Golf shoes are usually designed to be neutral, so they are comfortable for the extensive amount of walking done by golf players. It is not uncommon for people who frequently walk long distances to need some extra support and cushioning in their shoes, even shoes designed for walking long distances can still become uncomfortable and lead to more serious pain and injuries. Medium or neutral arches, although uncommon, can benefit from moderate support and a cushioning insole. People with high arches may find it difficult to balance and find the foot over flexes, the foot’s pressure is put on the heel and the ball of the foot, so an insole with soft, cushioning arch support is the best choice as it will allow the arch to relax and help distribute the weight evenly. Insoles can help a golfer’s stance, keep the body aligned and help improve a player’s performance. Foam insoles provide soft cushioning, with little support, usually used if the shoe does not fit very well.
Hard wearing insoles, gradually mould to the shape of the feet, help give feet support, but lack cushioning. As everyone’s feet are different, insoles that are great for one person may not feel comfortable for someone else. Sometimes shoes can feel loose fitting, insoles can help prevent feet from moving about in shoes and make the shoes fit better. Many insoles help to prevent foot odour, by creating a breathable layer underneath the foot, some supportive and cushioning insoles also help prevent unpleasant foot odour. Insoles can help distribute the weight evenly over the foot, and help shift weight when playing golf more comfortable and effective. The key to staying comfortable on a golf course is to have a good pair of comfortable shoes, as they have to be well suited to the conditions of play otherwise the golfer may suffer discomfort and pain. The traditional choice for golfers; golf shoes are designed to be comfortable, breathable, water resistant and give good traction.

A less traditional shoe that is now favoured by many amateur and professional players, in appearance they are more similar to casual trainers than classic golf shoes. Once you have chosen the insole and shoe, remove the shoe’s existing insole, it may be easy to pull out or it might need cutting out.
The new insole will probably need trimming down to size, to do this draw around the old insole onto the new one. Golf shoe insoles are available in the Golf Shoes and Golf Clothing categories, these can be found under the Sporting Goods, there are also lots of sport insoles that are suitable for golf in the Other Sporting Goods category. An easy way to see all the golf insoles in one results list is to search for ‘golf insoles’ in the home page search bar; this will give an unrefined results list of items from all categories.
Make sure you are clear about the insole size, some are listed as shoe sizes, and others are listed as small, medium and large. Read the product description carefully, many give in depth details and information about the insoles, for example what they are used for and how to fit them.
If you experience pain while playing golf it may be a good idea to try wearing an insole, with many different ones available you can personalise your golf shoes to make them more comfortable. Whether you suffer pain from low arches or you have mid arches and just need a bit more cushioning in your shoes, adding an insole can help the shoe perform better for you and make golf a more enjoyable sport. There are many different designs of these shoes; they differ in shape, type of insole, material utilised, and spike variation. Golfers who feel pain when walking and playing golf should consider purchasing an insole, but as there are many different types on the market it can be hard to know which to choose.
People who suffer pain or discomfort as a result of low arches should choose an insole with arch support and a rigid base. There are many difference types of insoles and technology is improving all the time, here are the most common types of golf insoles available.

Golf shoes should fit the foot as casual shoes do, it is not wise to buy a shoe too big as it is more likely going to rub and cause pain. There is a large range of golf shoes on offer, with different designs and colours, as well as spikes, cleats and rubber grips to choose from. This should be done with the old insole in the middle of the new one, so a little bit is cut off the toe and the heel, rather than just cutting a lot off one end. You can also see if anyone else has asked a question, at the bottom of the listing where it says ‘Questions and answers about this item’. Playing can actually improve with the addition of an insole as it can help the body’s alignment and stability through the swing. Here are the main reasons for getting insoles along with the most appropriate types of insoles. They are designed to give an amount of traction on the course, but not as much as a golf shoe.
They are lightweight, but do not usually offer the water resistance of other golf shoes, and due to the flat sole and rubber studs they do not offer the advance traction of cleated or spiked golf shoes. This guide will explain the different products available and talk through the benefits of using insoles and why to wear them.

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