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There are still plenty of women though, who get thin by unhealthy dieting habits and eating disorders, but some of them you just can’t see any ill health effects from the outside.  But crash dieting, abuse of over the counter diet pills, and of course full blown anorexia and bulimia, do take their toll on your health, and are BIG no-nos!
Then another woman was telling me she goes to weight watchers as a lifetime member, though she’s not really heavy anymore, she still goes to buy the food and such, I guess to maintain. Tags: a healthy heart, a long life, adult bullies, adult bullying, adults and fitness, anorexia, anorexic, bdd, being heart healthy, being heavy, being overweight, being skinny, being thin, being thin does not mean being healthy, binge and purge, body dysmorphic disorder, building self esteem, bullemia, bullying in children, bumemic, confidence, confidence in children, crash dieting, crash diets, diets, dying to be thin, eating disorder, eating disorders, eating right, exercise and health, exercise and your heart, fat, feeling fat, feeling fit, fit, fit and fabulous, fit is healthy, fit vs.

2011I think the only body types that are generally unattractive to most men are the extremes. 2009On the Valentine's Day episode of Glee, punk rocker Puck is attracted to Lauren, who is a "fat bottomed girl".

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