Hunt learned that her great-great grandfather was William Scholle, a Bavarian Jew who came to San Francisco during the 1849 Gold Rush and became a very successful clothing merchant. During her filmed trip to San Francisco, Hunt met with Frances Dinkelspiel, who is the author of a scholarly biography of her great-great-grandfather, Isaias Hellman, another very successful Gold Rush Jew.
Hunt also learned that Rothenburg was born in San Francisco, so moving to Pasadena was just a return to her native State.

Dinkelspiel showed Hunt an 1890 newspaper article which described how Scholle, Hellman, and Levi Strauss joined together to buy a big Nevada bank which later merged with Wells Fargo Bank. Obviously, the fortune that William Scholle earned was, at the very least, part of the source of Florence Rothenburg's wealth.

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