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Where to get moleskine notebooks cheap,corn on your feet,pain foot pad near toes - Step 2

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The cheap earbuds that come packaged with most phones and MP3 players are usually pretty poor quality.
For nerds, it's not enough to just get exercise: You have to convert every workout into a data-intensive analysis of your performance, charting heart rate, cadence, VO2max and anything else you could conceivably cram into a spreadsheet or online workout-tracking application. Honestly, you probably can't get one in time for the holidays, even if you are as loaded as you'd need to be in order to buy one of these massively impractical but wildly cool electric vehicles. The Park Tool Rescue Tool is a compact gadget that fits in an under-seat pouch or jersey, and has enough widgets to get you out of most any field-repair emergency.

Field Notes offers a subscription plan where you get a new pack notebooks every few months; the company often throws in free pens and other goodies with their shipments.
And because lights always end up getting lost or stolen, bike commuters can't get have too many of these things.
Just make sure you know which "religion" your geek practices: Moleskine, Field Notes or Doane Paper. If you order from Aaron's by noon on December 22 and choose next-day air, you can still get it in time for Christmas.

Get your geek a brick of each type, and you know your gift will be received with gratitude.

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