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Broths are rich in nutrients that are difficult to source elsewhere—incredibly high in vital minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium. Not only are bone broths packed with nutrition, they’re an excellent way to save money on your grocery bill because you’re skipping prepared soups and broth.
Unlike real bone broth, processed soup from a can like Campbell’s or Hormel is packed with sodium, preservatives, corn starch, wheat, artificial flavors, MSG, sugar, and none of the things that make real homemade soup nourishing. Traditionally, chicken broth is made from slowly simmering a whole chicken for hours along with vegetables and seasonings. Make sure any marrow bones are turned sideways in the crockpot, and are near the top so they’re easy to find. Allow the bone broth to cook like normal (per the recipe above), but check on the bones in about 4-5 hours. Alternatively, you can make Roasted Bone Marrow (page 278 of The Wild Diet), and then use the leftover bones in your bone broth. After cooling your bone broth in the refrigerator overnight, you’ll usually get a thick layer of fat on top. If you’re using healthy bones from wild or pasture-raised animals, this fat is pure gold. Scoop it into a separate storage container and store it in the refrigerator. Use it for stir-frying veggies, caramelizing onions, cooking eggs, or pan-frying burgers. A few hours before serving, add your bone broth back into the crockpot along with a bunch of chopped veggies and spices.
Try adding 1 bunch chopped kale, 1 chopped onion, 4 minced garlic cloves, 3 chopped carrots, 3 chopped celery sticks, 1 cubed sweet potato, along with salt, pepper, onion powder, and a dash of cayenne.
My wife, Alyson, and I pretty much always have a batch of bone broth simmering on the counter. Lucky for you, our friends at Thrive are giving away boxes of Kettle and Fire’s Grass-Fed Bone Broth, made from pasture-raised beef and organic veggies. By the way, in addition to drinking it, I use bone broth for braising lamb shanks and chicken in place of wine or water, or making a stew – it takes it to the next level. Pressure cooking temperatures are to high, it destroys the nutrients, rather coax out the goodness with slow cooking.
Can you just keep the bone broth constantly simmering in the crock pot instead of putting it in the fridge and can you use a raw whole chicken. Ok silly question do you just go the meat department in your local store and ask for bones to cook for a broth? We usually get them at farmer’s markets, but many butchers have them behind the counter if you ask.
You’ll have the most success (and best prices) by hitting up your local Farmers Market or nearby farm. Hello, I haven been making my beef bone broth for about 36 hours now and this morning I woke up to check it and the water was half gone. If the bones are from healthy, pasture-raised animals, you’ll be extracting minerals, collagen, and tons of beneficial nutrients. But did you know that even occasional use of antibiotics, hand sanitizers, and other germ-killers can wreak havoc on your long-term health?
Abel: The importance of the human microbiome is finally getting attention from mainstream science and medicine.
But those microbes you’re scrubbing away from your skin and depleting from your gut are part of your body. Abel: One thing that has helped my overall health tremendously is understanding my body not as a single unit, but as an ecosystem.
The protozoa, bacteria, fungi, and even some of the parasites in and on our bodies are training our immune systems. It’s vitally important that we’re exposed to some of the good, bad, and ugly so our immune system learns how to distinguish between friend and foe. Abel: One thing that fascinated me in your book was the description of the way you were raised compared to your daughter.
I think some of my good health is because we were left to run around and get dirty as kids. The hookworm dampens down the immune system—sort of how pregnancy does so the mother’s body doesn’t reject the fetus. Abel: If you’ve gone to a foreign country where the people are living long happy lives while being exposed to all sorts of crazy diseases, germs, and bugs, you realize that you’re the one getting immediately sick. If we look at how kids play when left to their own devices, they’ll get sweaty and dirty and we reel against it and we whip out our hand sanitizer.
If you are a hand sanitizer user you falsely believe that diseases are caused by basic germs you come into contact with everyday, and that’s just false.
The big problem with hand sanitizer is that it contains a host of chemicals, including triclosan. Triclosan is in household cleaning products and building materials and as a result, most Americans have levels of triclosan in their bloodstream.
A little bit of dirt getting into your mouth versus triclosan getting into your mouth—I’d take the dirt. Sure, if you’re visiting someone who’s sick or it’s flu season, it’s a good idea to wash your hands with soap and warm water. HMO’s (Human Oligosaccharides) in mother’s milk feed the baby’s bacteria, and they’re not found in baby food.
The microbiome really starts to develop in utero—there are even some viruses present in newborns… but don’t get out the Lysol!
Birth is the most crucial aspect of the development of our own microbiome because that’s when we swallow a mouth full of microbes. Their solution was to take a simple gauze pad and swab the newborn in the mother’s vaginal juices. We think of a cesarean as a modern medical thing and we have a positive association with it. When you’re part of the medical community, you’re biased to think everything you do is helpful. I was lucky to be trained by people who were amazing mentors, who had the patient’s best interests at heart. That’s the amazing thing about people like you (Abel) and the do-it-yourself approach to health—we’re giving information and education. There is a role for prescription therapy because some people just don’t respond to alternatives. It’s not that medical prescriptions and procedures are bad, it’s just that they’re overused.

Abel: I haven’t taken antibiotics in years at this point since I’m doing my best to protect my gut microbiome. Of course, there may be more factors involved in humans—genetic predisposition, for example.
Then I see people from Asia and Eastern Europe and they’re on no drugs and they look amazing. These people from the blue zones are not at Soul Cycle, but they’re walking, gathering wood, fetching water, eating a simple diet—plant based and local—and it’s night and day in terms of health. When you put the cabbage and salt in a jar and let it sit on the counter to make sauerkraut, lactobacillus grows on it. But there’s a whole bunch of other stuff in stool that we can’t identify, but we think it’s beneficial. What I think we’ll be seeing in the near future is the ability to remove your own stool, analyze it, pull out the best microbes, and amplify them outside your body to give you back your own stool but better. Abel: Then again, even if you have it for drinking water, it’s getting in your skin and hair and disrupting your microbiome there.
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Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health. It’s made by simmering the bones of a (preferably pasture-raised) animal for 10 – 24 hours in a slow-cooker, or 24 – 48 hours for beef bones. I’ll drink a cup of it in the late morning with a bit of sea salt, or we’ll use it to make soups and stews. Leftovers work well, too—take the picked-over carcass of a roasted fowl or the leftover bones from a roast or seafood meal.
Finally, the bones are removed, the chicken stripped off, and chopped vegetables are added.
It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, but it can cut the duration of your cold in half. Whip up this recipe for a broth to help heal your gut, reverse aging, and cure the common cold.
Use tongs to pull the marrow bones out of the water, salt, and eat the marrow straight from the bone. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss. Even elite athletes—including Kobe Bryant—drink broth daily to repair collagen and cartilage in the body. I’ll drink a cup in the late morning with a bit of sea salt, or we’ll use it to make soups and stews. I have RA and hope it will not only help to fix gut, but reduce pain and inflammation, so I could in turn reduce pain killers and other RA meds. Also, blend it in Vitamix (soup mode) with broccoli, herbs, avocado, grass-fed butter for a quick tasty soup. I have always my own broths by roasting bones with veggies (carrots, onions, leaks, and celery). Because our bodies were perfectly designed to have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and even viruses. Robynne Chutkan, a leading expert in the world of gut health and one of the most recognizable gastroenterologists working in America. You walk into a hospital where everything is antiseptic and that’s important if you’re going to have surgery, but it’s trickled into our everyday lives. But 1,000 animal species are going extinct per year, much faster than should happen naturally. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims that about ? of Americans have been exposed to or have a parasite. Living in a western society, most of us don’t get exposed, and our immune systems get confused. She’s growing up in a society that’s so trigger-happy about killing everything with antibiotics. He sees a lot of people applying for disability for back pain, and a lot of these things are really difficult to know for sure.
I ran to my parents and was told, “Go lie down and you’ll feel better.” I was up to date with tetanus and all my shots… and I still have the foot. He does not wipe his feet on the front mat—there’s not this obsession to be clean all the time.
Their impulse is to be on the ground and get dirty and stick a finger in their friend’s mouth. There’s not a big difference between the germs they’re exposed to, but there’s a difference in their immune systems. Triclosan is an endocrine disruptor, so it can cause thyroid issues and a lot of other problems—and it’s also really toxic to microbes.
Now we’re starting to understand that we need to repopulate our microbiomes with good bacteria.
The baby turns posterior to the mother’s rectum because there are a lot of microbes there for swallowing. He and his wife have done some amazing research, which you can find more about in his book “Missing Microbes.” They looked at the rising rates of cesarean delivery in South and Central America.

There was a moment where I had an intrauterine monitor, external monitor, an IV, a catheter for epidural, and I thought… I’m healthy, this seems like a lot. If you come to the hospital without information about your health, it’s like going to the mechanic without knowing anything about your car – and you get hosed. It’s difficult for a physician to acknowledge that the very foundation of their education could be wrong or shaky. This seems especially critical when you look at recent mouse experiments that show transplanting gut bacteria can actually induce obesity in mammals!
As you said, we’re able to create obesity in mice by transferring the microbes of an obese mouse to a lean mouse. I might be doing a screening colonoscopy for someone who’s sixty, and if they’re from the U.S. I can give you 900 billion bacteria a day but if you’re not feeding them, they’re not going to repopulate your colon.
You get the fiber from the cabbage and the extra bacteria that have grown in fermentation process.
Think of stool as a super probiotic—it’s 70% – 80% bacteria and contains the majority of bugs in our gut.
You do it because you have a serious autoimmune illness and there’s enough studies out there to show it’s going to help you. You don’t want to get a transplant from your family member that’s been hanging out at fast food restaurants and taking antibiotics. It can propagate our gut after being on antibiotics and leach a really serious infection into the colon and even lead to death.
My wife and I have become water snobs… can you talk about the danger to your microbiome from consuming a lot of chlorinated tap water? Modern sanitation has done a lot for us, but not only have they removed some of the healthy microbes, but the water also kills microbes when digested. I don’t want to drink from the creek in Rock Creek Park… again we’re kind of stuck between wanting to really live in a way we feel is more in sync with nature or healthier, but a lot of our options are polluted. Robynne Chutkan’s new book is The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out. The meal plans are Paleo-friendly, easy to make, and literally the meals that my wife Alyson and I eat just about every night to stay lean, fit, and happy. My name is Abel, and a few years ago, I decided to seriously focus on my health and made some alarming discoveries. I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat until I found the truth. This low, slow cooking draws out the collagen, marrow, and other healing elements from the bones, including amino acids, minerals, glycine, and gelatin—which helps heal the gut and reduce inflammation. Broth can be a powerful weight-management tool, it keeps your joints lubricated, provides your bones with necessary nutrients, and makes your skin soft and elastic.
Some Whole Foods carry them (but they’re way overpriced), as do other natural grocery stores.
A lot of what he’s doing when he’s sniffing other dogs and their poo is important for his immune system. The idea is not to scrub away the germs, it’s to have a healthy immune system so you can fight them. When you’re born by cesarean, you don’t get the benefit of being bathed in the vaginal microbes. I can’t tell you what’s the right thing to do, but I want to arm you with information. What can we do to practice preventative medicine so we don’t get over-medicated by traditional Western Medicine? It’s much easier for average layperson to say “that makes sense” when you’re telling them microbes play an important role.
I’d have patients say, “I’ve healed my colitis with diet, by removing junk food and eating more plants.” I was skeptical because we were taught you heal colitis with this drug. We are also able to produce anxious behavior in normal mice by transplanting microbes from an anxious mouse.
We see identical twins with exact genetic material where one may develop Crohn’s and the other not. Access to medicine is great if you’re really sick, but it has to be the right access, not just pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. Poorly digestible plant fiber—green bananas are fermented by bacteria in the colon, so they’re great. When we create a probiotic, we can look at stool and see, say lactobacillus and streptococcus.
One way to fix the water thing is to get a chlorine filtration system or get good natural spring water source that hasn’t been chlorinated. Part 1 is about the microbiome, part 2 is how we mess it up, and part 3 is about how to live dirty and eat clean to fix it. I created this website to share these discoveries and help people achieve their diet goals, in a fun, healthy and sane way!
If we look at gut bacteria, we have about ? the species as someone in the Amazon, someone who hasn’t been exposed to the Western environment. But there’s an incredible symbiosis between some of these organisms, including some of the parasites. There wasn’t this running to the doctor at the slightest cough or the constant check to make sure they were pristinely clean. Too much of what’s being done in medicine is done for commerce, for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.
Part of the problem is when you’re a doctor being told that the antibiotics you’ve been prescribing are not only unnecessary, but creating real disease—swapping colds for Crohn’s, psoriasis, eczema, and MS—you feel like the villain.
I see all these things, mood disorders to heart disease, that can really be fixed through lifestyle changes.

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