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I am a NASM-CPT, Personal Trainer Owner of Boca Raton Fit Camp in Boca Raton Florida and Master Fit Camp Instructor featured in The Palm Beach Post.
On the left is Lindsay Lohan back in 2004 looking healthy and fit with a very nice shapely figure to go with that body. That's right Mischa, just because you are young and tall and slim does NOT mean you are immune to that which is inevitable in life: LUMPY thighs.
Rod Stewart's 6-foot-1 fiance Penny Lancaster may have lost the baby weight she gained last year, but she hasn't lost the cellulite!
Drew Barrymore (she's the one on the right) was recently photographed in Mexico looking, well, soft and squishy.
I could get every single one of these ladies looking sexy and shapely again if they would just pick up the phone and call. I made a promise to myself that day that I would do whatever it took to get in the best shape of my life and I wouldn’t stop until I reached my goal! Throughout those 5 months, I decided to document my transformation and I posted it here… so check it out!
My diet and training actually started on January 23, 2012, but I took a break for a week when my little girl was born. I wish I had started taking pictures and keeping a log from day 1, but I recently just decided to start doing this.

Body fat scale was not working correctly so I couldn’t get an accurate measurement this week. Kinda cheated a little on this picture because I took it right after a workout while I still had a pump. Upped my calories by almost 400 this week (on top of the additional calories I started adding a few weeks ago). I cheated a good bit this past weekend so I dropped my calories back down to 2200-2400 this week. Better yet attend my outdoor Fit Camp that starts September 17 and runs through October 12. So the first progress pic I have is from March 15, which would make 7 weeks of diet and training. I may stop using the scale to measure my body fat and keep using the mirror to see if I’m getting any results. Weight still dropping about a pound a week so I will keep doing what I’ve been doing. I think Drew is totally cute but maybe - and I'm just saying maybe - this confidence is premature. She's looking pretty skinny fat here, which means she probably actually doesn't work out regularly, AND she is sporting our favorite leveler of the rich and famous: cellulite.

You must consistently be engaging in both aerobic and resistance exercise at least 5 days a week to become truly fit. The scale I’m using uses bio electrical impedance through the legs and really only reads the fat in your legs and butt. So now according to the formula, I am eating WAY more calories than I should be, but somehow I am losing fat faster than ever. It looks like she lost all her weight in muscle and didn't do anything to preserve it, hence the sagging, flabby figure that remains. I was building a house and having a baby and all of a sudden, I stopped caring about my fitness. I am still the same weight as last week though, but that could be because I started taking Creatine and my body is retaining more water. These tips and techniques can be easily followed by any one such as women, senior people and professional like bodybuilders because our aim is to give awareness about health and active lifestyle to everyone.

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