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I'm a feisty gal living in Boston and living and learning how to lead a healthier and more fit life!
Wellness coaches are credentialed health, fitness and health professionals who coach clients in areas of wellness or well being. The awesome health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, spinning guru and spa owner Jenn Menzer has opened her doors at Saldare Spa for this workshop. Sooo, I am thinking that you should record this and send it to me cause now I REALLY wanna be there!! One of the tenets of the Buddhist idea of mindfulness is the following: an attentive awareness of the present moment. I would like to use this image in a ppt presentation on mindfulness in a nonprofit educational setting. I have used your photo in my blog where i’m talking about mindfulness because I love it so much.
I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for some time now, and finally wanted to write a post on the benefits of practicing mindfulness. Great Graphic Doug; Appreciate the generosity you show in allowing your image to be shared. Hi Doug, I’m doing a leaflet for a university project on mindfulness and would like to know if it is ok to use your image?
I am putting together a 2 page educational handout regarding Mindfullness and Health for wellness coaching. I’m facilitating Mindfulness Meditation workshops at the University of Maryland Counseling Center. I came across one of your images (the mindfulness one: past-present-future) on the wall of my yoga class room (in Rotorua, New Zealand).
I would like permission to use your images in handouts for clients and to share the handouts with other colleagues. Hi Doug, I used your Mindfulness image on my therapies website a couple of years ago, I’ve now got a different website and have done a similar post on it.
Would it be possible to use this image within promotional material for some mindfulness sessions? There's ample research to show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress and boosts our ability to concentrate and have greater clarity. In Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness, authors Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh, a Nobel Prize nominee, report that if we pay attention to our breathing on a regular basis, our relationship to it changes dramatically. You are the instrument of leadership for your people, and mindfulness helps you hone that instrument. 7 February, 2014 by Gracie 4 Comments Something that I really want to make sure I always convey when I blog about health & fitness is the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
That’s when I was so excited when my friend April reached out and suggested a guest post on mindfulness. Whether it is working towards a career goal, working towards a physical health goal, or a relationship goal, there are always numerous things calling our attention. When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising are always the first changes we make, but incorporating mindful exercises can help to integrate that healthy lifestyle as a whole. Our bodies can tell us a lot about how we are feeling emotionally or if there is something we are avoiding. Think of something you do every day that you do quickly or usually without much thought; for some this may be cooking, laundry or showering.
This can be applied to movement for exercise such as focusing on muscles, posture and breath in order to properly execute workouts or focusing on simple movements such as walking.
Mindfulness is both a huge part of my personal life, and a significant part of the work I do as a therapist. Plus, there’s a TON of research about the benefits of mindfulness for all types of experiences… depression, anxiety, coping with stress, and so much more! The concept of competitive mindfulness was rather humorous to me at first.  Interaxon’s Muse, one of the devices in my study, is an EEG monitoring headband accompanied by a smartphone game that teaches the user to improve their focus. One of the most beautiful things about Wisdom and Mindfulness is what it brings out in people. Note: Some of you may have seen me there and felt a twinge of frustration as my head was focused down on my iPad, rather than at the stage from which wisdom bestowed.
As I sat through the sessions at SxSW on Wearable technologies in March, something clicked.
As a group fitness instructor, spinning instructor and Beachbody fanatic I have finally fallen in love with fitness. This may include physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, relaxation, and life satisfaction. I will be offering a workshop in the Boston area on Mindful Eating, something that I am most passionate about!

Are you too focused on what you should and shouldn’t eat that you have forgotten how to savor or even enjoy a meal?
And if you think of it, send me a image of your poster, I am curious to see how it fits in with your research. I’d like to use it in a power point for a workshop at Widener University on mindfulness-based body awareness for social workers and sex therapists. They have a feeling of movement to them which is juxta posed with the idea of stillness in mindfulness meditation! Yes, feel free to use any of these images in your blog post (a link back here to this page would be much appreciated!). Secondly, feel free to share these images with those you work with – to be honest, I could use more reminders of mindfulness myself.
Yes, feel free to keep using it Glad to hear you’ve checked out Verbal To Visual as well – you should give sketchnoting a try! Mindfulness has been around for centuries and has now made the transition from Tibetan monasteries to the corporate boardrooms of America.
That's the judgment of how we perceive a person, a situation or any activity at that moment.
For several years, General Mills has enrolled its employees in the Mindful Leadership Program.
Since 1999, it has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. Not being present with our experiences, no matter what the experience is, means we are not fully living our lives. Take some small stickers and place them in different areas around your home and workspace.  See them as a reminder to take three deep breaths. This creates conscious thoughts about moving your body rather than just going through the motions. So important, and I always lose sight of mindfulness when I’m so rushed and busy each day.
I think yoga practice has contributed to and expanded my mindfulness practice… to me, mindfulness is about allowing yourself to just be in this moment, experiencing it for what it is- no analyzing it, no categorizing it, not thinking 5 steps ahead. I have recently observed this during my dissertation research on Wearables and Presence in the Workplace.  I thought it might be worth sharing to see where the conversation goes. Who can be more balanced between focus, fitness and calm.  If this is what they are competitive about, I am not too worried. Social optimization requires an understanding of self and others to provide the MUTUAL benefit to relationship building. Learn more here about how I can help you manage stress and find that balance we all strive for. My life in Boston is where I'm supposed to be and I love this city that is below freezing 5 months out of the year. My goal as a coach is help a client tap into themselves to discover their values, motivators, and strengths.
It is time to create a more satisfying and healthy relationship with food! Come learn the art of savoring and appreciating food at this edible and interactive workshop on mindful eating. The cartoon above is a gentle reminder to keep your mind aligned with your body in the only time we ever actually have – the present.
I appreciate how you share your story, in particular the multiple exposures to mindfulness in different contexts before it really caught on. I produce a flier to advertise these free workshops, and I think the images capture the essence of how I explain mindfulness to the participants very well. The training is the brainchild of Chade-Meng Tan, a Google engineer who also wrote a book on the topic. The company reports that the program has increased productivity: Eighty percent of participants say they improved their ability to make better decisions with more clarity, while 89 percent improved their listening abilities. According to participants, the program has enhanced creativity and focus, lowered stress, and resulted in greater engagement in meetings and projects. These include Aetna International, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, Compusense, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Yahoo, Apple and Starbucks, just to name a few. One of the easiest ways to bring the power of mindfulness to your leadership style is to simply include a brief, breathing meditation routine. This allows us to be more aware of our thoughts and feelings with a greater degree of calmness and with a more discerning eye. In her book, Mindful Leadership: The 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others, Maria Gonzales recommends setting up triggers to remind you throughout the day to relax and practice mindfulness. Like a chain smoker who puffs one cigarette after another without a break, we often have a tendency to schedule one event right after the other.
Mindfulness can be used in large and small capacities to make a difference in how we manage stress, acknowledge feelings both pleasant and unpleasant, or just slow down and enjoy the moment.

And lets be serious, no matter how great our bodies feel, a relaxed, confident and compassionate mind can really give you that extra boost.
First thing in the morning, take a look in the mirror and think something positive about yourself. Pay attention to every detail of it.  Notice what it takes physically for you to cut up vegetables or shampoo your hair. Not only will it decrease risk of injury for physical health but create a more solid connection and awareness of what your body is capable of. So making small changes to your day-to-day routine can be the easiest way to practice that awareness. It’s helping me live my life more fully… and with more compassion towards myself and others! This study explores wearable technologies as an intervention for bringing greater awareness and presence into social engagement.
My passion for social strategy and getting people to engage with each other on a deeper level for mutual benefit had a connection here and it was finally becoming clear. This site is my place to share my passion for living life fully and my discoveries in the world of health, fitness and nutrition.
As Joe Ens, vice president of marketing at General Mills, put it in Is Mindfulness Good for Business?, "The biggest impact has been on my ability to quiet my mind. Mindfulness training has also been embraced by a wide diversity of individuals, including military personnel, lawyers, physicians, politicians, financial advisors and musicians. All that's required is for you to sit still and observe your breath as it goes in and out of your lungs, without changing your breathing. It involves mentally scanning your body by briefly becoming aware of each part of your body as you practice deep breathing.
You might also find it inspiring to do mindful meditation with a digital timer such as the Insight Timer app, the Online Meditation Timer or the Online Mindfulness Bell. We schedule meetings or appointments back to back, we set up conference calls right after lunch, and we pack our day until the last minute when we have to leave for home. Essentially it is being present with your body and mind and not judging anything that you are aware of in that moment. When you get caught up in negative self-talk, say to yourself what you would say to a friend in the same situation.
Maybe there is extra stress at work or you are avoiding talking to a friend about something. Learning how to keep the distractions of our worlds at bay can provide great insight, gratitude, and inspiration. Here at GML you can follow me as I share photos, stories, and a peek into life in New York City. Slide deck from keynote on Social Through Wearables based on research in Wearables and presence of mind in the workplace. Take a deep breath before answering it, and fully focus on what the caller is saying without multitasking. With a little planning and foresight, we can introduce some breathing space between things. For some people that means daily meditation but for others, small changes to every day life are enough to practice awareness.
Either way, being aware of any discomfort or comfort in your body brings you back to the moment of being in your own body.
Most importantly it is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, the bringing together of the body and the mind. Perhaps it's time to take this trend seriously and consider incorporating mindfulness as part of your leadership toolkit. If you need some guidance in this regard, check out this three-minute video from Elisha Goldstein, a psychologist and the author of The Now Effect: How This Moment Can Change the Rest of Your Life. If you're spending long hours at your computer, these can be set to remind you to stop for a moment and practice a 60-second breathing exercise or other quick meditation practice. Despite not being in (my usual) network and share mode, I met some amazing people with brilliant minds and fascinating stories. If other thoughts creep into your mind and start to distract you, acknowledge the thoughts, then resume your focus on your breathing each time.You can do this for 10 minutes when you have time, or even just 60 seconds. Is competition so wrong, if that is what it takes to interest them in improving their focus?

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