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To get a better experience of PriceSpy and other websites, we recommend that you download a newer version of Internet Explorer. We can also recommend any of the following alternative browsers: Firefox,Safari, Opera or Chrome. Genesis Super Fat Burners Maximum Potency are a natural blend of nutrients and Amino Acids purported to have a lipotropic effect on the excessive accumulation of fats. Use of Super Fat Burners combined with aerobic-type exercise may improve significant to any body sculpting program.
It is well known that testosterone is associated with gains in both muscle size and strength, in addition to having positive effects on several other vital components of human health. Each daily dose contain 1500% of the United States Recommended Daily Dosage (USRDA) of Vitamin B6. One dietary ingredient reported to produce measureable gains in circulating testosterone is d-aspartic acid (DAA).
It also stimulates the production of other hormones such as prolactin, leutinizing hormone (LH), and growth hormone. Following the 12 days of treatment with the supplement, 20 of the 23 subjects (87%) had significantly higher circulating LH levels, with an average increase of 33%.
With regards to circulating testosterone, 20 of the 23 subjects (87%) had significantly higher values at day 12 compared to pretreatment, with an average increase of 42%. For both LH and testosterone, the changes were time dependent—a greater increase was observed on day 12 compared to day 6 of treatment.
Therefore, it is possible that continued treatment with the supplement may have resulted in a further increase in these variables. Although measurements of muscle size and strength were not included in this study, it is possible that the increase in circulating testosterone may be associated with a measureable increase in these variables. At the present time it is unknown what amount of DAA would need to be orally ingested by humans in order to promote this effect.
Regardless, as with other testosterone stimulating agents, a cyclic schedule of supplementation of d-pol™ is recommended.

B-vitamins have known effects in relation to increasing the rate of metabolism, enhancing immune function, and promoting cell growth and division. In general, the findings from this work indicate an increase in circulating levels of nitrite following nitrate supplementation (possibly suggesting an increase in circulating nitric oxide), in addition to a lower oxygen cost during exercise. Such results may translate into lower perceived effort at any given submaximal workload or an increase in the actual amount of work that subjects are able to perform during a given exercise session.While this area of research remains in its infancy, additional studies inclusive of outcome measures beyond blood nitrite and oxygen cost of exercise are needed to more fully detail the ergogenic benefits of nitrate supplementation.
To date, the majority of this work has been performed in the laboratory of Professor Andrew Jones at Exeter University in the UK, using beetroot juice as the delivery vehicle for nitrate. While most exercise studies have involved aerobic work, one recent investigation has focused on resistance exercise (Bailey et al., 2010). As is typical, on days 4-6, beetroot juice resulted in a significant increase in blood nitrite.
During low-intensity exercise, beetroot juice attenuated the reduction in muscle phosphocreatine concentration and the increase in VO2. During high-intensity exercise, beetroot juice reduced VO2 slow components and significantly improved exercise time to exhaustion. Moreover, the total rate of ATP turnover was estimated to be less for both low-intensity and high-intensity exercise.
The authors concluded that the reduced oxygen cost of exercise following nitrate supplementation appears to be due to a reduction in the ATP cost of muscle force production. These findings are further supported by a recent investigation noting an improvement in mitochondrial efficiency with nitrate supplementation (Larsen et al., 2011), a finding that is also correlated to the reduction in oxygen cost during exercise.
For aerobic exercise bouts, the duration of exercise may be increased following supplementation. Dietary nitrate has been reported to prevent endothelial dysfunction induced by an acute ischemic insult in the human forearm and to attenuate ex vivo platelet aggregation in response to collagen and ADP (Webb et al., 2008). These effects, coupled with the vasodilatory effects of increased circulating nitrite, seem to be responsible for the blood pressure lowering effect of dietary nitrate.
While this may not be of primary importance to many athletes, a reduction in blood pressure should at least be of interest to individuals, in particular those who use bodybuilding drugs known to cause elevations in both resting and stress-induced blood pressure.
From a general health point of view, a slight reduction in blood pressure is correlated to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.In addition to the above benefits of nitrate supplementation, it has been noted that nitrate may also improve the absorption of certain nutrients. While this appears of some interest, because such findings are isolated to designs not involving oral ingestion of nitrate by human subjects, the potential for improved absorption of nutrients following nitrate ingestion it is not a major consideration for the inclusion of nitrate within d-pol™. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) can be synthesized by humans in the skin upon exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation from sunlight. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, “foods containing vitamin D include some fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines), fish liver oils, and eggs from hens that have been fed vitamin D. However, other dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are not always fortified with vitamin D. Individuals residing in parts of the country where the amount and intensity of sunlight is less than average may be at even greater risk for deficiency.

As a steroid hormone regulating more than 1000 vitamin D-responsive human genes, vitamin D may influence athletic performance. Most of the studies supporting the role of vitamin D with regards to exercise performance involved older adults.
Furthermore, a recent study (Pilz et al., 2011) in healthy men who supplemented with 3332 IU of vitamin D daily for one year, noted a significant increase in total, bioactive, and free testosterone levels. Although this finding requires confirmation through further research, it appears as though some of the noted health-related effects of vitamin D supplementation in men may be mediated through an increase in testosterone. Beyond this, it has been suggested that certain vitamin and mineral cofactors are potentially needed for optimal vitamin D action and effect. With regards to boron, aside from acting as a cofactor for vitamin D, one recent report indicates a testosterone elevating effect of this mineral (Naghii et al., 2010).
Results went to my doctor who was also curious to see whether this stuff did what it says on the bottle.
On the last or second to last day of the course (after a month of use) I went for a second blood test for my testosterone level. The 1st blood test showed a testosterone level of 23 (I don't know what units it's measured in) and the second showed a level of 25. I just thought I'd do it scientifically to see if this stuff actually had any benefits and if it was worth R500 a month. Do not use if you are currently pregnant or nursing, could be pregnant, or are attempting to become pregnant. All individuals should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using this product. Discontinue use and contact a medical doctor immediately if you experience an irregular or rapid heart beat, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or presyncope, tremors, headache, nausea, or other similar symptoms.Email to a Fitness FriendMore Customer Reviews Works hands down.
I got really great pumps from the nitrates, couldn't really tell if I had that much of a test boost, only blood work will really tell.
I did have some extra strength though and felt really good and healthy from all the vitamin D.
Then i noticed it also has a No booster which means its a two in one which is great value for money. I haven't noticed an increase in test but to really know i will have to go for a test, as for the no pump that definitely works as im feeling hard in the gym when the blood starts pumping and also veins start showing which wasn't there before. This two in one works well for me so far and im going to use this for two cycles and see what the results will be like.

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