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Research has shown that post exercise, the bodies energy requirements remain as high as they were during training.
Certain foods actually raise your metabolism more then others since they cause your body to digest and metabolize them different. We’re always looking for new or different ways to burn bodyfat and new supplements that rev up our metabolism so hard that we lose focus. If you’re in the gym every day then you should know that you need to increase the intensity.

This effect can be elevated for upwards of 24 hours post exercise depending on the intensity of training.
When you compare protein to carbohydrates and protein to fat you’ll notice that your body burn upwards of twice as many calories to digest protein as it does carbohydrates or fat.
Studies have shown that 1 pound of muscle mass may burn up to at least 50 extra calories per day. Research has shown that in certain cases it may take up to 7 days to repair and recover from workouts.

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