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Rusel DeMaria is the author of more than 60 books, and currently runs the High Score 3 Kickstarter project. Double Fine, the game developer, raised $3.3 million for its adventure game, Double Fine Adventures. Once you’ve pulled the trigger and published your project, it’s time to promote via social media, friends, family, even strangers. Your initial marketing may bring you some early success, but you need to keep feeding the fire.
There will be times when pledges seem to flow in steadily, and times when it seems that nobody cares. Amy Sedaris makes a return appearance tonight playing Virginia's viciously competitive cousin Delilah. I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference.
InXile, a game development company, made $500,000 in 17 hours for its role-playing game, Wasteland 2.

Kickstarter recommends a maximum of 30 days, but some people have succeeded with longer cycles.
Create rewards, gifts to backers based on the amount they pledge, starting at low values, like $5.
For example, if you're going to send your backers something by mail, calculate the postage and packaging you’ll need.
Any updates you post will automatically be sent to your current backers, but urge them to re-post and re-tweet. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers. This sets the scene for some very funny culture clashes between Virginia, Burt, Jimmy and Sabrina and their cashed-up, white-trash clan.
Consider your audience and how long it will take to get the word out when making this decision. In Vegas, of all places: think glitz, strippers, Michael Jackson impersonators, waxing jokes and you'll sense what's coming.

Double Fine is a good example of a project that created great rewards tailored to their audience.
Others just have an opinion, and even if you don’t agree, consider how many other people — potential investors — may think the same way. If possible, have at least a group of friends who will support you with pledges from the get-go. Make it fun, natural, and compelling by including key elements like people talking about how great or important the project is.
Remember, your pitch should pump people up about your project and show both your enthusiasm and your ability to follow through. DVD ContestSeat42F and Paramount Home Entertainment have teamed up to give THREE lucky winners a copy of GREASE LIVE! on DVD.

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