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Even so, I’ll show you some ways to approach figure prep on a budget so you don’t have to take out a loan on making your dream a reality. Another advantage to early registration is that it will secure your personal spot mentally. Look for sales, use price and ad matching when you can, and if you can find coupons for natural foods, more power to you, use them.
As you are noticing, the cost to compete is on a sliding scale.  When it comes to Figure Coaches their prices can vary greatly, and this alone can be the deal breaker in contest prep, as many are overpriced. If you choose Online Personal Training, research various trainers and then narrow it down to your top three. Be sure to study before and after photos based on actual starting and finishing of the program. So, if you need to catch some artificial rays and need to budget, go for the 30 minute bed and you can spend those extra minutes relaxing and meditating. In addition to the traditional tanning you will need to take it one step further and get even darker with the help of skin dye. It’s time to size up, not just your physique but your budget when it comes to your figure posing suit and heels.
Check out Jelena Abbou.  She has been one of my long-term e-clients and she’s the new MAC Girl!
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Contact UsClick Here to post a ticket to our support desk to receive a personal response from my well-trained support staff or myself. We need to sit down and make a list of all the projected expenses and a list of what you actually spent.  But, you will be surprised at how you can save money by doing a lot of things yourself.

I mean, if you pay for it ahead of time you’ll do what it takes to achieve your goal and make it to the stage. Many figure competitors train at home if they don’t have the time to drive to a gym, can’t afford one, or the nearest gym is just too darn far. List pros and cons of each and continue to tweak your choices until you declare the winner.
You want to see real transformation pics for proof, not just the after photo with the trophy. The short-timed bed such as the 5 minute and 10 minute beds are a bit more pricy because they are in such high demand.
Figure Competition Secrets lists all the best fat burning supplements you need for your 12 week prep. Using FSC you can cut your supplement bill down to just $50 a month when choosing the right supplements. While all the glitz is dazzling on a suit and really looks good, keep in mind that you will be judged on your physique too, so don’t put ALL your emphasis on the suit because the more you bling, the more their cash registers dings.
It’s not uncommon for competitors to purchased used suits from other competitors selling.  You can also find use competition suits on clearance from designers and even eBay. Many competitions will have a professional makeup artist backstage if you feel you want to go this route. You can go to any high-end department store and get your makeup done with one of their high-quality products.
To pose and shoot is free, but if you want to order the professional pictures it can cost $50 – $100. Also, for more secret tips on how to save and even EARN money for your figure competition check out my eBook Figure Competition Secrets.

I’d recommend getting this cost out of the way as soon as possible so you don’t have it hanging over your head. Gym memberships can range from a mere $20 – $100+ a month depending on where you live and your gym choice. Personal Training doesn’t have to leave you in poverty and charging insane amounts is just price gouging. They can show you the MAC brand and show you how to put it on so you can do-it-yourself on contest day, saving you a lot of cash. When you have to pay for food, a trainer, gym membership, tanning, posing suit and heels, jewelry, registration fees, travel, accommodations, etc., well let’s face it, the financial attachment can be quite overwhelming if not downright scary.
If you wait and register after the deadline you’ll incur some late fees and drive the cost up another $25-$50 bucks! The extra water on the vegetables can add up to an ounce or more to the weight, and you are the one paying for it. Really, if you can keep your vitamins and minerals high during the high-stress prep period, you will be way ahead of the game. Some suits are modest that keeps the eye from zoning in on trouble areas, and other suits are more outgoing, really drawing the attention to all the curves of the physique. Frozen veggies are fine to eat and you can purchase huge bags of them cheaper than buying several small bags at your local grocery store.

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