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Every year we make resolutions, and we start each year with great intentions to keep those resolutions.
The truth is that it’s hard to know the right steps to take to maximize your fullest potential when it comes to your health, wealth and your career.
One of the most common new year’s goals is the goal to “lose weight” and “get in shape.” Have you ever told your friends and family that these are your goals?
That being said, cheers to everyone on this list for trying to improve the health of the individuals in this world. In ladies, especially those having pear-shaped body fat starts to gather in their lower portion and losing fat from the hips is a tough job. Accumulation of too much fat on the buttocks makes them look massive and unattractive and that is why it is the concern of almost every lady to have a well toned lower portion but it is really difficult to reduce excess fat from any particular part of body but though it is not absolutely difficult at all.
There are several exercises which if teamed up with proper diet can prove effective in turning someone’s unappealing lower portion into something superbly attractive. Dumbbell Squats are one of the best workouts to lose hips fat and also gives strength to carry out regular activities with more zeal. The exercise is performed in standing position using either dumbbells or one’s own body weight.

Dumbbell Lunges This exercise is really tough and exigent as it involves and works on too many muscles.
Step Ups Step ups is great for as it makes the glutes muscle tighter, thus, reducing fat from the hip area.
While performing this workout one should concentrate one’s total weight on the stepping leg. Kickboxing Kickboxing is a fantastic way to lose excessive weight from entire body as it is a complete and vigorous work out for the entire body. Cardio-vascular Exercises Several cardio-vascular exercises like aerobics is also there to solve the problem and the best part of these cardio exercises are it helps reducing fat from entire body and burns calories in a much faster rate and also improves body’s metabolism power. Trampoline Jumps Other easy ways to lose weight from the hip portion is simply jumping on a trampoline for two to five minutes, brisk walk for half an hour, cycling, swimming and various abs exercises like crunches and twists. Apart from these exercises people with broader hips are also required to follow particular food habits, such as avoid consuming excessive oily, fatty and high calorie foods. Exercise and proper diet may be required to get that slim waist you’ve always wanted, but your attitude about getting there plays a big role too. So many people talk about their failed resolutions, how can we make 2015 different from all of the previous years? Dumbbell Lunges is really good for not only hip muscles but also for several other muscles such as thighs and glutes.

Kickboxing includes controlled roundhouses, side kicks, front kicks and back kicks all aiming to shape not only the buttocks but also the thighs and legs. Try to minimize the consumption of sweets, red meat, preserved or canned and fried food, alcohol as much as possible.
After a season of holiday parties, cake, cookies and candy, it’s no surprise that we think of losing weight with the coming new year. All the machines have reduced our physical work to a great extent thus, making people sluggish and obese. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, toned milk products, whole grain and legumes and do not forget to drink plenty of water as it will help to detoxify the body. Always remember why you started your diet or why you decided to get into shape in the first place.

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