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Moving from a continuous to an intermittent schedule of reinforcement is an example of reinforcement fading.
The following video shows an example of fixed ratio reinforcement and variable ratio reinforcement. This means that when the body is challenged a little bit at a time, It will work harder to release more calories, and it will become stronger cardiovascularly. 3o seconds of something very difficult: running high knees, burpees, or mountain climbers are great examples. If you are a runner or walker, you can use the same principle on your cardio training session outside or on the treadmill. The content on this site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

In the usual 12-edo tuning, the perfect 5th encompasses 7 semitones, and is thus exactly 700 cents. Continuous reinforcement helps the toddler learn new skills quickly, but can lead to satiation. Once the toddler learns the skill better, using these schedules ensures higher rate of success since the toddler isn’t aware of when reinforcement will be provided.
Please reward me for my knowledge and effort by choosing your preferred level of financial support. Once the toddler learns the behavior, as evidenced by them meeting a pre-established criterion, the reinforcement may be delivered intermittently.
For most people, it takes about 3 minutes to bring the heart rate to a normal level after this type of workout.

She tries to give people the best information, and therefore the strongest programs, possible in the fields of health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, energy, and vitality.
The following chart describes in more detail the differences between these reinforcement schedules.

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