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Many people have problems with extra pounds but on specific areas of their body, and they want to burn fat only on that particular areas without affecting their figure in general. People who have fat on their armpits are prevented to wear sleeveless shirts with straps and dresses because they feel uncomfortable, because it doesn’t look attractive at all. If you are facing this kind of problem, it means that the secretion of insulin is out of control. If you have excess fat on your upper arms, it means that there is a lack of testosterone in your body.
Many women struggle with hormonal imbalance , which in most of the cases is a result of lack of physical activities, multitude of stressful situations, inadequate diet and air pollution.
If you want to get rid of fat on your hips and buttocks, you need to base your diet on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

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If you are dealing with this kind of problem, you should know that this phenomenon is probably connected to the thyroid gland which is probably not working as it should.
You can reduce it by consuming healthy foods such as fish, seafood, broccoli, with spices such as cinnamon or chilli and sweets like cranberries and blueberries and drink green tea every day. To normalize it, you need to get enough sleep, avoid stress at all costs, do workouts that involve the muscle on  your upper arm and make sure that you make love more frequently. Therefore, forget about the fast -food, get involved in physical activity, avoid stress and frustration and get a lot of fresh air.

In order to solve this issue, you need to avoid or even eliminate foods like processed soybeans, broccoli, peaches, beets, cabbage and strawberries. Instead, you should replace them with nuts, whole grains, salmon, liver seaweed, tuna and onions.

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