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There are things you can do however to keep you on track and even get motivated to workout. I teach simple nutrition, training and lifestyle principles that result in remarkable and lasting health transformations. Rocofit Health & Fitness, and anyone associated with Rocofit Health & Fitness will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym, or elsewhere. After a really long day at the office or a hectic day running around after the children and doing housework, you may be longing for a pizza, bottle of wine and a night in front of the TV relaxing.
Use a food and exercise journal to record your progress and chart your course on your weight loss journey. Giving yourself a little reward when you hit a certain goal can keep you highly motivated and on track. Focus on why you are trying to lose weight, remembering your main reason and how good you are going to feel when you achieve your goals.
Take a moment from time to time to pat yourself on the back and think about how far you have come already. Staying positive and motivated will help you through a lot of the tough moments on your weight loss adventure, making it more likely that you will succeed. If your unemployed you still have a full time job with a very important title; CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your own life. Having the challenge to find a new job while you’re unemployed and not receiving your regular pay check can be very stressful and overwhelming.
Doubt, worry, fear, looking at the glass half empty, doom and gloom, focusing on what might go wrong or is wrong; all of these are examples of negative thinking. If you take a look at successful people you will see a common thread, they are positive thinkers and have an optimistic outlook. Creating a more positive you, takes time and daily practice, so try to incorporate as many methods to help. Keep a list of motivational quotes that inspire you; read them often, even several times daily. Learn to leave the past where it belongs in the past, continue to better things; new job, new experiences, new people, and a new chapter.
Self-talk yourself positive, don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t indulge yourself in pity parties. Eat right and stay fit, when you look good on the outside it’s easier to feel good on the inside.
Avoid the energy vampires, you know the people that are full of drama, negativity and drain your positive energy. Positive and negative energy are both contagious so simply surround yourself with positive people.

If you normally go to the gym, meditate, play sports or do yoga keep doing these things; they can have a positive effect on you.
Stay motivated by working out daily, making sure it’s convenient and choosing something you enjoy. So what is going to get you to prepare a healthy meal or have a good quality cardio workout?
There are several benefits to writing down details such as your weight, calorie intake and the foods you are eating. It could be every time you lose a set amount of weight or complete a set number of cardio workouts.
Instead of thinking about the food you have given up or how hard you are finding the exercise routines try to think of all the benefits associated with exercising and losing weight.
What we do for a living to support ourselves and our families is a huge part of our well-being, and this adds stress and fear of the unknown with landing a new job.
Negative thinking can have an impact on how you take on the challenge of your job search resulting in a long and stressful one. We understand being out of work or looking at a career change is a difficult situation to be in, but you need to believe in yourself and that the outcome will better the quality of your life. Try avoiding these types of people, if they are close friends or family members; wear your garlic.
Have you ever seen or read a story of someone with a major disability and how they overcame it against all odds. You need to carve out a space that you will perform your job search and make sure it is neat, organized and surrounded with items that make your feel good; family photos, plants, works of art, your favorite scent or whatever else that inspires you.
You will be amazed at how powerful a smile is and the positive energy people will give back in your direction.
Over 80% of news media is negative and during a job search you have no time or need for this information. May sound simple and you may have heard it before but until you try it then finding motivation to workout will likely always be a struggle.
This is when you really need some motivation to do something positive that will bring you closer to your weight loss goals.
Your written records will show you in black and white exactly how well you are doing and how far you have come. Try not to reward yourself with food, but something else you will enjoy and can look forward too. Realise that if you keep on doing what you are doing then you will reach your ultimate target. Let’s look at the figures as of January 2012 in the USA there are over 12 million people unemployed and over 6 million more who classify themselves as being underemployed.

You need to fight the negative thoughts; they will only lead to more negative thoughts which will result in destroying your job search.
This is a huge added responsibility of where you need to find a new job that improves your current conditions or goals. When you are negative your subconscious mind will start coming up with excuses not to put the needed time and effort into your job search.
Keep a list of things you identified that you could have done differently for future interviews. Some days you will have a hard resistance workout, possibly a great cardio session but what would usually be considered your rest days you simply go for a gentle walk. Knowing that all your hard work and effort is starting to pay off should motivate you to keep going towards your ultimate weight loss goal. By celebrating each mini goal you achieve you will start to associate hitting these landmarks with enjoyable experiences.
Take some to time read through this section, we are sure that you will find something that will help keep you motivated and positive.
You need to stay motivated, positive, and optimistic and keep pushing forward while believing in yourself; this will benefit your job search at getting better and faster results. You might not have the same degree of financial pressures of those unemployed but you have the major challenge of balancing the time needed for a successful job search.
A mind full of negative thoughts will definitely come across during an interview and no one wants to hire someone with negative energy. Positive thinking is something that you need to work on every day, that means eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Imagine how you will feel once you have shed those pounds and are living a much more healthy lifestyle, This type of thinking should be an ongoing source of motivation. This doesn’t mean you ignore negative situations, it means to attack them in a more positive and productive way.
By scheduling 20-30 minutes every day to workout it will become a habit and from a habit a ritual. If your job search takes too much time from your current job you can jeopardize your employment. According to Robin Sharma it’s been scientifically proven it takes 66 Days to create a ritual.
This is can be overwhelming and very stressful; and you need to keep a positive attitude and stay motivated.

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