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We are well aware that many dear souls that share your beautiful Earth wish there was a way to erase some or all of your past mistakes.
It is important dear ones for you to comprehend that all your past actions regardless if they were good or bad, do eventually make their way back to you. What we witness more often than not dear ones is how your health is affected by your emotions as we briefly mentioned. It is important to your overall health to discover the root of your despair or overwrought emotions.
There are a few dear souls that walk among you that you do not know, you have no personal attachment to, yet they are also affected by the negative energy your emotions emit. When you invoke the sacred Violet Flame to help clear you of negative energy, what is occurring dear ones is the Violet Flame transforms and frees all your negative energy into light energy and helps to change and raise your vibration as it works through each particle of you that requires healing. Dear ones, if you are unable to find a decree that has already been written, understand you can write your own; choosing words that come from your heart.
Negative thinking will come and go, but with the help of the Violet Flame your ability to work through them will be that much easier.
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A dear friend highly recommended this international best seller by Brandon Bays, which chronicles Bays’ journey to naturally heal a tumor in her uterus that had reached the size of a basketball by the time it was diagnosed. The Journey tackles the issue of negative emotions and memories being stored in the body at a cellular level, which ultimately manifest themselves in a physical illness. I know that this book is controversial among health care professionals, but I found it not just insightful but utterly gripping.
It is so wonderful and interesting to come across stories of ordinary people healing their supposedly incurable illnesses with food and by changing their diet. Especially with certain illnesses, in conventional medicine, some doctors are too certain that diet plays no role in your illness and your ability to heal it. So it is refreshing to see people (actually a doctor in the first example) who use a change in their diet to almost miraculously heal themselves from an incurable illness.
She basically followed a strict version of the Paleo Diet, and within a few months, she went from being bed ridden to being healed. Elaine Gottschall and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is also mentioned in this article by Bob Greene on Oprah’s website. In the 3 videos below (each about 10 minutes), Elaine talks about her journey, how she developed the diet, and how she healed her daughter.
If you have a serious illness, an incurable illness or a chronic health problem, you owe it to yourself to try out a natural diet (like the Paleo Diet) for a month or two, and see what happens. It is well understood that you can’t go back in time to eradicate the errors you have done and give yourself a clean slate, but there is a way in the present that can help transmute the cause and effect of any lingering memory of your past errors and this divine way is through the Violet Flame. Many doctors and people that study certain areas of health and well-being of the people has discovered that negative feelings such as hatred and anger do create additional amounts of acid within your body and this excess cannot absorb nutrients. When you are happy and feeling free-spirited or when you are feeling frustrated or angry, you emit energy in the form of vibration and these vibrations are felt by others that are sensitive to energy fluctuations.

When you are at a higher vibration you are able to receive more spiritual energy into your body and this spiritual energy created by the Violet Flame can flow throughout your body in order to re-establish harmony and balance.
It has always been possible for you to invoke the Violet Flame to help friends and family members. If you determinedly persist to make use of the Violet Flame within habits and ways you truly wish to change then we urge you to make use of this sacred, healing flame each day, beginning with a few minutes and adding on as you begin to feel more comfortable and confident using this powerful flame. The longer you remain within the grasp of your negative feelings and emotions the bigger the drain of energy you will feel and this drain of precious energy prevents you from remaining in the present moment.
Bays, an alternative health care worker, based her method on the teachings of Deepak Chopra and applied her knowledge about natural medicine and holistic healing to herself. Then, I started wondering if I would consider the holistic route, were I faced with a similar challenge. Even if they don’t know the cause of the illness or the cure for the illness, they are somehow adamant that diet has nothing to do with it.
Terry Walsh explains how she healed her Multiple Sclerosis with diet change, after all the best drugs and treatments failed.
She developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that she used to cure the severe ulcerative colitis of her four-year old daughter Judy.
As the video above shows, people have overcome all sorts of illnesses eating a simple non-processed diet. Worst case, you created some extra work for yourself preparing food from scratch and eating more vegetables, meat and fish. It is concluded that most of your negative thoughts and feelings began with emotional and mental problems and dear ones the good news is that the Violet Flame can help you here. It is too easy to moan and groan dear ones; it takes great effort to admit any errors or mistakes you have made and to take responsibility to change their affect.
The sensitive ones might have abnormal outbursts of crying, they may display abnormal irritabilities, a higher frequency of bad dreams, etc. A decree is a different form of spoken prayer that makes use of your visualization skills and through meditation. Instead of visualizing the sacred flame around you, visualize the sacred flame around them while you verbalize your decree. Bring the Violet Flame in during any time of your day where you feel the need of its healing or prior or end to any prayers and meditation. Now that I have finished this Journey and the detailed instructions for a personal journey at the end of the book, I was up for broadening the experience. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammation of the lower colon which according to modern medicine cannot be healed.
I REALLY MISS HEARING YOU ASK ME " HOW IS MY MEDIUM SWEETIE TODAY " I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!! It means to change, or to alter a part of yourself, whether it’s your appearance, nature or beliefs. Children are the most sensitive and they often feel your energy without you saying a single word.

We encourage you to discover a decree that resonates with you and become familiar with the chosen decree.
In addition dear ones, the Violet Flame can be shared and used with people you are not aware of.
Making use of the Violet Flame, redirects and changes negative energy into positive light-filled energy, it brings light into any darkness you have been toiling in. They accept any misfortunes that cross their path and work through them and persevere other forms of what is classified as personal suffering. Before any further harm is done as a result of your negative emotions make use of the sacred Violet Flame. As you are vocalizing your decree, we suggest you to close your eyes and focus on visualizing the Violet Flame.
Take a stand against your negative thoughts and feelings by bringing in positive feelings and energy by invoking the Violet Flame. Elaine nonetheless developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (diet very similar to the Paleo Diet) to heal her four-year old daughter.
Sometimes it takes a lifetime to toil the necessary actions to balance karma while there is another way that is much easier and very effective and that my dear ones is through the Violet Flame.
Sometimes they are beneficial and help bridge gaps between people and sometimes they can be unhealthy and push people away.
Focus in on the pulsating rhythm of the flames and how the flames move in and out of various shades of Violet. Become one with this flame and imagine yourself stepping into the flame, trusting you will not get burned but you will be loved. Lincoln 1943 - Laurence Binyon Share with your friends Quote of the day Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. Once you see yourself within the Violet Flame you are able to visualize yourself becoming translucent with the flames swirling all around you, passing throughout your body from your feet to your head. The Violet Flame has the capability to transform your negative karma before it reaches full circle. This is a most sacred time for you as you are given a window to watch yourself growing, changing and most importantly you are watching yourself being lovingly healed. Even with your physical body, the Violet Flame when invoked can help heal your body by removing any of the karma that made your body susceptible to sickness and dis-ease. When invoking the Violet Flame to heal any part of your body, remember to cleanse your thought forms and emotions. We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes.
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