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I will be starting a series on this, there are more and more people becoming Buddhist these days than we’ve seen in many years in the US. Ven - Nathan when did you first start looking into Buddhism as the answer to your life’s situation?Nate - I first considered it in September of 09 but did not know where to start. Buddhism, like any religion, celebrates its own unique values and traditions and although the words ‘peace’ and ‘tranquillity’ may not come to mind when you’re thinking about improving your productivity levels, absorbing Buddhist teachings might actually prove quite useful whilst your climbing the ladder. Something I’ve noticed about most fast-paced people is that they are reluctant to start small. Just because you’re bringing coffee to world famous publishers today doesn’t mean you won’t have published a world famous book tomorrow.
Success is a jug and nobody is going to fill it for you, instead you have to work until it’s filled to the top.
It’s easy to get trapped in the office lifestyle when you’re there every day, just as it’s easy to bitch, get angry, and stress out when something goes wrong.
If you already know what you want and what you believe, that’s great – make it your aim to channel these ideas in their purest form, every day. However, if you don’t know what you want or what you believe, then make an effort to try and discover what that is. As said in the previous point it is very easy to get wrapped up in the office lifestyle – materialistic things included – but a set of simplistic values is much more effective in the face of success because they are less easily distracted and form much more fulfilled happiness’s in the long run. When Buddhists preach about the quality of action rather than words they most likely mean it in terms of religion. If you read a book about great leadership or say… a great post about the lessons you can learn from Buddhism – act upon what you’ve learnt.
But if you don’t break that dream down into a physical plan of action and if you’re not working at it every day, chances are you won’t get anywhere.
I’m not saying that you have to change your religious beliefs to be successful, but what I am saying is that we, members of such a modernised and fast paced society, could do with learning a little something from the Buddhist lifestyle; whether this is simply trying out meditation or biting your lip next time your boss has a go. Si vous preferez une ligne de separation, placez une bordure sur le cote droit de l'element div #mainContent si vous savez qu'il possedera toujours plus de contenu que l'element div #sidebar2.

Just as Tiger Woods talked about his upbringing and roots in Buddhism and turned back to it in order to get his life back on track there are countless individuals that are seeing Buddhism change their lives daily. I put in on the backburner but after a few months decided this was something I need.Ven - What in your life caused you to turn to Buddhism?Nate - I had a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. Reluctant to get a job that is beneath them, to start a project with someone who isn’t quite as bright or to take on a task that isn’t particularly life changing. In the end thoughts become things, but you have to have the resources to make that transition.
It just means that you’ll have the resources – money, contacts, knowledge – to in the end, do it right. But is this really the best way to make a positive change?  Forgiveness, gratitude and seeking to understand are three key characteristics that Buddhists display in the face of suffering and are much more productive ways of going about the issues at hand. Simply saying, “It’s okay” in the face of a problem takes far less energy than throwing a tantrum and chances are that the person on the receiving end is more likely to make a change to their behaviour if you ask them about it nicely.
Clear your mind of everything and anything outside your purpose, and plan your goals around the values you have discovered. For example, there is no point in someone reading the Tipitaka, agreeing with the Tipitaka and then not acting upon what they have learned. But the kind of values and morale that religions like Buddhism can bring to the quality of our lives are commendable and there is always, always, always room for improvement. As an ordained Shikata Zen Priest I have many students that are new to Buddhism and wanting to become Buddhist and change their whole lives because they are seeing a trend, Buddhism is saving peoples lives all over.
Accept the past, prepare for the future but don’t get hung up on either; live in the moment. So as a testimony of what Buddhism is doing in their lives I will conduct interviews of them and post their personal testimony with hopes that a little inspiration will go a long way.
Throwing it will hurt the other person, as intended, but in the long run holding onto that bad feeling will hurt you too.

If you know where you’re going, the rest will fall into place and chances are you’ll be much happier for it. It is my compassionate hope that this series will touch each Buddhist student that is having a hard time and those that are thinking of trying Buddhism but are not sure. My anxiety was extremely elevated and I was told I would need pills for the rest of my life and that I would never get better. And for those that are at the end of their ropes I want to say a story like these here could be one of yours. I discovered Buddhism offered me the path to change me, to know me and to let go of baggage.Ven - What made you think about Buddhism as something that could change your life for the better?Nate - I did not know much of Buddhism at that time but what I did know was that it helped people find peace. That is what I wanted and knew Buddhism was the path for me.Ven - How has Zen Buddhism changed your life?Nate - It has allowed me to be free. By seeking knowledge from within and living in the moment, you see that the world is not what it seems. I know this is hard to put in words at least for me it is but it liberates you, helps you, you do not focus on what it’s, or futuristic events or even the past. If so how have they responded?Nate - Some friends know and some have started on their path.
Her stress is virtually gone.Ven - What changes did you or do you have to make in order to live Buddhist now, the positive changes that is, that have resulted in your positive outcome?Nate - I changed my lifestyle. It is good to have a healthy mind but when you have a healthy body to go with the healthy mind you are happy and more relaxed all around.

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