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Set a Goal - Pick up pen and paper to write down the most important thing you want to do in life. Do not wait for tomorrow but do it right now – Generally we have the habit of making list and then forgetting about it. Get help from your support system – You need someone who can listen to you and lend a shoulder in case required. Be prepare for a negative and keep back up plan ready – You have set a goal, but in case you fail to achieve this goal then do not feel negative. These tasks may seem tedious but if put into practice then these are extremely easy to follow and keeps you motivated. It’s that time again … the last eight weeks of the year (known as “The Holidays”) where Thanksgiving (filled with turkey, pumpkin pie, and football parties), the Black Friday shopping frenzy and high-calorie holiday parties lead up to lofty New Year’s resolutions. Motivation is the psychological incentive or reason for doing something, which can be hard to understand because we can’t touch it or see it. Internal, or intrinsic, motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself. When you surround yourselves with positive people, positive talking, and positive thoughts, you can accomplish great things! A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific goal. The latest research indicates that the simple act of setting goals improves our experience and our performance. When you achieve something great (even when you achieve something small) feel free to reward yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself (and your ability to succeed), you’re likely to have a very poor self-image and thus low self-esteem. Recognizing your achievements will ensure you get a chance to celebrate what you accomplish along the way and helps you maintain a positive attitude. Before you can believe in a goal (and that you can truly achieve it), you first need to have an idea of what it looks like. When you pursue a fitness goal, many of you will put a lot of pressure on yourself to be “perfect” and are harsh judges every step of the way. At some point (whether you like to admit it or not), you compare yourselves to others and gauge where you are based on what you observe them doing. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can still enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, while still working towards becoming the best version of “you” in the New Year!
PS: Need more people to talk to about your business?  Click here to see what I use to get new prospects. If you enjoyed this post on MLM Tips – How To Motivate Your Team, then please comment below and ReTweet. Grammar & Writing E-Tip of the Week brought to you exclusively from Rockhurst Continuing Education Center, Inc. Sales leaders agree that a highly motivated and engaged sales force drives greater performance.

It is important to realize that when we talk about motivation we are referring to a specific goal and the level of effort the individual sales rep is going to make in achieving that goal.
Internal factors include empowering your sales reps, recognizing them for a job well done, pride in their work and personal growth.  The beauty of using internal motivators is that they have a more compelling and sustainable impact on rep performance. The challenge is that many sales managers have difficulty seeing a clear link between internal factors and rep performance. My simple approach to effective communication is “if you want to know something just ask.” Asking is a great starting base. Sales managers who can understand the “why” are much more tapped into the specific motivator.  Once you know the “why” then the next step is to determine what you as the sales manager can do to leverage that knowledge and stimulate these internal factors.
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Get Free Tips to Help You Win the SaleEnter your email below and you'll receive free weekly training tips from Jeff! Sometimes that motivating factor can be as simple as the desire for continued employment, or it can be a life-changing possibility of promotion.In most cases, we find that incentive compensation is a strong motivator for employees. It can be anything ranging from professional achievement, buying a home, academic accomplishment etc. Have people in your support system that can nurture your abilities and help you to get rid of your flaws.
Looking too far ahead at what is not yet a reality can set unrealistic expectations that can create frustration that can get in the way of your long term success.
It doesn’t have to be anything big or significant, but you have to do something that celebrates your achievements. Receive your Grammar & Writing E-Tip of the Week, brought to you by National Seminars Group. So one would naturally ask the question “how do I motivate and engage my sales force?”  As we all know the answer is not so easy. Therefore it is important for sales managers to understand the motivators for each of their sales people. By tapping into the internal factors that drives each sales rep to attain a certain goal, the sales manager can have a much greater impact on their sales reps motivation and engagement. Managers find using internal motivators much more difficult as they have to understand the internal motivator for each rep. Ask your rep “what is the motivation to attain a specific goal?” In some cases the sales rep will be able to clearly verbalise their source of motivation. However, we also find that most companies don’t know how to set up a good enough incentives system that gives employees a fair shot at attaining them. And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest.
You need to remember what victories you’ve made along the journey to motivate you to continue to the next “check point”. How often do you compare yourself with someone less fortunate and consider yourself blessed?

Our sales people have many goals and we would like to ensure that they are motivated to attain all their key goals. As the definition above stated that there are both internal and external factors that the sales manager must be cognizant of.
What happens when your top performers decide to leave for better rewards with your competitor? It becomes unsustainable! Once the manager determines the internal motivator it requires a degree of finesse for the manager reinforce the source of motivation. A well-designed system can benefit the company in the long run, but a poorly designed one does more harm than good for employees and the company overall.
Also motivation does not function in vacuum but linked to the goals and time period to achieve these goals. Always remember one thing that a bad phase in life is just a phase not an ageless condition. The reason I do this is because if you understand “WHY” someone is putting in a high level of effort to attain a specific goal, then you know how to motivate them. Financial rewards do help stimulate sales people to improve their performance and productivity in achieving a goal. Sales managers who understand the power of internal motivators and can tap into each sales rep’s “why ”will inevitably have a more motivated sales team.
When you set up ways to motivate your employees, using these five tips will allow them to expand their potential and at the same time benefit the company.1.
You are ready with a specific, measurable, attainable and relevant goal to be achieved within defined duration. Make it easy to understandIn order for an incentive-compensation program to be effective, employees must easily understand it. Though there are external motivational factors but self-motivation is the best way to keep yourself going. By being thorough and precise of what the expectations are, employees are willing to do a better job of doing what you want to earn those incentives. However, sales reps get conditioned into a sense of entitlement and expect greater and greater rewards. Sitting idle and thinking about nothing but about the sad events of your life is a terrible thing to do and gives unhappiness.
Employees should control the outcomeMake sure that the plan is designed so that the quality of the employee’s work will have an effect on the type and amount of incentives earned. If an employee doesn’t think that his or her work has an impact on the amount that the company makes, he or she will not be motivated to earn a bonus based on the company’s profit.
The preponderance of their incentive should be based off of his or her own direct performance.

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