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Since the exact number of calories burned during strength training workouts depends on your size, body composition, the length of time you spend working out, and the intensity of your training, there isna€™t just one chart that can tell you what the effects will be for you. However, we can look to studies and ranges to get an overall idea of how beneficial strength training will be for you, if you are hoping to lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass (the recommended goal!).
Keep in mind, this chart doesna€™t discuss physical measurements, the amount of body fat versus lean tissue, or age.
You can use equipment like heart monitors to help you get more accurate readings for your bodya€™s response to your activities. Exclusive savings for XSport Fitness members from local businesses including restaurants, retail shops, chiropractors, and much more!
As many of you know, I have been an advocate of high intensity training (HIT) for many years. It all started in the early 1980′s when I happened to walk into a gym in Verona New Jersey called Powerflex Nautilus. I loved my new muscles (and so did the girls) and from then on I was hooked – I became a HITer. What I didn’t know then was that no matter what I did I could not have a densely muscled, thick boned, stocky and powerful build. I had come to realize that after a certain point in training, genetics dictate your physique.
My friend Tim Ferris personally experienced the vast physical benefits of Arthur Jones’ insights gaining 34 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks.
Recently a couple of exercise physiologists ripped into our book claiming we made fraudulent statements, told lies and bashed and trashed various forms of physical activities. I don’t think we mentioned most of these sports in our book at all let alone bashed them.
One of the authors, Jeff Thiboutot, is apparently not only unaware of the scientific literature on the subject (Jeff admitted to reading the Bruce-Low paper just a few weeks ago), but in writing their rude and lie-filled diatribe, they throw stones while living in a glass house.
Here they suggest that aerobic exercise is better than weight training for maintaining muscle mass. Arthur Jones was a pioneer of the fitness industry and truth be told, the industry exists in large part because of him. I've been involved in exercise ever since I became a member of The Charles Atlas Club when I was 10 years old. I spent the past year or so losing 60 lbs (20 more to go) by simply avoiding processed carbs *most* of the time. I did the P90X route – spent about 6 months faithfully executing it, but the results were not all that exciting.
I’m 48, how long does it normally take for a subject to notice changes in strength or appearance? For getting those pesky last 20 pounds off, is there a optimum approach you would recommend?
Also, just as a side note, internal martial arts like Tai Chi Chuan are practiced slowly for fast execution in fighting.
Well, yeah, if you’re Arnold and taking steroids and did nothing for a living but lift weights, then this workout is ideal. Anyone following Arnold’s routine with out the chemical assistance that he had is committing suicide. For transparency, I (Jeff) am one of the “young men”, thank you Fred, that wrote the review of Slow Burn. Finally, I would highly recommend you read the Smith et al paper that Fred mentions in this post. Highly recommend anybody who loves fitness to read up on this man, he was truly a pioneer of his times! Your degree, certification and experience and the hundreds f papers you’ve read clearly did not help you in your review of my book. I will freely admit that there are some errors in my book but there are errors in EVERY book ever written. I hope everyone DOES read your review Jeff because those who read it and have experience with Slow Burn training will get a good hardy belly laugh from it. They changed their wording of this paragraph after a very well respected scientist withdrew his endorsement of their book SPEED due to the unprofessional nature of their Slow Burn review.

Not only do we not discuss Super Slow once in the book, aside from jogging (we said it was damaging to the body and it is) we don’t even mention these other sports let alone trash them.
And again, I freely admit there are some errors WRT mitochondria and AMPK that got by our radar screen somehow.
It is commonly suggested by various weight-training authorities (8-12) that to optimally increase muscle strength and (particularly) power, weight-training exercises be performed explosively (i.e.
The 2 up 4 down Nautilus protocol was a completely arbitrary recommendation and certainly does not coincide with their statement – not in my opinion at least. Again, you have to think more deeply and clearly about a subject or paper to glean deeper data.
Since I work in a bookstore, I saw your book, Fred, so I took it home (we can do that, you know, borrow books, so we can recommend them later). I may have actually been in that Verona, NJ facility many years ago when me and my friends would look for the best places to workout as teenagers. Hey fred, im quite a knowledgeable bodybuilder, but you never know everything allways learning. Below is a list excerpted from a chart by Harvard Medical School, which divides activities and their potential burn by the weight of a person. A 55-year old weighing 185 lbs at 5a€™3a€? in height is quite different than a 30-year old weighing 185 lbs at 5a€™10 inches. But in the meantime, this handy chart will remind you that there is a LOT to be gained when using strength training to help you lose weight! In it were a vast array of giant blue machines that looked like prehistoric torture devices. My muscles grew faster and stronger in a few weeks doing a 20 minute workout, twice a week than they had in the few years with free weights using Arnold’s advice of nearly everyday, hour long, multiple set training sessions. Asking the body builders in the gyms I frequented what I should do to get bowling ball shoulders and a neck as thick as a telephone pole, I went back to training using high volume, free weight, multiple set workouts. A recent paper By Dave Smith and Stewart Bruce-Low took a look at all of the available scientific evidence on weight training to see if in fact Arthur Jones’ opinions and declarations about resistance training were correct. And no – this was not said to sell his new machines as he advocated this regimen of training for the use of free weights or any other type of resistance training equipment. But I don’t have the desire to do to their book what they did to mine, albeit without resorting to strawman arguments, logical fallacies, lies and the other nonsense they used to discredit our book and our characters. I hate to tell you this guys but that is an absurd statement if ever there was one – one that is completely unsupportable. More and more research is coming out that supports the less is more approach to resistance training and the fact that resistance training is the only form of exercise you need to obtain the benefits that exercise can bestow. Make sure to get the weights right so that you are reaching true muscle failure in 40-90 seconds.
Fred, if you are going to try to show that we are clueless about the “literature on the subject” can you at least get your facts right. Read it thoroughly and pay close attention to the section called, Speed of Movement During Exercise.
Jones himself ,was a very intense man, (scary at times)and tried everything too convince people that his way was the only way. One more thing that stood out ,Arnold Schwarzenegger was invited to come and train with Jones one day.
You told lies, used strawmen arguments and clearly were unaware of several papers that support the Slow Burn, HIT approach to resistance training. Let me get this straight – are you suggesting that, even though you know little to nothing about a subject you are still qualified to write about it?
This does not change the fact that HIT is profoundly beneficial and that the preponderance of the scientific literature supports HIT as an exercise modality that provides and produces all the benefits mentioned in Slow Burn. They will come away realizing that you and Matt are not only misinformed, but liars as well. You have to think a bit more deeply on a subject in order to glean hidden evidence of what may lie underneath the surface. Of course it is open to interpretation but I think anyone who reads this carefully would agree. No type or amount of training can change that sad fact for those who wish to become very densely muscular.

Also, remember the benefit strength training offers after burning calories during the workout. But after a few years of training using HIT, I was still unsatisfied with my physique – envying those who were far more mesomorphic than I was. So I went back to my HIT training and have continued to train clients and myself using HIT ever since. So for all you AJ naysayers out there, take a good read of this very well done paper and perhaps give HIT training a go. Jack LaLanne was certainly a fitness pioneer in many ways, but comparatively speaking, he was no match for Arthur’s intellect on training.
My clients include kids, seniors (and everyone in between), top CEOs, celebrities, bestselling authors, journalists and TV personalities. While the medical community laughed them out the door back then, this book is considered the fore bearer of modern PT and fitness training in general.
He was against any drug use (steroids) and refused to train anybody who was on them, and yet one of his most prized pupils was Sergio Oliva ,who not only was genetically gifted, but allegedly was known to take steroids.
His explanations of how glucose works and that a good diet is fundamental is bang on and takes it further in his book for youth. But both of you failed to realize that the percent 1RM used for the slow groups were so low they didn’t even keep the slow subjects within the anaerobic range. I resorted back to 3 sets and 3 exercises for each muscle low volume training, Ive recently came back onto hit mentally prepared and understanding that less is more in the aspect of muscle building. I think you need to work out more often to be a body builder, but not as much as most bblders do. It works and works more effectively and efficiently than any other form of resistance training. And I have yet to read a study that produced results like Tim’s using a conventional body building approach. It’s a training philosophy that strength and fitness enthusiasts have used for decades. I don’t even think you read his book and for some reason the way you review was written ,have a personnal vendetta. But in your review you make many statements that expose your naivety on the subject of resistance training – not to mention the outright lies you told (I gave an example above) which then makes anything you say suspect.
So, reading the hundreds of studies you say you have has done you little good at understanding research. After my workouts i realise that i havent got muscle ache or muscle pain which is a good sign the muscles are repairing. I’ve used both and found equal gains from both, although the hit did seem friendlier too my joints. It’s not the quantity of studies you read Jeff, but how well you are able to read and understand them that matters most. In my opinion you would probably be better off with blocks of both and an occasional deload week. For those of you who want to see who is correct you can go and read it yourself in the comments section for the in-depth review post at our blog. Somehow because I read this ONE paper a few WEEKS ago that equates to being unaware of the scientific literature on the subject matter. So the HUNDREDS of papers that I have read and the Masters degree I have in exercise science, and being a certified trainer for 15 years all clearly points to my ignorance of the subject matter. Maybe none of that matters and I am a complete idiot and don’t know shit about the subject. Even if that was true, which is highly doubtful, it still doesn’t, in anyway, have any relevance when it comes to judging whether the information we presented regarding the Slow Burn book is valid or not.

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