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LIBBE uses micro-filtered water that is sterilized by an ultra violet system.A  Disposable rectal tubes are used one time and disposed of after each use. A.Absolutely not!!A  Most people have a wonderful, relaxing and some even feel as though it is a spiritual experience. A.Without a doubt, this is the best thing since sliced bread !!A  You will feel remarkably better as soon as your first session is complete!!A  Some people claim that they feel better while still in the middle of their session. A.During colon hydrotherapy, the colon naturally absorbs water and the body re-hydrates itself. A.A A A  Constipation is a state of the bowel in which evacuations are infrequent and difficult, or where the large intestines becomes lined with impacted, hard feces. A.A A A  Bowel toxemia is a problem caused by years of poor eating combined with a buildup of waste materials-impacted feces, bacteria, fungi, viruses, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, worms, etc.
Modern day technology has created multi-stage water purification systems, individual disposable rectal tubes eliminate any possible contamination to the client from a previous treatment. During the therapy, water temperature and volume will be monitored by the therapist and can be varied to stimulate peristalsis (muscular contraction) in the colon.
Each colon hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 45 minutes (on the table) and one should allow at least one hour per office visit.
During a typical colon hydrotherapy session, about 10-20 gallons of water will be transported into and out of the colon. A skilled and certified colon hydro-therapist will use several fillings and releases of water, as well as light massaging of the bowel (not usually necessary with open systems), to dislodge toxic waste matter adhering to the walls of the colon.
During the session, the colon hydro-therapist will carefully evaluate the client's progress to determine if additional sessions will be necessary and what other options are appropriate for that specific individual.
With some time, patience and a little effort, along with the assistance and advice of a certified colon hydro-therapist, you will well on your way to gaining improved health, wellness and continued increased energy, so that you can live a happier more fulfilling dis-ease free life. Undigested food and waste may remain lodged in the large intestine for days, weeks, months or even years to putrefy and generate toxic substances harmful to your health.

An unhealthy colon can adversely effect your total health, including all your body systems and lead to the problems listed above. Your colon, together with the kidneys, lungs and skin are responsible for eliminating waste from the body. Then through a process called autointoxication, these toxic substances can be transported into the bloodstream where the lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as the lungs and kidneys, become overburdened and expose you to serious health risks. Even if you can only afford a session every once in a while, it will benefit you in many ways and you will feel the difference.
Initially, it is recommended that you receive 3-6 sessions (usually 1 per week-depending on the individual person and their personal situation and goals)) to achieve maximum benefits. Using a combination of abdominal massage (if consented), reflexology, breathing instructions and relaxation techniques, the colon therapist is often able to promote elimination of a volume of toxic waste, which would not be possible otherwise.
What is a€?addictivea€? is the healthy, energized feeling you get after each and every session you have.A  Colonics do not make the body addicted actually quite the opposite.
Typically, after a session, many people report a feeling of heightened energy, an increased sense of well-being and renewed vitality. Your session takes place in a private room and you are properly draped.A  The best part - there is no odor during bowel "releases" when using the LIBBE system!
Most experts agree, if you are not having at least 2-3 bowel movements a day, then by definition, you should consider yourself constipated.
This build up can inhibit muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements, constipation, inflammation and very serious disease.
With colon hydrotherapy, the entire colon is eventually cleansed and the therapeutic benefits are much greater than those achieved with an enema.
It encourages the restoration of the colon's natural function by strengthening peristalsis.
For certain, your colon will be cleaner and you may experience easier eliminations and your overall health status will improve.

150 pound person requires 75 ounces of water per day in order to properly hydrate their body).
The average length of a a€?gooda€? bowel movement should be 8-12 inches long and the width of the bowel which is approximately 2-2.5 inches in diameter. Every colon cleanse effectiveness varies considerably.A  Keep in mind that each colon cleanse is different and works differently on different people.
After completion of your initial series, it is suggested that you have another cleansing 1-3 months later and on a regular schedule, in order to maintain what you have achieved.
Enema cleansings are limited to the rectum area and due to the body's natural desire to expel waste, and are limited in duration. If you need a friend or family to join you during your session, that option is available (and has been used by clients many times).
If your bowel movements are consistently short, hard, narrow or look like marbles, then consider yourself constipated. If you can add more fiber and water to your diet, usually that is enough to get the ball rolling prior to and after your colonic. This helps to eliminate fecal matter which may have been lodged in the colon for weeks, months, or even years, and keep the client properly hydrated. Over the counter suppositories stimulate expulsion of the contents of the rectum, but contribute to dehydration which may exacerbate a constipated condition. While colon hydrotherapy is not a cure for any disease or ailment, it may be considered an important adjunctive therapy to help you rejuvenate and maintain overall health. Please note that simply correcting your diet and hydrating yourself will improve your situation, but we recommend that you get several colonics first, to begin the clean out and cleanup process.

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