Self-adhesive-stays securely in place without slipping.We recommend using this in conjunction with the Woly polish cloth to clean off the area of the shoe, and then For best results use the Woly Combi Cleaner or the WOLY ORGANIC Leather & Suede CLEANER to remove oil and dirt so the strips can stick well. Pad lifts the metatarsal (forefoot) area and separates the third and fourth metatarsals to help relieve the pain of Mortons neuroma.
In fact, I have nothing to do with the medical profession except when it comes to needing help for my own ailments. But even then, I am reluctant to visit a doctor because I found that many are just looking for a way to treat symptoms rather than solve the problem that causes the symptoms.
There is no guarantee that if you do what I did you will experience the same relief from plantar fasciitis heel pain. Begin To Cure Plantar Fasciitis With The Right Orthotic Shoe Inserts, After trying the traditional shoe inserts made of a gel, I got these. When there is inflammation, there is usually pain and discomfort, which is why when one has plantar fasciitis, heel pain is common.Of course, there are different reasons for this inflammation of the fascia tissue to happen. Mistreating our feet by just wearing the wrong type of footwear (flip flops in particular) can cause foot and lower extremity problems, not just plantar fasciitis.
I lived in South Florida for most of my years, and now I live in the Atlanta area, which is another place that lends itself to the comfort of poor shoe choice. I guess it was just a matter of time before my lack of footwear education would catch up with me. Having worn flip flop type sandals my whole life, I was ecstatic when I found out about these.

They have a heel well and a strong arch support, making them a good fit for someone with my kind of problems.This is me with my Orthaheel flip flops, only the folks at Orthaheel call them Kinetic Thong Sandals.
However, now that I have been wearing them for awhile, I am sold on how much they help keeping the heel pain at bay.
I had talked with him about it because I was beginning to have some discomfort in my own heel.As he told me his tale of several years of pain and suffering, it occurred to me that I should do something before my heel pain got worse.
My friend had been to podiatrists and gotten cortisone shots, and he was still having the pain.
Now, I don’t know what would have happened if I had gone to a doctor, because I have not yet been there to seek relief from my heel pain problems. She goes to a weekly Bible study, and she happened to mention my plantar fasciitis problem to her friends there.
They did pray for me that day, but what happened after that is what changed the course of history for me.
One of her friends approached her and began to tell my wife about her own bout with heel pain.
When my honey got home, she was very excited about the new information she had gotten at the Bible study.
Because I was not sure which direction to head in after spending so many hours looking online for help. After hearing what she said about her bout with foot and heel pain, I went to this website: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, Heel Pain.

After reading practically every word, I decided that this man knew about how to treat plantar fasciitis naturally. I finally found a pair of work shoes that had been delegated to the garage to use for yard work that were a perfect fit.These orthotic inserts Along with these work shoes After wearing my new supports for a couple of days, I began to feel much better, and after a week, the heel pain had subsided substantially. The pain actually moved from my heel to my arch, but it was much less pain.Jose, My New BFF Someone Who Cares, Now that I was starting to feel some relief, I decided it was time to find shoes that would help speed up the process.
I knew I would be paying much more for a pair of shoes designed to help overcome foot problems.I could not help but think about the times when I met people with foot problems in the past who had to wear specially made orthotic shoes.
Please do yourself a favor and look up Jose at Foot Solutions.When I entered the store, I was greeted by Jose.
When he heard that I was there because of the plantar fasciitis heel pain in my left foot, he simply announced that I was in good hands. About 75% of the folks who darken his door come for the same reason, to discover the cause of heel pain and find relief.Jose proceeded to spend at least an hour going over my situation by asking tons of questions. And the fact that his goal is to help others find a treatment for plantar fasciitis also made the whole process comfortable for me.By the time we were done, I had purchased a pair of shoes made by PW Minor.
There is an occasional twinge in the arch now, but the heel pain is a thing of the past.Thanks to a loving wife who was willing to mention my needs at a Bible study, some folks who were willing to share their experiences and expertise online, and a man who cared enough about his chosen calling to help people like me, I am walking without heel pain.

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