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I'm a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to eight, and a Senior Content Manager for Collective Bias. DIY Homekeeping Planner – huge timesaver, paper conserver, and sanity saver for me – I LOVE it!
Monthly Cleaning + Organizing Calendar – I offer this up to readers every month for free, but I use it too! How are you doing with this week’s focus?  Making some progress?  Have a challenge you need some help on?  Ask away! I LOVE LOVE LOVE stationary organization and the use of wicker baskets in various aspects of the home to organize anything. This same aesthetic can usually be found in any successful and persuasive presentation.  You want to give your audience a comfortable, yet aspirational, maybe even inspirational, couch to sit on without the clutter of knick-knacks and slides. So when you are preparing your next presentation, pick up a home decor magazine and flip through it.  Find a room that inspires you and use it as the inspiration for your work. I also want to remind you that Cleaning Up the Clutter is more about getting rid of junk that clutters up spaces and less about decorating. Take 10 ~ Grab a trash bag or empty box and take away 10 things that are cluttering up your kitchen. If you have to step back when you open a cabinet, then this is going to take a bit of time. Thursday ~ Small electrics, Stove, and Microwave: While this series is more about cleaning up clutter, having a clean stove and microwave go a long way towards helping with the overwhelming task of de-cluttering a kitchen.
Friday ~ Countertops: Clear off the countertop clutter and only keep things that get used 3 times or more per week. Saturday ~ Dining Room: If you have a china hutch, then this is the time to empty out everything and determine what to keep and what to give away. Usually dining rooms are cluttered with unrelated things like mail, backpacks, library books, jigsaw puzzles, or craft projects. They key is to have at least one dining area where the family can gather to share their day, relax, and reconnect. One of the great things about homes that have two dining rooms is one of these spaces can make a nice multi-purpose room. Clear off the table surface and keep only dining room related items on the table such as a table setting or centerpiece. Remove furniture that is broken (like a wobbly chair) or anything doesn’t belong in the dining room.

If your dining room shares tasks like homework or crafts then have storage containers for these related items making it easy to return them when the task is completed. I’ve created a Pinterest Group Board for Cleaning Up Clutter in the Kitchen and Dining Room. Easy steps to help you declutter, deep clean, and possibly gain a little insight  When the holidays are over, we start to see the familiar slogan “New Year, New You” show up everywhere. As you unpack and repack your holiday decorations each year, you may notice that some of the items are looking tired and not so merry. 3 Easy Organizing Tips to keep your entryway presentable Backpacks and jackets and shoes, oh my!
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I tried to determine what it was about the aesthetic which attracted me and how I could replicate some part of it in my house. There were items on the shelves and tables which made it personal, but there was no clutter.  There were no tchotchkes to distract and overwhelm the viewer. If you’ve done your homework in the Entry and Office then you will now have places to catch things like bags and mail as they enter your home.
Fortunately, I have broken this down into manageable steps that will help you take back your kitchen. My folks had a cabinet full of coffee mugs plus a coffee mug holder that sits on the counter. You may be able to attack more than one daily task depending on the amount of clutter in your kitchen. If your stove has a drawer beneath the oven, this is a good time to de-clutter whatever is lurking in there. If you are unsure about sentimental or inherited items, store them in a box and decide what to do later. Keep that space solely for dining – rather than pushing aside the clutter in order to wolf down some food. Grab a basket and, instead of just relocating the clutter, return things back to their proper place. It can be available for special occasion dining, but also serve as a space for homework, crafts, or even an office.
I encourage you to join the group board and post pictures of clutter-free kitchens and dining rooms.

Here at The Seasoned Homemaker every day can be extraordinary when we Celebrate Creativity together! Feel free to pin or feature 1-2 photos with watermarks intact and link back to the original post. You can’t take your wash cloth and wipe from one end of the counter to the other because there are stacks of things in the way.
Look over each item and determine if it belongs in the kitchen, will ever get used again, or is a duplicate. Take time to go through some of your electric kitchen tools and determine what is necessary and what needs to go.
Or, if this is a second dining space that continues to never be used as a dining room, possibly it’s time to repurpose it into something that better fits your family.
The china cabinet is over-filled with beautiful pieces, but it is so stuffed that you don’t notice the Waterford crystal or any of the beautiful china.
The key to making the multi-use work is to have storage for the additional items that will get used in the room.
It includes cleaning methods and the safest and most effective cleaning supplies and cleaning products available. I do have a place for everything and in my perfect world all of my other 6 family members would be as passionate as I was about making sure things make it back to those places.
Even worse, their solid pecan table is constantly cluttered with a seasonal-appropriate arrangement surrounded by old newspapers, magazines, and untouched mail.
This may mean removing some of the things in the china hutch and replacing them with  storage baskets that relate to the secondary use of the room.
Have a way to store them if you need to come back to them later or maybe hear from a family member.
Including: microfiber cloths, new, stain removal products, vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters, ostrich down feather dusters, home care kits, sh-mops, brushes and more. Even if every container was full of food, there wouldn’t be enough room in two refrigerators to store them.

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