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If I told you could lose more body fat by doing less would you be interested?  I have been asked many time what is the fastest way to lose fat.  There are so many studies that have been done, showing that interval training is the best way to accomplish this over any other cardio.
What is great about Interval training is it works both the aerobic and the anaerobic system. This pyramid structure allows you to start with short bursts of speed, and then you’ll peak at the longest surge of energy in the middle of your workout before coming back down. If you are really serious about dropping body fat, interval training is the way to go.  There are many different options when it comes to this training, find the one that works best for you. Eggs, Butter, Sugar, Pumpkin, Flour, Salt, Baking powder and 5 more.. Eggs, Sugar, Brown sugar , firmly packed and 12 more.. Eggs, Brown sugar, Buttermilk, Water or milk and 12 more.. Eggs, Sugar, Pumpkin, Lemon juice, Nuts, divided, Salt and 10 more..

Margarine, Sugar, Molasses, Egg yolk, All-purpose flour and 7 more.. Butter, Brown sugar , packed, Molasses, Egg yolk and 8 more.. Margarine, Sugar, Molasses, Egg yolk, Flour, Salt and 6 more.. All-purpose flour, Brown sugar, Baking powder, Baking soda and 11 more.. Brown sugar, Vegetable oil, Maple syrup, Vanilla extract and 9 more.. Oat flour, Baking powder, Sea salt, Honey, Buttermilk and 3 more.. Self rising flour, Whole wheat flour, Rolled oats and 5 more..
All-purpose flour, Baking powder, Salt, Pumpkin pie spice and 9 more..

Canned pumpkin puree, Vegetable oil, White sugar, Eggs and 7 more.. This interval simulates some of that unpredictability by having you doing different times and different intensities.
The more oxygen debt that we create the more we boost our metabolism.  It is that huffing and puffing, gasping for air that is paying that oxygen debt. Like any debt the more you borrow the more that needs to be paid back.  One other benefit is that the more of a deficit created, the longer you will burn calories after you have finished your workout.

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