I have seen some websites offer low wholesale prices, and this can be great.  But beware, some may try to  force you into buying a minimum amount, maybe 10 or more!  When I come across a website like that, I just immediately click away from it. One thing to note about wearing sandals is that they don’t offer a lot of foot support and are not the best things to wear when walking or standing for long periods. If you are looking for more information about Walkfit Platinum Orthotics, you can read my full review here. So you’re looking for some more information on Walk Fit, also referred to as WalkFit Platinum, before you decide whether to buy it or not. As with a lot of the online offers out there, there are people that will try to make a quick buck by doing and saying anything so that you will buy through them.

I’ll be talking about what Walk Fit is, how it works, what others that have used it, think about it and where the best place to get is. Orthotics re-align the foot and ankle bones to their natural position, thereby restoring proper foot movement. According to the manufacturer, physicians conducted a study that saw results whereof the people that used Walk Fit, 99 % had relief from foot pain, 98% from hip or back pain and 97% from knee or leg pain. When I read the above person’s reviews and compared it with the guidelines, I noticed that they did not use the inserts correctly. I’ve done a comparison of the different places offering WalkFit Platinum, which you can find below.

Here I’ll be getting into all of the good stuff, and some of the bad, about the WalkFit Platinum .

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