Scholl's® Clear Away® Plantar Wart Remover safely and effectively removes plantar warts on your feet*. I have also had my fair share of wart removals by my podiatrist but sometimes he would tell me they weren't serious enough to operate on. I just changed the comfort cushion for the first time and was amazed that a layer of wart was already peeled off and sticking onto the medicated strip. I had had past experience with warts, and knew Dr.Scholls worked better than other alternatives. I tried this product and after two uses, the planter wart seed came out attached to the small medicated pad.

It also features a cushioning pad that relieves pain and holds a powerful wart-removing disc in place. If that only happened in 2 days I'm amazed to see how long it takes the rest of the wart to be completely gone.The comfort cushion is amazing. As an athlete I used to get plantar warts very often and scheduled many costly doctor's appointments. Sometimes they wouldn't last a full 48 hours, but I found that for me, by 36 hours the root of the wart or the next layer was already about to fall off so I would just go ahead and change it early. I am happy to report after a day and a half the black seed of the wart was removed by the pad and I have no more discomfort!

I knew the long process my doctor went through to remove the warts and I was doubtful this product was reliable.

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