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I am one of those persons who think that squats and dead lifts, two compound movements, should ideally be used as the foundation of any high-intensity resistance training program.
Many believe that the benefits of squats and dead lifts go beyond developing the muscle groups specifically targeted by these movements, i.e. Finally, movements that put direct downward pressure on the spine, such as squats and dead lifts, are proved to be effective in preventing osteoporosis. As an avid biker, I am very aware of this limitation and have thus included weight-bearing exercises (leg press, see below) in my weekly training routine.
In an ideal world then, everybody should include dead lifts and squats in their weekly resistance training routine. I WOULD HOWEVER RECOMMEND NOT TO USE SQUATS OR DEADLIFTS if you are a typical reader of fitandwise.
First and foremost, for even the youngest and most proficient resistance athlete these two movements are the most dangerous of any resistant training exercises I know. Second, around the age of about 40, physiological changes appear that make conjunctive tissues more vulnerable to injuries.
The only (relative) exception I can see to this recommendation of not using dead lifts and squats would be a life-long athlete (typically a competitive weight lifter) using a flawless technique who would still accept to reduce the weight lifted compared to when he was younger. To be perfectly honest I do not believe that a leg press exercise is 100% as efficient as its equivalent using a barbell because it does not involve stabilizer muscles (also called "core" muscles).
If you start using a bench press, be very careful though in using good form as incorrect exercise technique may also lead to injury.
After reading this guide, you'll be impressed with how many resistance band exercises you can do with just a little bit of creativity. I bought a full set of resistance bands just a couple of months ago and let me tell you, the more I use them the more new exercises I come up with. Most gyms these days are equipped with resistance bands of different sizes, so I am sure you have already use them before, maybe to warm up before you lift weights?
That's what I do when I am there, but if you are a beginner or working on a toning type of program they can be used as real exercises too. I see lots of girls that use these bands all the time, but you don't really have to be at the gym to enjoy them. You'll be impressed by the variety of resistance band exercises that you can start doing today, at home, when it's more convenient for you! The best part is that if you want to do some home workout, resistance bands are perfect for a few reasons.

I can take my resistance bands everywhere, they don't add weight to my luggage and don't take space either. Now let's get to the point and see what resistance band exercises we can do at home, with absolutely no need of extra equipment. It is quite easy to do resistance band exercises for chest, as long as you have a place to anchor the band.
There are also a good number of resistance band exercises for back muscles available with these awesome elastics. Again, you need the door anchor for most of them, but I learned to do them also in different ways.
For example if you have a column in the house, or a railing, but generally speaking, anything where you can anchor the elastic.
For the first three resistance band exercises we don't need anything more than ourselves and the band.
For the last one we obviously need to anchor the resistance band somewhere, which could be the door or a column in the house.
If you're comfortable with it you can also sit down and anchor the elastic band around your feet and do the flys.
For core muscles, there is one exercise that I do, and it is the classic resisted crunches.
I use to anchor the elastic band to the top of the door, grab the handles and do my regular crunches.
Resistance bands give you the possibility to workout at home without having to buy expensive equipment, plus you can carry them anywhere you go (especially on trips, you can workout in your hotel room).
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Compound movements combine several large muscle groups as opposed to isolation movements (such as arm curls) which concentrate on a single muscle (or part thereof). By the same token, swimming and riding a bicycle, while excellent aerobic exercises are not weight-bearing activities (very little pressure is applied downwards on the spine) and thus are not efficient in preventing osteoporosis. If you sprain your ankle in your 40's or 50's (which I did last year) your body will therefore take a longer time to heal and the healing may be less complete than when you were younger.

Having said that, the choice is a no-brainer for me: I much prefer getting 80% of the benefits of a squat movement with 10% of the risk. Never use a leg press if you have existing back pain and always consult a physician first if you are over 45. 1) Your example of poor squatters (bodybuilders) are usually completely ignorant to the rules of squatting and do pretty much everything wrong let alone squats and deadlifts. I became a fitness passionate during the last 10 years, where I learned a lot by studying and also through personal experience.
Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalize your web experience. The theory is that because these movements are the most intense of all resistance training exercises they induce the most hormonal response from the body, especially in the form of increased production of growth hormone.
I have stopped counting the number of times I have seen even experienced body-builders destroying their spine in front of my eyes by incorrectly executing these movements. Since the 1970's Fitness equipment manufacturers have developed machines that mimic the squat exercise while greatly reducing the risk. It is possible to do this and other leg exercises safely, all you have to do in case of difficulty is to leave the grip. I would add that such movements provide the most intense workout in the least time and can therefore be considered as the most efficient of all exercises. They would typically bend too far over, creating a deadly (no pun intended) lever between their upper and lower body, thus exerting a huge pressure on their lumbar region. 3) You squat all day every day (sitting on toilets and getting in and out of your car) so you might as well learn how to do it right. 5) Squats = hormone pump for those of us over 40 who could use a natural way to increase their testosterone in a safe manner that doesn't involve needles. 7) Leg presses are chronically harmful to the hips and lower back due to unnatural recruitment and trajectory of the legs minus back and midsection involvement. Conclusion: Squat, squat often, learn to eventually squat heavy (correctly) and reap the benefits.

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