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If you go online and google how to lose weight in your thighs, you’re gonna get flooded with a whole lot of sites made by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.
They’ll tell you to do all sorts of leg exercises or even ride a bike to get your thighs under control.
More then likely, since you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re suffering from problem number 1 or 2, or both. No matter if your problem is that you have too much fat on your thighs, or if you have too much muscle on your thighs, the solution to both problems is the same. Running with low intensity for a fairly long period of time will also have the effect of toning your leg muscles, making the need to work them with traditional legs exercises disappear. This solution isn’t pretty, but it does work, and it is the only thing that definitely will work on your thighs. That said, it may be very difficult, if not impossible for you to go out and start cardio sessions of that length if you don’t already exercise regularly. That said, there are certain things that you must absolutely avoid if you want to lose size in your thighs.
One thing that you must do in order to make sure your marathon cardio is effective is eat the correct amount of food every day. If you make sure that you’re eating less calories than you’re burning in a day, you will lose weight. Question – what if you integrate marathon running with weightlifting (deadlifts, squats, etc)? It won’t do a great job of reducing the muscle in your leg, especially if you use any amount of resistance (which is quite necessary to get a good fat-burning workout).
It definitely would, though an hour and a half a day isn’t necessary, you could get away with just 1 hour if you were so inclined. It will most definitely reduce fat all over your body – it’s impossible to spot reduce! You should try and run for about 45-60 minutes at a time if your goal is a reduction in the size of your thighs. How much protein and carbs should i eat a day.And how long should i wait to go running after eating. I have had my thyroid tested on several occasions and it’s functioning within the normal range. It really depends on your diet, what weight bearing exercises you are doing, and the length and style of your running. Do you have any suggestions on what foods I should be eating and what foods I should stay away from? I’m not a massive fan of running I find it hard to enjoy, but I am a good swimmer and enjoy this. I’m not exactly sure how turbo kickboxing differs from normal kickboxing, but normal kickboxing will tend to put some muscle on your legs. I’ve taken up running in the last six months or so, trying for 10k (about 55 min) 3 times a week, and shorter runs combined with elliptical, weights and Pilates class on the other days. Today our crossfit workout was to complete 200 squats, 1600 meter rowing and rope climbing within 15 minutes. I was able to complete this much in 20 minutes and for rest of the 15 minutes I did good stretching. Precisely, this much challenging our workout should be if we really want to see that stubborn body fat moving. My mantra for workout is 30 to 45 minutes good workout with good technique and full body and breath awareness, followed by good stretching and pranayams. Check out these video, combine these exercises with suryanamskars or running or spot jogging or burpees similar to the way I did in my yoga session above. This entry was posted in Fitness, Weight loss, Workout and tagged cardio, lose thigh fat, strength.
I can tell you the asans but breath awareness and surrendering are a very important part of yoga which only a guru can teach..
I just started last month,Nov 19th to be precise.I had hypo thyroid few years back,but i had medicines for a month or two and it disappeared. I just came to know about your blog a few days back and Nidhi, you’re really doing a great job ?Y™‚ Your blog is awesome.
TweetHaving too much inner thigh fat can be embarrassing and painful, especially if it rubs together.

There are many contributing factors here, but the most important one is the gynoid pattern of fat deposition. The last one is very important because large amounts of cardio will not solve your inner thigh fat problem. Because cardio can interfere with resistance training – your most powerful tool for annihilating inner thigh fat.
The issue here is that resistance training forces your body to burn a lot of calories which takes a toll.
The cool thing about resistance training is that it forces your body to burn many calories outside of your workouts. Imagine that, doing a bunch of thigh exercises all day only to notice that they are bigger, not smaller!
To avoid this, only resistance train 2-3 times per week and get 1-2 days of rest between each high intensity session.
Having all of these in your meals will not only slow down digestion further, but it will also prevent you from feeling deprived. Carbohydrates give you energy to burn more calories during exercise, protein helps your muscle tissue recover and fat helps you increase testosterone and lower estrogen.
You could also be suffering from problem 3, but not know it, since your fat is covering whatever muscle on your legs there may be. It also won’t make your leg muscles visibly larger – so long as you run for at least 45 minutes per session. Stop squatting, deadlifting, lunging, or any other forms of leg exercises which require you to use weight as resistance.
No matter how much you run, if you’re eating more calories than your body is burning in a day, you will NOT lose weight. You'll also get a free email series outlining the biggest time-wasting myths in the fitness industry today.We hate spam. The marathon running will keep your muscles at relative bay – so go ahead and do both if you love doing them. It won’t have quite the same effect on your legs as running outdoors will, but depending on your genetics, you should still see some reduction in size. You get exposed our sight in order to varying opinion of this specific subject matter together with interesting and solid articles. I have not reduced my caloric intake, however I know for a fact I haven’t increased it either. If you’re jogging for long periods of time (45+ minutes), at least 3 times a week, this will absolutely help reduce the size of your legs.
Can swimming have a good effect and help loose weight on my legs or will it build the muscle.?
It really depends on your diet, though in general, it will give your legs a nice toned look.
Biking will inflate your quads (not in a bad way), but if you’re looking to lose overall size, biking lacks the reducing effect that running offers. This may very well be manifesting itself in the form of more muscularity in your legs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your goals. They don’t *look* fat per se because of my overall small sized body but if I pinch my upper legs or give my thighs a little push, I can literally see deposits of fat dancing in pink tutus.
I have stubborn inner thigh fat and the constant friction causes most of my jeans to tear especially in that area, it’s a real nuisance for me!
Workout, stay hydrated, eat nutritious and apply coconut oil daily after bath on your body.. There are thigh toners, diet pills, thigh wraps, thigh creams, thigh lotions, and even liposuction. Simply put, this means that the female body is built in such a way that the accumulation of excess inner thigh fat is more probable.
You have to put your body in fat burning mode and wait until the inner thigh fat gets released. Remember, it’s all about burning more calories so you have to work your upper and lower body.
Because resistance training works so much muscle, you have to rest properly in between workouts. Vegetables are loaded with nutrients, prevent sickness, accelerate recovery, make you feel full and slow down digestion.

Because slower digestion rates translate into less calories going to fat cells and more calories going to active cells. If the inner thigh fat isn’t coming off fast enough, decrease your portion sizes by 15%. If you buy into all the bogus treatments out there it will be difficult, but if you follow the advice outlined above it will be simple. Think about it for a second, you don’t see any long distance runners out there with thighs the size of tree trunks, do you? Don’t expect any miracles right off the bat, but by the time you get up to 45 minutes in a row at least 4 times a week, you will begin to see results almost immediately. Take it up to an hour a day, 7 days a week until you’re happy with the appearance and size of your thighs.
It’s an unspoken rule amongst people who get bigger thighs by simply thinking about them (or at least, it can seem like that) to never get on a bike. However, with diligence, consistency, and a little hard work, you’ll start to see positive results in about 3 weeks. It just doesn’t quite have the same effect as running when it comes to reducing the size of your legs. If you’re eating enough to maintain your bodyweight (even with the running), then your upper body should remain relatively unchanged. Most sites tell you to love your gigantic calves, instead of telling you how to get a lean look that you are after. Carbs very depending on what your goal is, and how resistant you are to weight gain with them. Currently I run 3 times a week, each workout about 30-45 minutes with a run-walk option, does it help to reduce the size of my leg? Look up pictures on google of any long distance endurance runners, do you see any with large legs? Your muscles may be pumped up after activity, and any adipose tissue covering it might not have had a chance to burn off yet. There is no soreness in my muscles and I will be up for the next workout challenge tomorrow morning.
As, we will feel motivated to workout for some weeks and then soon we will feel demotivated and get inactive for some days. Yest I did shoulder press-squat-burpees-push ups combined in that order as 1 compound workout n I loved it, it worked out the entire body! If you are really sore don’t do a bunch of high intensity cardio, stick with lower intensities.
Cycling has the rather unfortunate effect of puffing up a set of thighs like nothing else can – particularly if you’re prone to gaining muscle on your thighs easily.
They will contribute to you losing fat, but it’s important to note that this fat will be burned from all over your body (as there is no such thing as spot reduction, unless you get liposuction), and again, build muscle mass and size in your thighs (something you don’t want), not to mention the fact that these exercises simply don’t do as good a job at burning fat as marathon cardio (nothing does).
Your legs will probably lose some muscle size as you go on, but you can mitigate this effect with your diet. My diet consists of lean meats such as chicken, no red meat, salads, veggies and some fruit and egg whites. Soon, I started believing that it is impossible to get those toned legs and that we get them by birth only.
I positively made myself to think that the side of my tummies are somehow trimmed ( lol) so it other looks bigger. It’s important to use running as your main source of cardio if your goal is to lose size in your thighs. In short unless and until we go and put some real efforts regularly we will keep on losing and pilling up fat again. Once you are happy with your appearance, you can scale back your cardio to 3 sessions a week, of 20-25 minutes per session to maintain your new shape. However, I do like cereal in the morning with fat free milk and that’s usually Kashi.
We will have to challenge our body for 30 to 45 minutes regularly to burn this fat esp the thigh fat.

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