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Has anyone ever bought a book simply because they liked the artwork or the look of the cover? You can win a trip for two to attend the biggest comic book convention in San Diego, California !
Surely there were better options than simply running to the book store (or Amazon) and paying the full retail price.
Many libraries contain the newest bestsellers, along with some of the “classics.” The first time I read Good to Great was a copy from the Library.
While the check out time may force you to read quicker than you like, it also affords you the ability to try several books without investing your hard earned dollars. Opinion: Terry Jarrett (Guest Columnist) – Why is Louisiana complying with such a costly plan already halted by the Supreme Court?

ABOUT USMission: A locally-minded, unified team serving God and our community to the utmost of our abilities and resources. Tools Podcast this week, (The Book Club Episode) I wondered if it was fair to recommend books, even challenge our listeners to read more books. Organized by the Dewey Decimal System, the local library can guide you right to the section you need. However, remember that you “get what you pay for.” Some e-books are tools to help build the credibility of bloggers, speakers, etc. It is one of the best (and most affordable) investments someone can make in themselves and their business. After all, some of the books I have purchased in the past cost in the neighborhood of $40 or more.

Technologically savvy EntreLeaders can even search many libraries online before venturing to their local branch. For instance, did you know that many popular books are offered for the Kindle at a discounted rate from time to time? I actually bought copies of “Who Moved My Cheese,” a book I recommended on the podcast, for less than $20 total.

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