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Today, I catch myself thinking of all the service men and women out there who are selflessly putting their life on the line for us day in and day out. One particular time, we were out camping and found ourselves sitting around the campfire as the sun set. He played some more on his harmonica surrounded by his friends under the benevolent light of the full moon. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. The courage to take responsibility: It is too easy to place blame on others when situations do not work out well. The courage to live with integrity: It is too easy to take the easy street some times even though they conflict from your inner values. The courage to dream bigger: It is too easy to confine our dreams to the limits of our personal experience. The courage to be who you are: It is too easy to succumb to the pressures of society to be within the norm. The courage to speak up: It is too easy to fall prey to group think and passively react to the injustices about you.
The courage to step boldly into action: It is too easy to fear failure and become inactive and ineffective.
The courage to persevere: It is too easy throw you hands up and throw in the towel in this day and age.
The courage to open your heart fully: It is too easy to shield the heart in a world full of antagonism and apathy. The courage to let go: It is too easy to try to control every moment and every outcome in our lives.
The courage to be a leader: It is too easy to decide to only concern yourself with your own fate. On May 27th, 1992, in Sarajevo, a group of civilians were standing in a breadline, hoping for their share of a dwindling food supply when a mortar shell fell from the sky. On May 28th, 1992, when principal cellist of the Sarajevo Opera Orchestra, Vedran Smailovic, took his cello to the crater left by the deadly blast and, amidst the sniper fire, played for 22 consecutive days…one for each of his friends and neighbors who had been killed.
A young peacemaker by the name of Jason Crowe wrote and presented a poem at a memorial and vigil marking the 5 year anniversary of the Breadline Massacre in 1997.

Oh my goodness – the impetus toward peace knows no age – truly remarkable work for a chronological child! The Informer, Crowe’s newspaper which he started in 1996 in memory of his grandmother, is now distributed in 29 states and 15 foreign countries. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This work by 2 Voices, 1 Song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Like most little girls, I was captivated by Cinderella and remember wearing my own version of Disney's magical blue dress, sparkly crown and of course, those beautiful glass slippers. Fast forward to 2015, an advanced technology-driven world with women who are taking charge of their femininity in a powerful fashion. I believe that we should view Cinderella not as a fairy tale or a story of how a young girl falls in love with a prince in five minutes, but of how an underdog uses her courage to go after what she wants despite life's consequences.
Cinderella's famous quote "Have courage and be kind" is the far more important message this story has to offer.
Lady Tremaine becomes bitter over the loss of her fairy tale life after the untimely death of Cinderella's father. Cinderella is a woman who has suffered immensely and has the courage to stand up for what she believes.
It reminds of conversations I have had with my own friends in the service; they do not talk about it much. One  of my friends pulled out a harmonica and played out a couple of keening, lonesome notes. When you dare yourself to dream big and reach for the unknown potential beyond, that is courage.
When you dare yourself to speak up and voice your concerns against popular opinion, that is courage. When you reach within to harness that last ounce of resolve and surge forth unsure of success, that is courage.
When you give up resisting what you can’t control and go with the flow of life, that is courage. With this being said, I can understand why today's women feel the need to critique this storyline.

Empowering girls to be brave and smart is important, however a girl's ability to overcome adversity while retaining humility is equally necessary. The root of everything good or evil will produce results based on one's choices and actions.
Instead of embracing and appreciating the hard work of her late husband she has chosen to include Cinderella in her suffering and demise.
He looked up with tears in his eyes and softly said “Five years ago today, I saw my first brother die.
His belief and his conviction that all other ways had been exhausted led to his ultimate resolve to do the right thing. Yet, when it comes to waging peace and hope for mankind, the works of Jason Crowe and the youngsters he inspires is truly amazing.
We want Cinderella to use her girl power and fight for what is right, not allowing her wicked stepmother or stepsisters to deflate her happiness in a dusty attic. Mentors have the capability of creating a positive impact that can weave through the lives of youth generation after generation. Both Tremaine and Cinderella suffered, however, the lesson here is how we choose to overcome our grief and anger.
My superiors felt the area was too dangerous for us to go back and get him; that they had taken his body away by now. The wicked stepsisters want us to believe that they ruled the castle while Cinderella worked all day and slept by the cinders. She was an outcast to her sisters and still found it in her soul to understand the bigger picture of life.
Teaching girls to be kind and follow their heart is one of the most beautiful lifelong traits a girl can possess.
The sisters were doomed from the beginning having never learned the simple values of kindness and love.
Instead she learned to understand, not judge, and to allow courage and forgiveness to prevail.

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