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You’ve said your vows, returned from your honeymoon and now it’s time to change your last name!
The easiest step of all and definitely the most enjoyable — updating those social media sites and email addresses.
Before you can officially change your name, you’ll need the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate. If you are planning on going out of the country anytime after your wedding, you might as well tackle the passport name change as well. The quickest way to change your name at your bank is to simply go into local branch — and bring your new driver’s license and marriage certificate along with you. After making the change on the above items, the other name changes should be fairly straightforward. And finally, if taking on the name changing task yourself is a little too time-consuming, there many great services available online to help.
During the process, keep in mind there are many options to doing a name change, such as taking the groom’s last name, hyphenating or even choosing a new name. Question: I have a question regarding Muslims changing their entire name after coming into the faith of Islam. Islam does not consider it an obligation for any new convert to Islam whose mother tongue is not Arabic to change it to an Arabic name or other language.
Assallamu Alaikum, I became Muslim in June 2011, and just wanted to know that even if it is not mandated to change your name, can you do this as a symbol of such a total life change? As a convert of 10+ years myself, I can tell you that part of the conversion process is the eventually recognition that you are the same person that you were before and that Islam is a natural part of life.
When I converted to Islam, I did not embrace Arabism, neither did I reject my parents, close friends nor the teachers and other adults in the community who helped raise me and make me who I am. The Lamppost Education Initiative (LEI) offers expert analysis of current events which impact Muslims in the West as well as offerings in the classical Islamic disciplines in written, published, and audio-visual formats.
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Changing Your Name in Canada provides readers with easy access to all the information they need to legally (formally) change their name, which involves the re-issuing of birth certificates with your new name. It’s not easy to navigate government websites and forms to find the information needed to change a name.
This book not only includes how to change your own name, whatever the circumstance, but also your children’s names. The book includes resources and contact information for the various government agencies you’ll need to contact, and a helpful Identification Update List that will keep you on task as you contact the various places, people, and organizations to update your name, whether you want to change it informally or formally.
This book contains a link (or URL) that needs to be typed into your web browser's address bar.
Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. I recently got married (in an awesomely nerdy LOTR* themed wedding) and changed my last name from Fifelski to my husband’s last name, Dalton.
The nice part about being a Fifelski was the ease of obtaining social media profiles in my actual name. Google is known for offering a simple user interface on most of its products, which is why I was dumbfounded that the process for changing my name across the board was so confusing.
So as you know, along with the glory of the name change, comes the overwhelming task of changing your name on all of your important documents…. We wanted to help you tackle this, so we compiled a checklist for you so you can get started! And if you are overwhelmed and you don’t want to do it yourself, we found this fab resource via the knot!
Times have changed and there are a number of options available to women [and their husbands!] now and the best thing is, it’s entirely up to you!
This is the most popular scenario and you can use your marriage certificate as proof of a name change to get all your records updated.
No, whilst it is standard practice to change your title to ‘Mrs’ when taking your husbands surname you are under no obligation to do so. Q – Can you keep your maiden name for work purposes but use your married name for more official documentation such as banking, passport etc?
This is possible and is a popular choice for women who have built up a good professional reputation under their maiden name. If you keep your maiden name you will not need to update your records unless you wish to change your title in which case you can notify the relevant bodies of this. Q – If you choose to keep your maiden name entirely, what title should you take and do you have to change it legally?
If you wish to keep your maiden name entirely you are free to either keep your existing title or to change it. If you and your husband both wish to take the same new surname the easiest option is to use a deed poll.
This has become an increasingly popular option as women choose to keep up the tradition of taking their husbands surname but also maintain a link to their family name. Q – Does your title and name have to be the same in all your documentation, such as passports, driving license, bank statements? I also thought I’d provide a few different experiences from recently married women and which titles and names they decided to take. When I got married last year I kept my name and I swing between still using Ms Quinton and using Mrs Quinton.
I kept my maiden name as I married a Spaniard and in Spain, no-one changes their name when they get married. Ever since I was a child I wanted to one day be married but I never entertained the idea of changing my name. I am still the same person I was before I got married, so to have a different name seemed an alien idea.
I changed my name to just use both surnames when I got married, but I agonised about it for ages.
Interesting post, it’s got me wondering whether I changed all the documentation in the right way though!
I’d love to be one of those people to come up with a totally new name but I don’t think we could agree on one!

I totally understand and respect the reasons that many woman have for retaining their name or for going with a combination of surnames, but for me personally I never felt any struggle about deciding to change from my maiden name to my husband’s name. I like my surname much more than my boyfriend’s and he agrees that it would be far too weird if I had a different name.
I have two names, which is ultimately totally confusing but actually helps me to feel like I have a work and personal life separation. It does still cause confusion, for me as much as other people, but I like still being Fiona Kelly for work and love that I have that identity still. HELLOLondon Bride is a multi-award winning UK wedding blog and wedding planning service in London and beyond.
The blog showcases inspirational real London weddings alongside stylish features to inspire those planning a London wedding.
For our wedding planning, styling and consultant services, please click here for further details and to view our portfolio of work. There are quite a few steps to complete the change and it can be a fairly daunting process. You can do this step immediately after the wedding and it’s pretty fun to see the change on your Facebook page! Choose whichever location you prefer and be sure to bring all of the necessary documents, including: your current license, certified marriage certificate and most importantly, your new Social Security card. In addition to changing your name on the account, you should also request new checks, debit and credit cards if applicable. Also, be sure to save-the-date to attend our Autumn Bridal Show August 16 and 17 at Cashman Center! Even those that are second, third generation Muslims when their parents became Muslim they changed their last names.
Rather, it is only highly recommended for one to do so when the meaning of one’s name is something offensive or overly presumptuous in sound, like one indicating that one is pure or the like. Rather, their last names were connected to tribal affiliations or titles attaching them to certain tribal or regional sectors, like Qurashi, Khazraji, Makki, etc. I feel as though I want to share with everyone what for me is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. But I do think that there is something to converts adopting new identities as a way of breaking with our past.
African-Americans, we have our own issues with names, but until we can be recognized as legitimate Muslims with names like Keith, Crystal and Michael, Islam is always going to be viewed as a foreign religion. So with all due respect, I generally advise new converts not to change their names unless they fall within the above clarifications Ustadh Abdullah gave in the original answer.
Our commitment is to establishing an authoritative voice for American Muslim scholarship reflective of the historical tradition and contextualizes Islam in light of the challenges and cultural particularities of Western societies as was the case in all societies where Islam spread historically.
To complicate matters more, each province and territory has their own vital statistics agency rules and legal acts when it comes to formally or informally changing a name. You’ll learn about the consents you’ll need and the affidavits you’ll swear or affirm in order to legally change your name or your children’s names in every province and territory in Canada.
She is the author of Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s and Start & Run a Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.
At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. Legally changing your name and dealing with altering it on your driver’s license, passport, debit cards, online billing, etc. Changing to the more common ‘Dalton’ made it more difficult, coupled with the fact that 73% of online adults use social networks (and many have likely secured their actual name).
I just clicked on the Settings wheel, and in the Settings menu you can easily change your username (the part that is associated with your URL).
Under ‘Settings’ I was able to change my Username (the part that is associated with your URL). Here’s why – you are allowed to change your name on Google+ and YouTube, but they are linked to your Google profile which is linked to your Gmail account.
Unless of course, you go from a really simple last name to a really complicated one….
Follow along as we share the latest local wedding trends and encouragement for your marriage!
So I thought I’d continue it on here and also provide a bit of help to those thinking about their new name and title once they are married after their wedding, how to go about changing it and what options you have.
If you wish to keep your current title it is a good idea to make a mention of this when getting your records updated, as it will often be assumed that you now wish to be addressed as ‘Mrs’. If you wish to change it there is no formal process required and you can simply write a letter to record keepers asking them to modify your title.
Practically this isn’t possible as you will have to get your records updated one by one but you should aim to do this as quickly as possible so there are no lasting discrepancies between documents.
This decision was definitely influenced by both my parents [a strong feminist mother and a father very keen to make sure his two daughters felt empowered as women].
I think these days our husbands are perhaps more open to the fact not all of us may choose to take their name.
In fact, both partners’ surnames are then joined together when you have children, which is great. Can totally understand why you’ve kept it, and I think people will always call you what they want to call you regardless!
I didn’t want to lose my name, and considered just keeping it as it was, but I did want to mark the change in my life that came with the commitment. I got married two months ago and for me changing my name is part of the marriage I love being in a little team with my husband and I can’t wait to check into a hotel as Mr & Mrs Smith! I was so enthusiastic about the change that it was actually my husband who asked me to really think about it to be certain that I wanted to change. I think the 3 of us should all have the same surname and as I am not a fan of the double-barrel I changed my maiden name to my middle name so that I still have that family link which is so important to me. But I do like the idea of changing my name in someway to acknowledge the marriage – as long as my husband changed his name the same amount. So to save you a little time and research, here are a few tips to help make your name changing process a little smoother. Just click here and be sure that you have the certificate sent to your current mailing address using your maiden name.

Then, you’ll need to mail your completed forms (or you can complete online), fees, certified marriage certificate, current passport and a new photo to a passport agency near you. For other credit cards, call your card’s customer service number and request a name change. I understood that to change your first name is okay, but to change your last name is not permissible. During the Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) time, he changed the names of a number of women whose names were too pious sounding, like the name Barra (ultra-pious).
This, I think stems from a number of things, but something that I suspect is unique to the contemporary Western mindset. While marriage and divorce allow for the informal changing of a surname, Changing Your Name in Canada provides readers with easy access to all the information they need to legally (formally) change their name, which involves the re-issuing of birth certificates with your new name. It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.
We hope you come back often as you plan your wedding and find ways to enrich your marriage! I’m not sure why, I think for me it represents being young and with a masculine sounding name, I think I’ve always like the femininity it gives me! Men are a Mr whether they are married or not but women are defined by their marital status.
I’m so proud to be married to my hubby but I prefer my surname to his, so I kept it – simple as that! A lot of people send me parcels or letters with the double-barrel name Sanchez Jones and my mother always calls me Helen Sanchez Jones, but professionally, I’m Helen E Jones and always will be.
My surname is very important to me and forms part of my identity and the links to my heritage were not something I wanted to lose.
It has raised many eyebrows and questions from people and a lot of people think it is odd, but it’s what works for me.
It is good to know that our line of the MacKinnon clan will continue even though my father never had a son. Neither me or my husband are very traditional, for example he wears a ring where I choose not to, but the hard part was that most people couldn’t see why I cared. So, I have my new surname on everything except my Italian passport which has my maiden name. Almost the best of both worlds…until you have to collect something from the post office anyway! Then in order to file, you’ll need to go to the Social Security office in person and be prepared to wait! I have two children whom now carry my last name now, and I am bothered that I may have made a mistake in giving them my last name. I believe that we assume that there is something anit-Islamic about our past, when that simply is not the case. It will be in a ZIP file format and needs to be unzipped (or extracted) to access the files inside.
However, this process was equaled in tediousness when it came to changing my digital footprint on social media. You can also change your profile name, but beware that you can only change it 4 times total.
I look younger than I am, which can sometimes be frustrating, so throwing a Mrs Quinton into the mix makes me feel a bit better. Now we are expecting our first child and we have decided that she will have a double-barrelled surname too because she is part of both of us. I felt very sure about my decision and now, two years on from our wedding, I still get a thrill out of my new name and everything that it represents to me personally.
It’s a bit of a pain when traveling, but I’ve managed to get around it by carrying around a copy of my marriage certificate just in case I need to explain the difference in names between my two passports!
I also like the idea of merging the surnames into one, new name but our names wouldn’t really work for that.
When I then got married there was no way I was going through the pain, hassle and business suicide of changing the business name so I keep my pre married name as my business name and have changed my name for personal stuff.
He chaged his name by depoll beforee the wedding, and then I adopted his name at the point of marriage. The Companions, as Ustadh Abullah said, only changed their names when they implied something pretentious or idolatrous. Note that you can edit your profile name separately, which can be anything you want and they don’t care if there are duplicates.
Before, you could only change it once, but divorcees who changed their name back, then re-married and changed their name again had a big issue with that.
No regrets now – and I think that we may have a unique surname for our own family going forwards! Cool thing is that you are able to also identify an ‘alternate name’, such as a maiden name, so people who knew you before you got married can still find you. This same trend can be detected in the European and other traditions (although I plan to exhaust more research on the matter) such that last names that are familiar today originate in some sort of occupation, tribal affiliation, or regional ascription. You can make it look like its coming from your name, but the actual email address remains the original. Not something I have ever been a big fan of, but in the end it was the only practical option. Minecraft is coming out for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One soon, but we don’t have release dates for those versions yet.
So, in the end, you have not done anything inappropriate by giving your children your last name unless they are not biologically yours.

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