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If you have ever seen the Movie 300, you must have been impressed with the bodies of the Spartan warriors.
It wasn’t just abs or a pumped up chest but a total body sculpting which examplified what is possible with the right kind of workouts and nutrition.
The amazing thing is that those incredible bodies were all the result of a workout called the 300 Spartan workout. However, these exercises require fitness equipment which most people don’t have at home.
This is a workout which requires you to do 500 reps of various bodyweight exercises one after the other.
Yes, you heard me right, all 500 reps must be done in rapid succession without resting at all.
What this does is not only provide you with a full body, fat blasting workout, but it also becomes a cardio workout as well. Trust me, when you do the workout, you will feel your heart pumping like mad and you’ll be burning fat for hours afterwards.
Even though the Bodyweight 500 workout doesn’t concentrate on abs muscles, it does the very best thing for getting flat abs which is burning the most body fat possible. If you want to burn off some belly flab, get into amazing shape, and have a flat and sexy stomach, this website is for you. When you go into any gym in the world, you see people lying down on mats, doing endless sit-ups.

On this website you will learn how to eat in the optimal way to boost your metabolism to unparallel hights, so that you will melt more fat even when you’re resting. Just by changing how you eat and a little of what you eat, you can shed pounds in a rapid pace, have more energy, enjoy explosive workouts, and feel younger and more rejuvenated.
Working out in the optimal way to burn fat in the shortest time possible is key if you want to flatten your abs.
Working the abs is also important but it’s one of the area in which exercise myths rule.
In this time of infomercials, it is hard to sift through the babble and pick the best abs machines and equipment. It’s a full body strength routine in which you do 300 reps of different exercises to workout your entire body. This is something you can begin doing today which will also impact your health for years to come. To make sure you do all the right things and not just waste valuable time at the gym, or eat the wrong things without even knowing it, you’ll do well to make use of one of the recommended abs programs we review here. I will help to dispel those myths and lead you on the right track to a stronger and toner stomach. I will review the most advertised abs machines and tell it like it is so you don’t waste time nor money on useless gizmos. But if you are reasonably fit, you will find this a fast and easy way to shed off body fat very fast indeed.

It may be the best bodyweight workout out there because it works the entire body, provides a cardio stimulation, and helps to burn off fat fast. Because everyone wants to have a flatter stomach and people believe that by working the abs muscles, they will achieve their goal. Here, I’ll share with you the best exercise to lose belly fat as well as recommendations on how to arrange your workouts in the most optimal way. As someone who has used this program I can say that it has made a huge difference in the way I look and feel.
Remember, even if you have a strong stomach, it will never show until you get rid of that layer of flab which covers it like a blanket which is what I’ll show you how to do. To really tone your stomach, you will need to do both lower abs exercises, and regular exercises. Check out a More detailed Truth About Abs Review or go straight to the Truth About Abs Website.

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