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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
With summer fast approaching, everybody starts to panic about getting their winter bodies out. Add to this, the party season approaching in December and we have a recipe for 1 piece costumes at the beach and ankle length skirts for the girls. It really doesn’t take that long to change your tastebuds and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. If you are keen to join the challenge, enter your name in the comments and any other info you might like to add and then consider yourself part of the challenge.
Mission accepted – melbourne Cup and settlement celebrations will be an interesting start to the month! Yes, honey will have the same affect on blood sugar levels and insulin as sugar, so it is out as well! Stay away from those minties, we are aiming to change your tastebuds, it won’t happen with a sweet hit all the time, even if it was an artificial sweetener. Now that we know the importance of sleep, here are some familiar and not so familiar steps you can take to create the best environment and scenario for the best sleep possible.

Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Most of us had grand intentions over the past few months of getting in great shape and some of us have. Guys, that 6 pack you dreamed of sporting at the beach this year looks more like a keg than a 6 pack.
I don’t like to make outrageous comments, but I am positive if you follow these rules, you will get leaner! No matter what the time of yera, there are special events, parties, nights out or for some people just a Friday night poses a problem, but it is learnign to curb habits and being able to enjoy your selves without the use of alcohol or junk food. On the 1st of November I vowed that no sugar or alcohol would pass my lips until the 30th… Yesterday I broke my vow, however slightly.
Unless they are making your sushi with basmati rice, it is against the rules of the challenge, so start doing burpees for the minties at least.
Unfortunately though many of us have slipped up far too aften and the results we should have achieved didn’t come to fruition. There is nothing like being accountable to keep you on track, let alone being accountable to everyone in the challenge!

Then there is the obvious , that being anything containing caffeine such as coffee, tea and chocolate. If sugar makes you hyper or jittery or you find it increases your energy, it too should be avoided in the afternoon.
Are there things that would be stimulating or distracting such as cell phones, clocks facing you, televisions, computers? White noise, for example, was first discovered by Thomas Edison, that playing noise effectively in all audible spectrums, that this particular sound blocked out distractions. Now with modern technology,  white noise has moved forward to generate pink and brown noise.
Many benefit from sticking to a regular sleeping schedule and staying on it as changing sleep patterns by staying up too late or oversleeping on weekends  can trigger disruptions in sensitive people. Herbs such as kava kava, chamomile, valerian and melatonin  will affect sleep in different ways.

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