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I just caught this post from a woman on Day 10 of her challenge who is already learning about the emotional connection to her sugar addiction. I've seen this awareness from alumni of the challenge - but never on Day 10. By reading this you are planting a seed - telling your brain that you might be interested in handing your emotions another way.
We aren't ruling out the sugar - we are doing an interrupt to see if it's something you decide to have, instead of simply defaulting to it because you always have.
If you got far enough away from the trigger emotion, and deep enough into your body, you probably don't want to go fill yourself with stuff that will make you feel bad again. Barry Friedman is the author of I Love Me More Than Sugar: The Why and How of 30 Days Sugar Free.
I think there is absolutely a mind body control mechanism which sets off the graving for sugar. I wonder if it can be the pushback to the external force which drives the emotional control to hurt itself and soothe itself all at the same time? That's why I believe having a system in place gives us a fighting chance of avoiding the automatic reaction.

Our MissionWe support individuals through the transformational journey of living 30 Days Sugar Free. World-class coaching, a staff nutritionist, a vibrant online community of support, recipes, and monthly webinars, that will help you get far enough away from the addiction to decide the role that sugar should play in your life. A fast broccoli tortellini pasta salad dish with Mediterranean flavors - this is great for packing in lunches! Allow the emotion to well up inside you during the 5 counts of the inhale, and release the emotion on the 10 counts of the exhale. Add the broccoli, cook for 2 mins, then add the tortellini and cook for 2 mins, or according to package instructions. That teenage's taste buds, brain chemistry, horomones, and metabolism were hijacked by the time he finished singing the Happy Birthday song.But what about the times when we aren't at a party.
Make an agreement right now that when you have an emotional flair you will PAUSE before heading for the pantry or freezer.O - One Big Slow Breath. My suggestion is something physical so your body can put the oxygen from those deep breaths and glass of water to work.

It’s a folly to think anyone could go from the standard diet to stopping any and all carbs overnight.
A brisk 5-minute walk, put on a song and dance, do 10 pushups, or skip up and down the street.
By the time we finished off a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (4 servings? Let the salad get to room temperature during the morning to get the most flavor from the tomatoes and pesto. Ha!) the feelings that triggered the trainwreck have been quieted.Is there a choice point that we can identify and honor with at least a moment of consciousness about the sugar? Chances are that if you do this a few more times (you'll have opportunities - we all do!) you'll have at least one instance where you decide to walk away.And that opening, my friend, is the beginning of the path away from sugar addiction.

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