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The next time you’re out shopping groceries, make sure you pick up a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Fresh is great, but a combination of fresh, frozen and canned vegetables is fine too, especially when certain vegetables are not in season. If you are wondering abut vitamin supplements, remember that no supplement can fully replace a healthy balanced diet.
Remember, if you have resolved to change your diet and switch to a healthy lifestyle, you must learn how to eat right and pick the fruits and vegetables that appeal to you.
Thankfully I love fruits and veggies and J too has started to eat a lot more vegetarian food. Did I tell you I won a competition writing an essay about vegetarianism in held among the colleges of Tamil Nadu? That was really very informative Vidya.I love different kinds of salads and fruits and especially if they are colourful. Thankfully all in our family love eating almost all vegetables raw and cooked, so, that’s a relief.
I love eating fresh and try to make sure we eat fresh everyday with good servings of vegetables and fruits. Disclaimer"Be Healthy, Be Happy", this blog, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Have a few canned vegetables collecting dust in the cupboard, dangerously approaching their expiration or sell-by dates? Canned vegetables, depending on the brand you choose, can have high level of sodium, so when shopping, pay attention to those nutrition labels. If you opt to use frozen or fresh corn and green beans, steam them rather than boil them, and let them cool before assembling your ingredients together.
Whether you already exercise or are thinking about starting, you’ll want to consider the health of your hips.

In addition to their disease-fighting power, many antioxidant-rich foods also provide plenty of amazing vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need daily. Thai Chicken and Pear Lettuce WrapsMakes 3 servings Directions: Drain pears, reserving 2 tablespoons of the juice. Fire and Ice SalsaThis salsa is superb for chips, but try it also on grilled chicken, burgers, pork and beef. Pacific Coast Producers regularly invites guest bloggers that contribute their expert advice and mouth-watering recipes. If you can’t grow your own produce and eat it within hours of harvesting, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables can be every bit as good for you as fresh ones, and in some cases even better. That is the finding from a newly published review of the research, commissioned by the canned- food industry. Her review highlighted cases in which canned or frozen vegetables seem to be nutritionally superior to fresh, including the case of tomatoes and lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes, believed to be protective against heart disease and even some cancers. According to one study included in the review, tomato paste has more than six times the lycopene of fresh tomatoes.
Another study from the late 1990s suggested that vegetables such as green beans and spinach lose about 75% of their vitamin C after being stored in the refrigerator for a week. The research suggested that the canned or frozen versions of these vegetables may be more nutritious than their fresh counterparts that have been stored for many days, says Bruhn.
The statement further noted that canned tomatoes, corn, and carrot products provide higher amounts of some (antioxidant) phytochemicals than their fresh counterparts as a result of the canning process. Lichtenstein points out that canned and frozen fruits and vegetables give people the opportunity to eat a variety of healthy produce year-round.
Canned peaches can be a particularly healthy food for athletes as they provide quick energy and may prevent cramping due to muscle fatigue.

Whether you already exercise or are thinking about starting, youa€™ll want to consider the health of your hips. As a vegetarian, I find it exciting to look at a colorful spread of salads, knowing I’ve got health and nutrition on a platter, waiting for me. It is okay to choose a mix of fruits and veggies that are in season so that you can eat healthy and also enjoy variety. Interestingly, I thought I’d have more info about non-vegetarianism and started writing about it. Make a canned vegetable salad — it will help you eliminate at least four tins in one go and make room on your shelves. The following five exercises will make you notice a difference not only in workouts but also in everyday life. You’ll learn a little bit more about those tin cans you see in the grocery store too! The most nutritious and best tasting foods don’t always come from the produce section.
Now, while we all agree over healthy eating – and that vegetables and fruits are a must-have in our diet, the point is to actually practice it.
For most people, following a healthy diet can quickly get boring and all too soon, they find themselves indulging in their craving like there was no tomorrow. Bruhn is a co-author of the study and director of the Center for Consumer Research at the University of California-Davis. Getting a combination of fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to add to your nutrition.

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