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Pivoting Panels:Pivoting Panels are 4’ x 7’, organizing tools on both sides, and include all of the necessary hardware to mount to your structurally sound wall.
What Are We Doing Now?Many dealerships are going through renovations or building new construction.
If you place an order for any window coverings with Select Blinds this month, use my March code DESI9N at checkout for 40% off your order! Do you have a space in your house to organize your tools for home projects this Fall and Winter? I really wanted to get my WHOLE garage organized this summer, but since it was already September (and I was heading out of town for half the month) I lowered my expectations just a bit to at least organizing ONE CORNER.
So my daughter and I paid a visit to our local Home Depot in Poulsbo one evening last week in search of a simple solution to organize the tools.
I wanted the pegboard to be pretty big, so I picked out two sections of white pegboard so it would be in total four foot by four foot. Instead of creating two smaller boards, they were joined together in the middle to make one large one. When it was time to load up the tool bench and peg board into my car just before the store was closing, it became evident that pegboard wasn’t going to fit with the tool bench!
To hang the pegboard in our garage, we located the studs on the wall, drilled holes, and then used three inch screws to go right through the pegboard into the studs so it would be nice and sturdy. For the organizing part we just bought a starter pegboard organizer kit that came with various hooks and accessories for hanging things. The rest of our garage is still embarrassingly full of stuff, but at least we have one corner ready to go for Fall projects! Oh, I also got this nifty string of yellow work lights that I could hang up for better lighting for my projects. I just started going thru the garage last week, and realized that the shelving units we put in 9 years ago were covering peg board the previous owner had installed, so I am planning on moving things around to expose the pegboard and create a workbench underneath it.
For my privacy notice and full disclosure of blog policies, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, and trademarks, please see my blog policy page! I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous of those of you who are getting ready for the upcoming school year. We homeschooled through high school, and during that time there were several organizational tools that I couldn’t homeschool without.
This simple capture system meant that my mind could be relatively clear as I went throughout the day. For me, the phone was the biggest source of interruptions while we were schooling, so next on my list is voice mail. Unless I was expecting a call from the doctor, I turned the phone ringer off and let calls go to voice mail during our school hours. There’s no question that instilling a love of reading is one of the most important things you can do for your children. Sue Patrick, who came up with the Workbox concept, explains that kids “can see how much work there is to do and what it will mean to be finished.
Clear, plastic shoe boxes, bookshelves, folding tables and chairs for portable desk space, my copier and laminating machine.
Shelves, plastic page protectors, shelves, 3-ring binders, mini post-it notes, shelves, baskets. Clear bins from Costco and pencil boxes to keep each kids books and supplies in for the week! About Marie RippelMarie Rippel, curriculum developer of the award-winning All About Reading and All About Spelling programs, is known for taking the struggle out of both teaching and learning.
We don’t do workboxes with our large family, but this year I purchased a large box for scrapbook paper and gave one to each child.
I like the clothespin idea, with a large family I’m also in need of little tips and tools to help things run smoothly. Being a newbie homeschooler, I love all the suggestions you’ve posted here and can’t wait to get started! I loved the idea of the workbox system, but my kids are little (my oldest is 5) and my husband didn’t like the idea of spending a lot of money for something that would take up a lot of space and not *need* all that space. You can actually find a fair amount of people who do workboxes in just this fashion, there are lots of pictures and blogs online of how people have adapted the system.
I love my label maker and the plastic file crates to store all the school printouts and such. For all its minuses (cold weather, gray skies, no new Homeland episodes), January has a few big pluses, one being the overarching clean slate feeling that the month brings. Ooh, I just love anything that helps me to be organised… These are all so gorgeous, I want one of everything!
Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business. I never really thought too much about organizing my tools in a way that worked for me.  I basically kept them all in a big basket and would grab what I needed out of the basket whenever I was making jewelry.

I got mine at Fire Mountain Gems, but I think these are pretty common at most jewelry supply stores.
When special tools are organized, the inventory and management of these tools is simplified. The quantity of Panels needed varies depending on the franchise requirements with your OEM. There are several sizes of kits available to precisely meet the needs at your facility depending on the quantity of panels and number of tools. He assists OE dealership service departments in the management of their valuable special service tool inventory. I’ve always dreamed of having a pegboard with tools on it so I talked to an employee at The Home Depot about how I could make one. In order for the hooks to hang properly on the pegboard, it needs to be mounted a little bit out from the wall so a frame was built out of wood and the pegboard was screwed into the frame.
Our garage floors weren’t really level but we did use a leveler for the pegboard so it would be hung straight. As a part of the Garage Enhancement Project, I am receiving compensation in the form of cash and gift cards, for the purpose of promoting this project and The Home Depot. My daddy has had a tool organization pegboard over his workbench for as long as I can remember (and I’m a grandmother!). My kids are now well beyond their school years, and I miss the “getting organized for the start of school” part of homeschooling.
Well, I could, but I’d be crabby and disorganized, and you don’t want to see me crabby and disorganized. Keeping a dozen or so index cards in my back pocket at all times meant that I could immediately capture important thoughts. This door hanger has chores clipped on the left, and as they are completed, the child moves them to the right. Trust me—if it’s important, they’ll call back or leave a message. Educating kids is more important than making sure that everyone can get hold of you at every single moment of the day.
And one way that I encouraged reading in our home was to have books … lots of books … available for my children to read.
Early on, I would come up with detailed menu plans, with a full meal for every day of the week. I like to sleep in as much as the next person, but if I let the kids wake up first, I would start out my day playing catch-up. Marie is an Orton-Gillingham practitioner, sought-after speaker, and member of the International Dyslexia Association. When my kids were the ages of your children, they easily knew which workbox they could do themselves and which they needed to bring to me. Instead of shoeboxes or a drawer cart, I used flat bins with lids that stacked but allowed books (like All About Spelling!) to lay flat.
Like you, I prefer to write something down versus using technology (though I love tech, just feel more motivated with pen and paper). Every family member has a space on it and I keep track of everything that the family has going on there.
Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. You will receive a detailed spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) with your Essential tool requirements and your specific Essential and Recommended Tool Inventory. We have been busy working with many of these facilities taking care of their special tools. The Inspired Room was voted Readers' Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Garden's magazine two years in a row, 2015 and 2014! I loved that it had a beautiful wood top, industrial wheels, and drawers where we could store things. I was really pleased with how it turned out. Originally I was thinking about painting the pegboard with some sort of checkerboard or striped pattern, but when I saw how nice it looked white with the gold screws I decided I was happy with it as is.
But the ever resourceful crew got it all secured on my roof rack so I could get everything home in one evening.
If my daughter was working on a project, and I noticed that she hesitated on the multiplication fact six times seven, I could quickly jot it down so we could review this fact at the beginning of math class tomorrow.
The note about the spelling words would be added to my son’s Spelling Review Box (which was actually an index card box back then). I could immediately transfer an idea to a card and free up my mind, trusting that I’d come back to it later. At the time, it was the best system I knew of (that was before the Internet became mainstream, believe it or not), but now there are lots of great ideas for chore charts online.
Whether it’s engaging picture books that your child can read on her own or books that you can read aloud together, be sure that your book shelves are filled with a wide variety of books for your family to enjoy.

I’d shop for the ingredients … but when it came time to actually make the meal, I’d often be running short on time because a project took longer than expected, or a good educational opportunity came along, or I was just plain tired.
By the time I showered and got going, the kids would already be started on a project of their own, and I’d be the bad guy reining them in for school work. I think that workboxes would have worked great for my kids—they could have seen at a glance exactly what they had to do for the day. By including difficult work, fun work, projects, centers, and group activities, most children will actually look forward to coming to school in the morning.” A Google search will turn up all kinds of ways that families have adapted this system for their own uses.
Last night it cooked chicken breasts from frozen to perfection in 18 minutes, and quinoa in 6 minutes. I included tabs for assessments and attendance, and usually have a week’s worth of assignments in math and grammar and social studies tucked into the cover. I love being able to start dinner in the morning and then not worry about it for the rest of the day! It stays on the fridge and I check it every night before I go to bed and first thing in the morning. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. Our part of the project includes identifying the special tools, inventory, sorting out the old stuff, and ultimately organizing the current tools so they can be found-on Pivoting Panels.What a great way to start off in a new or renovated facility-ORGANIZED! I also really liked that it was moveable, because once I clean out the whole garage (someday) I may decide to rearrange things a bit so it would give me flexibility in where it could be located.
My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. If my son misspelled some words on a 4-H project, I would jot the words down so we could cover those words the next day. A question for my hubby would go next to my place at the dinner table so I would remember to talk to him when he came home.
It’s easier for me to trust an index card system that lives in my back pocket than it is for me to trust an electronic system such as a list in Word or a digital to-do list. For me, the best way to get dinner on the table is to keep a running list of super-easy meals that everyone in the family enjoys. For me, getting up with the alarm clock keeps my plans from falling apart and keeps the atmosphere positive. My kids were the type who wanted to know the bare minimum they had to do before they could get started on their own projects.
I’m struggling to get my own office in order (seriously, why is everything still covered in glitter?), so I wanted to start with some great tools that would help keep any space spic and span. Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published.
Pivoting Panels work like the pages of a big book, simply turn the Panels until you get to your tool. If I remembered that we needed eggs while I was in the middle of a science experiment, I could write it down and never miss a beat.
Index cards are always there for me, I don’t have to interrupt what I’m doing to capture an idea, and I know that I’ll remember the list in my pocket (at least when I change out of my jeans!). They would actually ask me for the checklist of items; I think that was so they could make sure that I wasn’t expanding the list during the day.
I think it will be even better when little brother is ready to start kindergarten in the fall, too.
Like always, I think any organizational project is a chance to extend a theme or personal style, so I’ve tried to mix in some trend- and design-conscious pieces along with the basics we all need.
And there is satisfaction in physically putting a note in the right spot—a spot where I will be prompted to look at the note at the appropriate time. I narrowed down this list to my 30 absolute must-haves, but you can view my full research extras (60 more organization options) right here on Pinterest. Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other. I’m not suggesting that everyone needs a label maker, but if you have an issue with paper clutter, figure out what would make you want to get on top of the paper clutter and stay on top of it.

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