related illness.But does it give the right to our authorities to dictate how much added sugar we, as a nation, should consume safely per day?Am I asking too much to expect Government recommendations be based on solid facts?The truth is sugars and starches all end up as sugar in your body. Starches are digested into glucose (a sugar), table sugar (sucrose) is half glucose and half fructose – whatever the carbohydrate form it ultimately ends up as glucose, or stored as glycogen, or stored as fat.This idea of setting an added sugar limit per day, an overall sugar limit and a starch recommendation along with a quantity of fibre per day is crazy.
Unless you’re physically active greater than walking to work you probably do not need to excessively fuel up beforehand.

It’s not like you’re satisfied for long after a Quick Carb based breakfasts anyway.Quick Carbs can become problematic. Large quantities of this stuff is consumed typically because when you get hungry Quick Carb products are rapidly available, and easy to get. It became popular some years back after diabetics started scrutinising carbohydrates… for good reason……The theory was to eat low GI foods to gain control of blood sugar and insulin secretion, and lose weight.
It didn’t work well until now.Now we’ve moved a step closer to understanding and monitoring blood glucose levels with the GL (Glycaemic Load).

A few hours later I’d be standing in the kitchen with a knife in hand, chocolate spread ready, eagerly waiting for my toast to pop up.Just look at the sugar load I was putting into my blood…The recommended 30g serving of my chosen cereal has a GL of 14.
It’s easy to grasp once you understand the basics.And no, you do not need to keep referring to a Glycaemic Load list, or work some magical formula, or tap in some data into an App.

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