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While this article is about running and not basketball, you do A LOT of running on a basketball court. You can use Vaseline to moisturize and essentially lubricate problem areas (areas prone to blisters) on your feet.
Like most running socks, dress socks are made of moisture-wicking, breathable materials like nylon, acrylic, and spandex that will keep your feet dry and hug your foot tightly. Hopefully now you know how to address those blisters and keep off the couch and on the playing field. Your shoe should hug your feet tightly, but not too tight to allow for ample circulation from your ankle down to your toes. If you don’t get all the wrinkles of your socks, and if you don’t properly tie your shoes, you’re going to get blisters.

Avoid cotton, and instead go for synthetic fabrics such as Teflon that help draw the moisture away from your feet. The more your foot slides to and from the wall of your shoe, the more rubbing occurs to cause blisters. Business socks paired with a cotton athletic running sock combine for a Batman and Robin-like blister-fighting team.
These socks do not bunch up as easily as regular socks and therefore decrease the chances that you will get a blister. But before we dive into how to prevent foot blisters, we first need to understand what causes blisters.
Typically blisters occur when a grippy, wet sock pulls against the skin repeatedly for an extended period of time.

Quite often, small sports store owners have enough sport experience to make professional recommendations, and running store specialists can analyze which shoes best fit the way you walk or run. In particular, running shoes should be a half size to a size bigger than your normal size to eliminate blisters in the front of your toes during those long runs.
If you’ve had blisters from shoes with a certain feature, don’t buy shoes with that feature again!

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