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Treadmill workouts using high intensity intervals (HIIT) are extremely effective for burning belly fat.
If you want to get a slim waist, do burpee push-ups, one-armed burpees, jump up burpees, side burpees, and box-jump burpees. Like many stomach exercise machines, this piece of equipment has an elaborate and well crafted infomercial which makes pretty bold claims.
However, we all know that some infomercials stretch the truth somewhat, so I wanted to do my own research into the Ab King Pro to see what it’s worth and help you make the right decision about it. So, before you spend over $100 on this fitness equipment, I recommend reading this complete Ab King Pro Review. This review is based on the research I did online as well as my own knowledge into how our body really burns belly fat. What you can do with this machine are basically crunches, either for your main stomach muscles or for your obliques in a similar way to what you would do when lying on the floor. The infomercial claims that in just 3 minutes of workout a day (combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet) you’ll get flat abs and reduce love handles in days. The total cost of this device is around $150 which is much more expensive than most ab programs.
One of the things which is emphasized on the infomercial for the Ab King Pro is that it allows you to work your abs in a 200 degrees range of motion. The infomercial leads you to believe that you can lose belly fat by working out with the Ab King Pro.
What this means is that no matter how hard you work your stomach, you will not burn off belly fat specifically but lose fat from all over your body. To really get rid of belly flab you need to focus on doing the most fat burning exercises and to watch what you eat. Since the Ab King Pro only gives you an abs workout, it can’t really get you flat abs.
Stretching the truth in infomercials is just advertisement and marketing and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.

I believe that you can do a similar workout to the one the Ab King Pro provides on the floor or a mat.
If you believe that by having it in your home that you will use it and workout more, than it may be worth the price.
The ab wheel is one of the most popular and affordable abs exercise equipment in the world. Although it is stated that this devide can also help to develop and tone arm and shoulder muscles, its true function is the way it works the abs. The Ab Wheel (also known as an exercise wheel), and what you see in the picture is in fact a double wheel installed for extra durability is very simple to use, and can be worked with at home, although I would try to avoid runnind it on expensive carpets as it may damage the fabric.
You then roll the wheel forward away from your knees and slowly lower your upper body to the floor while extending your arms over your head. But what the Ab Wheel does do is enable you to do a killer stomach workout in a very short time.
I highly recommend getting one of the Ab Wheels I wrote about a little earlier in this review.
In general, high intensity exercises increase strength and endurance, promote weight loss and support cardiovascular health.
You just lie on the bench, grasp the bar handle, and place your legs on the floor or on the foot rest. You can basically make the bench go lower than horizontal and so you stretch your stomach more fully than with other machines or the floor for that matter and get a harder workout.
Yes, it is a harder exercise if you hyper-extend your back, which means making it bend backwards.
That’s why the infomercial for the Ab King Pro itself states that results are achieved only when it is combined with the right diet and regular exercise. I don’t believe the 200 degrees range of motion is an advantage but a disadvantage and may cause back injury. However, I don’t really think that you should spend so much money on what is simply a workout bench with a bar handle.
Your knees never leave the floor, and you roll the wheel away from you until your upper body is just shy of touching the floor.

I recommend getting the Ironman Double Ab Wheel (shown in the picture above) because of its durability or, if you want something more affordable and still great, the Everlast Standard Duo Exercise Wheel. It’s a small piece of equipment which can be easily stored, can be used at all fitness levels, and since it works on your bodyweight, the resistence it offers is generated by you and not by some limited bands or springs like in other, much more expensive and less effective abs equipment. It’s a small investment which can help you strengthen your abs with short but intensive workouts. Not only you have to eat clean all year round, but also spend hours at the gym and maintain low body fat levels. It’s a full body exercise that tones your muscles and gets your heart rate up in a short period of time. Now that you know the best cardio exercises to burn belly fat, incorporate them into your workout routine. Depending on how much time you exercise and what you eat, you can see the first results within one or two weeks. Burpees are an excellent warm-up and conditioning drill to perform before your regular workout. In addition, the creators of the Ab King Pro specifically state that you have to combine using it with regular exercise and a sensible diet which makes it hard to judge what role the AbKingPro really plays in the results people get.
While not everyone is able to get ripped abs, most individuals can get rid of love handles and visceral fat through diet and exercise. Treadmill HIIT workouts are the best exercises to burn belly fat, so you should give them a try.

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